Friday, August 7, 2009

The Schedule

Update to the car buying saga: I think we're buying a car this weekend. I need to go to the bank today and get a big 'ol certified check made out. The dealership is charging $160 in fees. I probably would have walked away if they didn't want to include that in the price of the car, but my husband is a push over and was handling this dealer. Oh well, we are getting a pretty nice car, and it's the one we want. And we probably wouldn't be able to get any better of a deal if we waited for the 2010's, and with me gestating a baby over here, it is going to be nice for sanity's sake to be driving a safer car.

So the schedule for this weekend is as follows:

7:00 - Get up, eat, shower
8:30 - Drive to the City
9:00 - Get hair cut... I've been putting it off b/c I didn't want to tell my hair dresser I was pregnant yet. And since I'm 14 weeks, that means I haven't had my hair cut since when? I've been bad. The spilt ends are taking over.
10:00 - Now beautiful, leave salon, drive to other state
2:30 - Arrive at dealership in other state. Inspect and buy car... we should be able to do that within 2 hours I figure.
4:30 - Head back toward BIG CITY in my state driving 2 cars... which means I have to drive in BIG CITY, which I hate.
6:30 - Arrive at BIL and SIL's house in BIG CITY and visit new nephew. Supper?
???? - Leave to go home
~midnight - arrive home, get dh to scoop litter box, crash, dream about buyer's remorse all night

Get up at crack of dawn to go clothes shopping b/c it's our state's sales tax holiday this weekend and there will be SALES. And the best sales are all over by noon. I'm going to have to start wearing maternity clothes soon and I might as well get in on the sales and save myself the tax. Have to drive back to the city to do this.

Come home and feel utterly sick from all the money I've spent this weekend. Nap for hours. Adoration. Eat frozen pizza for dinner. Crash.

Oh crap, I completely forgot church! NO!!! I'll miss the sales... maybe we will go to church in the city this weekend. There is one right by the mall.

Go to work. Whine all day long that I'm tired, brag about new car.


The Wife said...

Sounds like a plan! Although it's always taken me more than two hours to buy a car once I've said I'll take it...

Amanda said...

Yeah, I know this might be fool hardy. But they already started drawing up the title, DH took care of insurance, and we have our financing in hand. Hopefully 2 hours will do it... hopefully.

Michelle said...

Sounds like a very busy weekend. Hopefully the car part of things goes quickly and easily. Our last car we had all the paperwork started, all we did was arrive, drive it, DH looked it over good and we signed papers. I also had copied the drivers license and insurance info before we got there. It was definitely under 2 hrs. Hopefully yours goes quick.

Anonymous said...

Good luck this weekend! I hope the car buying process goes smoothly. It sounds like you guys have done a lot of research and work ahead of time.