Monday, September 7, 2009

Making Preparations

Thinking about the 'baby room' makes my head hurt. Partially because I have no inspiration or even any drive to do anything with it. When you look at pictures of nurseries online they are to die for. Over the top cute and no telling what the price tag would be to do that in your own home.

That is not me. Would I like a super cute, everyone would envy it nursery? Oh, yes, of course. But I'm just not into spending loads of cash on something the kid will grow out of in a couple of years (we'll be spending loads of cash as it is). So my goals are safe, comfortable, and affordable. But none the less, I still find the task somewhat intimidating.

The other reason my head hurts when I think of this stuff is all the work we need to do to even get the room ready to decorate. You see, we have a small house that is pretty filled to the brim. Actually, me and my husband are amazed at how much crap we have, and if you walked through our house, it doesn't seem that bad. You're going to see the pics below and not believe me, but I swear, we are not clutter people, the bug man actually likes doing our house and tells us it's because he doesn't have to move stuff out of the way everywhere. But still, we are packing it in. Actually, most of it is packed into the guest room and office, the very rooms we need to redo to make room for baby.

The plan is that the guest room will become the baby room and the office will become the guest room/office. And our rooms are pretty tiny, so this is a squeeze.

So, to make this work, first we have to redo the office closet to fit DH's desk and computer and everything else we can manage to fit in it. Then we have to get rid of loads of other crap from the office, including my desk (I have no idea where I will work when this is all over).

Once the office is stripped, we will cram the guest room furniture into it. Then, we will completely redo the baby room's closet (I have big plans for it). And then we will finally be able to do the baby room.

And we are planning on this kid baking for about another 5 months, but I think that time will come and go rather quickly, so it's pretty important that we get the ball rolling.

So, I'm pretty embarrassed by these, be we have some 'before' pics.

Let's start in the guest room (future baby room)...

Pretty standard, bed, vanity and dresser (but to add to the fun, we will probably be swapping this set with another currently located at DH's aunt's house before the switch, probably). Not too bad.

Ugg, the closet... we have blankets, sleeping bags, blow up mattress and pump, wrapping paper, luggage, and tucked way back there, is DH's shot gun (yes, it's locked, the ammo is stored separately, and we will be finding it a new baby safe home soon). The bottom line here, is that we have a lot of junk to move out.

Now the office...

You cannot tell how bad it is from this photo at all, and this is not a true, before pic, we are nearly done with the closet at this point and there is a bunch of extra junk sitting in the office because of it. But See the ugly brown desk? That's DH's, it's getting painted white and then going in the closet. My big 'L' desk is getting junked. The printer on my desk is wireless and going in the closet which is think is a pretty cool solution. We have TONS of books and binders (not to mention DH's GIANT collection of old tractor brochures and manuals) that must find a new home soon. You can't see the shelves... one of which will be staying, one will go into the kid room and one will be sent to the basement. We still have lots of work here.

Hey, but the closet doesn't look too bad at this point. There were about 5 of the giant 'roughnecks' bins in it, and they are going downstairs. The games in the bottom must be relocated. The brackets for the shelf that the printer will sit on are installed. And you can't see it, but DH's added an outlet to plug everything in this morning already. After it is finished we will still be able to fit the wrapping paper in one side and hopefully still hang some of the blankets from the other closet on the other side.

Ok, well, back to work. Don't expect an update on this anytime too soon.


Celia said...

Dude it looks fine. If you could see Misters office.... it is still piled high with boxes from moving. And we still haven't finished painting the stairs. Yow.

Michelle said...

There's nothing like the joys of moving rooms around! We've been working on that here for months. It makes it so much worse with a deadline though!! I hope everything goes smoothly.

Sophie said...

The closet looks great, I love the cathartic feeling that comes with cleaning stuff out. It's been tough for us living here in a 600 sq. ft. graduate student apt. in Boston and getting charged up the wazoo for it :P!

One thing I like about it is that it forces me to give things away every few months. If/when the baby comes, I will probably get rid of half my stuff without even thinking lol.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about nurseries. Sure it would be great to have a super cute room, but I am not willing to spend a lot of money on something that the baby won't even notice and will outgrow in a few years. The walls will stay painted a neutral color (Sugar Cookie from Benjamin Moore) and I may get a wall decal of birds or trees or something.

Like you, I have no idea where to put my desk/sewing area. Our queen guest bed will be staying in the baby's room because we have no other place to put it, and we are not getting rid of it.
Great job on the office and closet. You are smart to start on this now! Time is going to start flying by.