Tuesday, September 29, 2009

22 weeks

I actually had my first official OB appt with Dr. McSoothy on Friday last week. It went really well. I felt very reassured that the good vibes I got from our first meeting were sustained throughout this one too.

The nurse went through the new patient questionnaire with me. When we got done she told me about the birth of her first child. It was several years ago with another dr. but at the little hospital there (McSoothy wasn't around back then). The delivery was normal but her placenta didn't come out because it had grown into the uterine wall (which they didn't know at the time). They were pulling it out and causing her a ton of pain, so they put her out to finish the job, but soon found out that she needed emergency surgery (note: it was late at night too). She said she needed a bunch of blood transfused and that she almost died but they saved her and her uterus. She had another child last year. She reaffirmed what I thought, it may be a little rinky-dink hospital, but it's still a hospital and prepared for emergencies.

I had to wait a while for McSoothy to show up, probably an hour. Not terrible, but a bit long. She apologized for taking so long and said that if she was waiting on someone to deliver she would often just have her patients sent over from the clinic and do their prenatal appts at the hospital but this time she was just doing a follow up on a delivery she'd done the night before. She told me that the patient was actually a transfer from the Birthing Center in the city with all the fancy hospitals that are right there. So with 2 excellent local hospitals to choose from, the birth center (in this case) chose to transfer their patient to a dinky hospital ~20mins away because of McSoothy. Adding to the confidence here.

But I was upset that MFM had not sent over the u/s report! Her name was right on there, so they either didn't send it or someone really screwed up. I really wanted to go over those results. McSoothy was going to call me when she got it and hasn't called yet. My appt was on Friday and it's Tuesday, and I am waiting fairly patiently for me, but I'm about to rattle the cages. McSoothy wasn't overly concerned but wanted to see what the individual measurements were and maybe that would explain some of it.

Everything else was fine. The heartbeat was a little faster than I normally measure but fine. And I got my fundus measured for the first time and it was right on 22cm.

I got a slip to get my 1 hour GTT at 24 weeks and another for MTHFR testing. I got the MTHFR drawn today. I don't imagine I will know the results for that for at least another week.

I also stopped at the hospital and took a tour of the maternity ward before going back to work. The nurses were really nice. There was just the one patient their from the delivery the night before. It was small and quaint and country. Not fancy at all, but that isn't so important. They had just the 2 delivery rooms and 4 postpartum rooms. The labor and delivery bed had a wooden headboard. The postpartum beds had handmade quilts on them (those don't stay on, they are just for looks). Definitely different but just fine.

Me and DH both got our first ever flu shots on Saturday, because my new clinic has Saturday hours! I've never had a regular clinic with Saturday hours. I thought only REs had those. Saturdays are just for walk-ins but it's better than nothing. Oh and I found it very reassuring that they immediately pointed out to me that because I am an OB patient I was to get the mercury free vaccine. One less thing to worry about.

I'm sleeping much better these days in the recliner. I tried to climb back into bed on Saturday to spend some time with DH, but even a couple hours back in the bed was like torture. I'm sad that I can't sleep with my husband these days, but the sleep is too important.

And the kid scared the crap out of me today. He normally kicks all morning at work but not this morning. He didn't start kicking until about 9:15. I was sure that he'd probably just changed sleeping patterns (probably because my sleeping was changed by the recliner), but it was still unnerving. I pushed my tummy a couple times to see if it would get him going, but no. I took a big sigh after he started up. I can tell that I'm going to have my work cut out for me raising this one.


Celia said...

I am so glad I read this tonight. I am calling my doctor tomorrow to ask for the flu shot and it would never have occured to me to ask for mercury free.

I am glad things are looking up in ob land.

wannabmomma said...

Glad your appointment went well. Sounds like Dr. McSoothie is going to be a good doc.

Michelle said...

It sounds like you have a really good dr now! 22 weeks already..wow it's going fast! (over here at least!)

The Lynchs said...

It sounds like the hospital you'll be delivering at is fantastic! Especially that the birth center chose to transport there. How exciting!