Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ready or Not

You know what was the weirdest part about telling my bosses that I'm pregnant? None of them asked about when and how much time I would be taking off. Nor did any of them ask me about announcing it to the rest of the office. Old Boss, my main supervisor, didn't even ask me when I was due, so at the end of the conversation I was squeaking out, "You probably need to know that I'm due in early February for planning purposes." Well, Old Boss remembered that there should probably be some kind of announcement the other day and asked me how I'd like to do it.

I would rather not 'announce' it. I've personally told about 1/4 of my coworkers and talked out loud enough about it that I figure most of the office knows by now. It's not really a secret anymore. We have two seperate divisions and I feel that I really only need to tell the division that I work in and the other division will figure it out sooner or later. So, IMO, I don't need to announce it, and eventually, it will announce itself. (And there are only about 20 people in my office, word will get around soon enough.)

But Old Boss feels I must. So my options are:
1) Tell everyone myself
"Did you get a copy of those plans, and oh, by the way, I'm pregnant." No, I don't see that topic naturally working it's way into conversation. The folks I have told, I pretty much had to, or it actually did work it's way into the conversation (ex. So why did you get a new car?).

2) Blurt it out at an office meeting
I could make an announcement at an office gathering by just blurting it out to everyone at once. It made me feel pretty shitty that last time I had to sit through this style of announcement, so I'd rather not do that myself. And, in an office of men, it just seems inappropriate to make me announce it in this way.

3) Email
Old Boss says in the past he has sent a congratulatory email to the mom-to-be and copied the whole office in on it, so it's a quieter way of announcing. Actually, it's not a terrible idea, I'd still rather not announce it, but it's not bad.

So email it is. Only, since New Boss is in-charge now, he should be the one to send it. He was on vacation last week, and Old Boss told me I need to tell him to do this on Monday when he gets back (b/c Old Boss will be on vacation then). Good luck to New Boss, because I have no idea what the heck this email will contain. I'm a little worried, but I must admit, that New Boss has a way with words and I should just trust him to handle this.

So ready or not, the whole freakin office will probably know by the end of the day tomorrow.

Bonus: When someone has a baby in my company (and we have several offices all over) a birth announcement is normally sent out company wide. I will NOT have one of these emails sent out for me. I have never seen one of these emails sent out for a female engineer in my company, and I won't be the first. I can just imagine all the misogynistic old jerks sitting at their computers groaning about how my leave will bring down utilization for the entire company ("And that's why you shouldn't hire female engineers."). No thanks.


Michelle said...

I like the email idea best. When I worked, everyone found out I was pregnant by my running to the bathroom every 15 mins to throw up. I didn't plan on telling anyone till it was really obvious. I don't think I could have just stood there in front of everyone and make that announcement and deal with all that brings.

Suraita said...

Looks like today is the day for your announcement - good luck!

Anonymous said...

I usually lurk on your blog but I thought I'd post today. Reading your blog always gives me some hope it will happen for me. I'm feeling a bit confused at the minute after testing positive sunday and monday and negative today.

Did you ever have a false positive or chemical pregnancy?

Amanda said...

No, Care To Try, I never had any chemicals or any true positives followed by negatives. I'm sorry to hear that.

I have had some bad experiences with certain kinds of tests, specifically the any test with blue dye. I have seen tests that really look positive because of the way those tests are made, it's cruel. But if you were using a pink dye test and saw a colored line, it probably was a positive.

I hope you'll keep trying. A chemical is very sad, but hopefully it means that you are close to a lasting pregnancy. Good luck.