Thursday, August 6, 2009

The car buying saga

DH and I know what car we want. We are pretty specific apparently, because almost no one has the car we want. And our list of criteria is pretty small (interior/exterior color, alloy wheels, 4 cylinder... sounds easy doesn't it?). I think they are all out of it because everyone else wanted that car too. And I don't want to say what kind of car we are trying to get just yet.

By the way, Cash for Clunkers is totally screwing us right now, because neither of our cars are 'clunkers' and a slew of people that wouldn't have bought cars came in the last week and they are driving up the market.

The the saga of buying a new car has been consuming us. I'm pretty behind on blog reading and commenting because of it.

Our closest dealership couldn't get us our car and said that almost no one will trade right now. They were friendly and honest. They get a gold star, but it doesn't get us a car.

The next closest dealership lied to us several times and tried to screw us. They have totally under estimated us. We drove up there last night just to tell them we know what lying douche bags they are and we will be writing the car manufacturer to let them know. And we also be letting our neighbor that works for the state attorney general's office know. Oh yes, a strongly worded letter is in the works.

Then we dealt with another dealership out of state and when I thought we were close to a deal, their sales manager called and refused to accept our loan because it's something called a 'performance draft'. Since they didn't want to meet our price, were going to force us into a loan with a higher interest rate, we would have to travel about 250 miles just to get there, and that guy was an asshole to me, I told him he could keep his car.

Now we are talking with another dealership in ANOTHER state. But coincidently, this dealership is actually in the town that my family is from and both my grandparents and parents have bought cars from them. They offered us a good price and will accept our loan, so DH is calling today and we will probably have a deal (probably... I'm waiting to hear what their fees are). I told DH to start out by mentioning all the cars my family had bought from them before checking on the fees. Cause we want to drive the car off the lot for the price they quoted us, not that price plus a $200 administrative fee or something.

Ugg... Oh the drama.

But I'm hoping it will come through. I figure if we go there we should drive by my grandparents old house and the theater my dad used to work at as a teenager. Some memories.

If this doesn't pan out, we are putting the breaks on for awhile.


We told DH's parents last night. They hope it's a girl... I have 3 nephews, everyone so far has said to us that they hope it's a girl.


Michelle said...

Wow that is definitely some car drama! I hope this other place comes through for you and you get what you want for a great deal!
My husband's family said the same thing about hoping for a girl when we announced with K. They actually said "ugh!! Another boy in this family!!" when we told them he was a boy. Yeah, thanks for being so happy for us.
Will you find out the sex when you're able?

Amanda said...

Oh yeah, we want to know. But we might keep it to ourselves (and the internets) for awhile before telling the family.

Juls said...

Talk about a big pain in the ass!! Will you guys be finding out the sex of the baby??

Celia said...

We are finding out too. It was enough of a surprise wondering if we would ever get pregnant. NO MORE SURPRISES.

Car buying is not ever fun.

*While you have time, a person I knew bought exactly the car she wanted, and THEN bought a Britax and somehow it did not fit. So she ended up trading in her car when the baby was a few months old. I believe she was whacking herself in the head daily.

cats with passports said...

Good luck with the car!


John said...

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