Saturday, August 1, 2009

We told

We told my parents. We didn't do anything cute or fancy. No offense if you're into that kind of thing, but that stuff makes me gag. I don't even believe the terms grandma and grandpa got used. It's just not us.

My mom was happy for us and did get a little weepy. But at the end when we were leaving she did exactly what I was worried she would do. She said, "See, and you were so worried about getting pregnant."

Yeah, I know on the scale of things, we didn't have to use the 'big guns' but I hate that it feels like she totally trivialized the fact that this didn't 'just happen' it was difficult. Drugs, doctors, nurses, technicians, a lab, and an acupuncturist were all involved (and not to mention more than a little prayer). She just has no idea. I truly feel that the aggressive way that we approached things made this happen more quickly than it could have been... so even though it ONLY took 8 months with an RE, it sure could have taken longer if I didn't push for additional treatment upfront.

So my mom asks if she can tell my siblings... I tell her to knock herself out. My brother has already called me. I might call my sister and tell her myself, she never had any children, so I think she will really be excited. And I will have to call my other brother, because my mom hates talking to him.

We are planning on telling DH's family next week. We didn't want to pile it on top of BIL & SIL's new baby... I'm not sure who would be stealing who's thunder there, but something tells me an actual baby will always trump an announcement. So he probably won't tell them until the middle to end of next week. I'm sure the joy of my in-laws first grand child will have subsided by then (yeah right).

But the best thing about today was test driving new cars! My car has been more than I could have ever asked for, but it's 11 years old, and we need something safer. So we test drove our top two choices and one was a dud and one (the one I was rooting for) was a STUD! I'm pretty excited because I think if we can find one in the color we want we will probably buy soon. Telling my family I'm pregnant isn't near as fun as looking at new cars.


Sophie said...

That sounds like something my mom would say too, because she got pregnant really easily :P. I've already gotten the 'just relax and it'll happen,' quote thrown at me. I can't decide which one is more irksome.

At any rate, I imagine both your families will be/are elated! :)

Celia said...

Yeah, that would have taken the sparkle out of my day too.

But at least it is done. What kind of car?

Michelle said...

My family has no clue what all we're going through either. With K, they just figured we weren't really trying yet, and now this time, around the time he turned 2, I started getting a lot of questions like "don't you want anymore???" No one can truly understand how hard it is unless you go through it.
Yay for new car shopping! I'd probably be more excited about that too. What did you decide on?

Hillary said...

Congrats on telling your family!!

Thanks so much for the questions you suggest I ask a new RE. Very helpful, and I appreciate your perspective!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on telling your parents!

I'm sorry that your mom trivialized the IF aspect of it. People have no idea. We got all kinds of comments about "Well obviously you just needed to go on vacation and relax!" since the cycle that worked was right after our vacation to Puerto Rico. Assholes. Yeah, all I needed was months of injectables which probably primed my ovaries, a million transvaginal ultrasounds, and a mean nurse with a rough touch doing the IUI. Oh yeah, and that vacation. I mean, I don't know why the cycle worked, but it damn sure wasn't because of vacation. It was because I insisted on an u/s after getting home and had an IUI. Ugh! Well, sorry for my rant, but I completely understand how frustrating it is to have someone minimize your IF struggles.

Yay for the new car looking! That is so exciting! What are you looking at?