Friday, August 21, 2009

Acupuncture and PCOS

I just saw this yesterday and wanted to pass it along to those interested.

I've posted on my acupuncture experiences several times and truly do believe that I benefited from it. I got the more traditional acupuncture and not the 'electro-acupuncture' used in this study, but I was happy with the therapy I did get. Very happy.


Neve Steinberg said...

This sounds promising, thanks for posting it.

Flour-n-Flowers said...

Very interesting. I will look into this further for sure. Thanks for posting it!

Chelle said...

I'm with you-I really like my acupuncturist. I still see her (27 weeks).

Oh, I'm glad my post helped! You know, they are not plastic-y at all. They feel like really expensive high thread count sheets. (best way I can describe it.)

I have thought about the liners and if the sprayer isn't working to my expectation, I may go that route because I am all for making it user friendly. That's the only way I'll stick to it.

Michelle said...

Thanks for posting this! It was recommended to me to try it over a year ago. If this doesn't work, I guess I should try it.

Sophie A. said...

Thanks for sharing, just checked it out.