Tuesday, September 15, 2009

20 weeks

It's a boy. It's a BIG boy.

The excitement of knowing the gender is very much dampened by the size of the kid... 15oz. It's nearly a 1lb already! That's the 94th percentile (apparently). Basically, it measures almost 2 weeks ahead. This kid has always measured ahead (I blame the early implantation) but all of a sudden I'm worried we're a little too far ahead. Um, yeah, now I'm really worried that I might already have some GD going on. I checked my blood sugar after lunch, it was ok, but not stellar like it had been.

I had dreams of a nice natural childbirth and I feel like that flew out the window this morning. If I have GD they will likely induce my around my due date if I haven't already delivered. And we've all heard induction horror stories, I hope I'm not one. And the thought of pushing out a giant baby is pretty scary too. Lots to think about all of a sudden.

And we all know that ultrasound techs can be terrible to get information from, but my tech just kept saying that everything was great and looked good. But if something wasn't right, I don't think she'd say anything. Did you know that they check the upper lip to make sure it's not cleft? They do! We're good there. And 4-chambered heart, 2 kidneys, bladder, normal looking brain, 3 vessel cord, and everything else she checked. I was actually a bit surprised at how thorough it was. We really enjoyed getting to see everything up on the monitor, but we didn't get any stellar u/s pics, so I probably won't post much. I have an follow up with my doctor at the end of next week to review it with her. So even though the baby was big, it looks like everything is normal, and that's good to know.

Me and DH have a name we like. It is a family name and we really want to use it, but DH quickly pointed out to me BIL and SIL's kid's middle name is what we want to use as our first name. Part of me says, "Well, that's their problem." If they like that name so much, should have used it as the first name. But I don't want it to be an issue and something tells me it will be. They are like that. I would feel a bit incensed if they said ANYTHING about it, as DH was much closer to the person that name comes from than BIL was, MUCH closer. And everyone in the family knows it. And this name is just so perfect, I can't think of other names, because, I just don't feel that passionate about any other boy names. Argggh.


Michelle said...

Awww congrats!! Boys are fun!
I say with the name, go with what you want. If it's just their kids middle name, I don't see what the big deal would be.
Sounds like a good u/s. I wouldn't worry too much about the size just yet. Hopefully everything continues to go great and you get your natural birth you want.

Hillary said...

Congrats on your healthy BOY!


Celia said...

Yay a boy! Regular sex may help you avoid being induced. All the whatever you call the hormone in sperm. Women who have regular sex during pregnancy are more likely to go into labor on their own.

Go for the name you like. In my family all the girls have one of two middle names, Elizabeth or Marie. I do get it though. I really like the name Daniel and my sisters good friend named their son that, and he is a b-r-a-t. So now it is both used and full of bad name juju.

The Wife said...

Yay for a boy! I'm so glad everything checks out. Go with the name. On my dad's side of the family I have 5 uncles/cousins with the first name David. I don't think it's a big deal, especially if you're naming the kid after someone in the family.

Lucy said...

Congrats on the boy.

As for the name, you're right, they used it as a middle name. Who uses those anyway, except when the kid is in trouble? Do what you want, use the name that feels right for you, and let them be upset if they want to be, that's their problem.

Noemi said...

Congrats!! I'm excited for you!

Suraita said...

Congratulations on your boy!

All of the female cousins on my side of the family have one of two middle names, so I don't think shared names are too uncommon. I'd say use the name you like and if somebody else wants to make an issue about it then you can let them and look like the really mature one.

Hope said...

Congrats on finding out it is a boy!!!

Sophie A. said...

Congrats on your little boy! So glad to hear he's healthy and all is well. You know, I just got my hair cut a few days ago and the lady that cut my hair says she was a 6-pounder but her son was 9 pounds and she delivered him without a c-section! I was impressed, it gave me hope, as my hubby was also a 9 pounder. So ya never know. I also have a few friends that were told their babies would be large and they came out average sized. I always wondered how they estimate the weight.

Justina said...

Congrats!! That's very exciting news! I know in my family one name is used as a first and middle name for 6 people. If you like it, go with it!

Hannah said...

Congrats! I say go with the name you like!

BTW, I asked my dr. about the St. John's Worth and he said I shouldn't be taking anything right now while I'm on the stims. Uh, he should have told me that in the beginning when I told him I was on it! I think it was miscommunication. He said I'll be fine though and I should stop taking it.

Thanks for bringing it up!

For Richer or Poorer said...

such great news! Congratulations on a (big) healthy boy! Don't panic yet about the GD or being induced. Could be that your little one is just really fantastic at getting the nutrients he needs, and is gaining weight. I think it's great news!