Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I never give my drs cutsey names, but I've got one for this new doc of mine: McSoothy.

'Mc' cause her name actually has a Mc in it and 'Soothy' because she has a soothing personality... however every time I type that I will think of Grey's Anatomy (which I hate... way too much over the top drama for me, why can't drs. get their love lives together better than that?).

I was immediately freaked in the waiting room because someone there had the flu and it was probably H1N1 because it seems the seasonal flu has not hit the area yet, but H1N1 is everywhere already. At least she had a mask on.

I waited for awhile, but really no longer than I would for an OB appointment. The Dr. actually came and got me from the waiting room herself (this was a first for me).

I think we talked for more than an hour. She didn't rush me or try to push me out. She was very good, and very soothing. And, I'm sure you couldn't tell by reading my blog, but I'm kinda high strung, so I appreciated that she was calming (but not in a freaky hippie way, just at ease). She said a lot of things that made me feel really good about the situation. We discussed tons, but here are some of the highlights:

-We talked a lot about the difference in the OB care model and the Family Practice model and I really think I saw the value in the difference.

-She delivers almost ALL of her patients. That's nice.

-She actually does perform several c-sections per month, so I feel a bit more comfortable with the thought of her potentially having to do that.

-If I start to labor before 35 weeks, she will send me directly to one of the big hospitals with a fancy NICU. I will hope this doesn't happen, and if I does, I will handle it then.

-She thinks me having a doppler is a great idea and they even loan them out occasionally.

-She usually gives her OB patients her personal cell phone number!

-She's good with the metformin.

-I'm really freaked about, ahem, tearing, and she explained how she works to avoid that and episomoties. I got the feeling from my OB that she didn't really give a damn about helping me to prevent tearing. Hearing her really address my concerns about this is a big relief. Because, vaginas ripping is just not fun.

-I explained to her some of my persistent insecurities about the pregnancy (like how my betas didn't increase appropriately, and the baby aspirin) and she said that she will send her patients to one of the high risk MFM OBs at the university hospital for additional testing and consultations and thought that might be something to do with me (if only to just confirm that everything is ok). It makes me feel good that she works with other drs like that so openly, even when I may not fit the definition of 'high risk'.

-Also, on the baby aspirin, she says she often tests her patients for MTHFR (even if they don't have any losses) and it apparently makes a difference with birth control or something too, so it's worth doing and insurance does actually cover it. She says lots of people have it.

-The nursing staff is really open to different birthing styles and they regularly have members of this one religious group come in to deliver and they are pretty all over the place with their birthing practices. Bringing a doula and birthing in a 'comfortable' position shouldn't be an issue.

-There is a big jacuzzi tub in one of the birthing suites. She says a some women come there just for the tub. Out of the 5 hospitals I was considering, this is the only one with a tub. (But you aren't suppose to give birth in it, but she says it's happened before.)

-There are only 2 birthing suites but rarely is the second one ever used, they only do a dozen or so births a month at this hospital. I just hope I don't have bad luck and hit it at a busy time for some reason.

-Since the labor and delivery unit is so quiet, often you are the only patient so you get your own nurse and your baby get's it's own nurse and you get 100% of their attention. I guess if their are 2 moms/babies, then you're at 50%, but that's probably still as good as a regular hospital or better.

-Oh, yeah, and I'm freaked about the flu right? They will have vaccinations and the OB patients get first priority on the H1N1 shots. Yay! I feel more secure knowing that their will probably be a shot waiting for just for me as soon as they get in. That's a relief.

Ok, so McSoothy might not be 'the one' and this might only be puppy love, but for now I feel a like I can cancel my other appointments and make the switch. I still feel a little uncomfortable about certain issues, but if I went to a big OB care practice again I have a set of concerns there too. I'm never going to be 100% satisfied, that's just my nature, but I felt really good about today.

She was going to try to schedule me a new morphology ultrasound elsewhere so that I don't have to go back to my old OB. I might even get it sooner than it was scheduled (it was scheduled at 21 weeks). I'm really anxious to see the baby again and I would love that. If this isn't the real deal, I'll switch again, but until then, I'm going to just let it ride.


Sophie A. said...

Thanks for the link! You're right, I think I am 4 weeks and just wasn't calculating right.

What an awesome doc. I LOVE finding docs like this, the ones that genuinely care. That jacuzzi tub sounds nice, I'm tempted to request one.

I can't imagine anything more painful than a tear, eek!!! Tear prevention please!

Michelle said...

Sounds like a really great dr!! I think it would be really nice to know who will be delivering instead of a toss up between 10 or more drs at the big places.
I hope they are able to get you scheduled sooner for the u/s and that everything switches over nicely.

Celia said...

This sounds like a really good choice for you.

Anonymous said...

She sounds great! I know what you mean about never being 100% satisfied, because I'm like that too. I think she sounds wonderful on so many levels, and I love that she spent over an hour with you!

Anonymous said...

She does sound like the "one"! I hope she stays true to her name and that you can get the caliber of care you deserve. I am all about NOT ripping when I have a baby so I definitely hear you there. :)

Jen said...

Personal Number?! Brave, brave Doctor! Of course, pregnant women can't drink, and thus cannot drunk text. But still.

Good Egg Hunting said...

It sounds like she *is* the one. Am so happy that you found someone that puts you at ease -- really, could there be anything more valuable than that?

I was a c-section baby too, actually (which should make me more comfortable with the idea but, alas, does not), and I have a HUGE noggin. I have to buy size large hats, always. I know that this runs in my family but I never thought about it also being from the c-section. So basically my baby is doomed to have a big head. I always say big head, more room for big brain.