Thursday, September 17, 2009


I'm back to testing my blood sugar for nearly every meal. The protocol I was told is to test 2 hours after I START eating.

Now normally, I wouldn't be hungry an hour after I just ate, but the fact that I am not allowed, makes me hungry! Forbidden fruit, literally.

And by the way, my first reading I did after we discovered that I am gestating a giant was at the upper end of the good range, but still normal and it was after my office's birthday lunch, which included garlic bread, pasta salad, carrot sticks and a few cookies for dessert, so I was probably pushing it anyways. But all of my other readings since then have been back in the low 80's which is where they were back at 10-12 weeks when I first got the meter. And I even intentionally exceeded my carb allotment for lunch yesterday to see what would happen and I was very good still.

I definitely think I should mind my carbs better (oh ketchup, how I will miss you) but it doesn't appear that I have GD going on from my readings.

I should call my bother's wife. She was perfectly fit before she got pregnant, exercised all through her pregnancy, had appropriate weight gain, no GD at all, and was induced 2 days after her due date because they were worried that my nephew was almost 10lbs at that point. They were off, he was only 9lbs 1oz, but that's still pretty big. I wonder how he measured at this point.


Sophie A. said...

It's funny you mention ketchup. I have not been able to stand the taste of chicken so during lunch, and this is gross, I covered my chicken with ketchup and cheese! LOL

Is your doc concerned about GD in your case?

Michelle said...

I don't know much about the blood sugar stuff. I hope that everything stays in the normal range for you.
The gestating a giant comment made me laugh. You inspired me to look back. K was 13 ozs according to our u/s at almost 19 weeks. And he was born at exactly 37 weeks, weighing 7lbs 7ozs. They said he was big for early and if he would have stayed put for another 3 weeks, we could have hit 10lbs. Scary thought.
And pregnancy wise, I was a little overweight when I got pregnant, sick the first 6 months and lost 25lbs and he still always measured big.

~Jess said...

I'm glad things are going all right for you: Hopefully you won't have to worry about the GD, as long as you're eating right.

I think those measuring things are always wrong. Our friends were told that their daughter was over 7lbs, and she was 6lbs 1oz, when they induced.

Celia said...

Mmm ketchup. I love Miracle Whip. I NEEDED an egg salad sandwich yesterday with miracle whip and the store was out and I was so so sad. I think I may have one today cause I can't stand it.

I am so excited about your little(big) boy!