Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Weekend

Old Altima,

I'd like you to meet New Altima.

That's right, we replaced our 1998 white Altima with a grey interior with a 2009 white Altima with a grey interior. As our dealer put it, this is the old one's big brother. (And by the way, we didn't trade in our old car, so we have them both.)

I cannot tell you how great our first Altima has been, and Nissan appears to have learned not to fix what ain't broken, so their are still all the great features I love, plus some upgrades this time. We got the real alloy wheels. I HATE hubcap covers, they suck, never again. This one also has an "intelligent key" system which is pretty cool. It also has an upgraded sound system... I'm not really an audiophile, but even I can appreciate the difference. And it has integrated Bluetooth so I can make and receive calls hands free through the audio system which is nice (I've already played with this a bit).

But MOST importantly, the Altima has good safety marks. Five stars in crash test ratings for both front and side impact. Front, side, and side curtain airbags. LATCH system anchors. And Consumer Reports rated it very highly.

So far, I'm very satisfied. Now I have to resume the practice of parking at the far end of the parking lot, lest someone dare park next to my shiny new car and risk my perfect new doors. Oh, the paranoia of having a new car. Do not mention the word hail to me right now.

Oh, and buying the car. They had it ready to go when we showed up. We kicked the tires for about 20 minutes. Actually buying the car took about 5 minutes. I swear it takes my husband longer to buy socks than this car did.


We made it to BIL and SIL's much earlier than expected. Their baby barely ever woke up the entire time we were there. He's cute and very tiny. I think my SIL regretted having a c-section (it was elective) seeing how small he was and how the recovery for the section was going.

This morning DH told me how happy it made him to see me holding the baby. It was sweet of him, he's cute like that.


Maternity shopping: I'm convinced that I'll be wearing moo-moos by the end of this.

Don't buy JCP maternity jeans... I actually fit nicely into XL maternity jeans, but the stitching on the top of their panels doesn't give very much at all and I can barely pull it over my gut now. There is no way that I will be able to wear those 3 or 4 months from now. And JCP's tops? Can someone explain to me why a XXL mat top fits the same as a regular XXL? Aren't they suppose to be bigger or something? I just went over to the plus size stuff and found some tops that will probably work for several months.

Motherhood jeans totally won out. They are comfy, look good, and that panel stretches wonderfully. The tops are awesome too, but very $$$.

And I don't have to wear mat jeans yet, but they are so comfy, I think I will start now anyhow. I think my body was made for maternity pants, I may never stop wearing these things.


Hillary said...

Nice car!! Congrats :)

Michelle said...

Love the car! Very nice.
I remember Motherhood jeans being the best fit, most comfortable and they lasted the whole pregnancy for me. And they looked more like real jeans. I think mine even had pockets. Not sure though.

Celia said...

I thought the same thing when I tried on maternity pants, that they are totally missing out on the PCOS market. I never had such a comfortable pair of pants EVER. Hooray for the new car!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new car!

I didn't try on any jeans at Motherhood yet. Since it's been so damn hot here, I can't imagine wearing jeans right now. I'll have to check them out when the weather gets cooler. I've had great luck with Gap and Old Navy maternity clothes so far.

Jeri said...

Your comment about how maternity pants is soo funny! I went to motherhood and got some jeans and dress pants and I am hooked too I swear Im never wearing regular jeans again! I think we should bring them into style! :) No muffin top jeans! :)