Saturday, September 12, 2009

Making Progress

My husband left to go to a tractor show today and I have been chipping away at the guestroom and office.

The biggest challenge has been getting my husband to part with junk. He doesn't understand the concept of purging things. I have been working on him since we got married. It's a trait that he has inherited, I hope his parents live for ever, because I do not want to have to clean out their house someday.

For example, the Gateway cow print mousepad that came with the computer he probably got a decade ago (and no longer has) and is nearly all black with filth. Honestly, we both have optical mice, so we don't really need mousepads in the first place, but he wants one so I try to get him to use my tiger mousepad (trust me, it's cool, not some tacky animal print, it pays tribute to our university, as we are a Tiger family here). It took hours of negotiation over the last 6 months, but I have finally won. I don't think he even got rid of the old one, instead he put it in his "treasure" box (a storage box of junk that I am not allowed to question the contents of, as long as everything fits inside of it). I'm pretty sure he still has the software for that computer too... I really doubt that he will ever need a back up copy of Windows 95, but he won't budge.

He also has set of Magic, The Gathering cards. He only has them because ONE of his friends liked to play it and they haven't played it since more than a decade ago. Now this his friend is married and has a kid (and DH is about to have a kid), and they live 4 hours apart, I really doubt that he will ever use them again. But he refuses to sell or toss them. His treasure box is getting full.

Oh, yes, and CD jewel cases, don't get me started.

So with him being gone, I am majorly tempted to quietly pitch things. He'd never know. But I just can't do it. I think I can't do it because I secretly think it's fun to argue with him about this junk.

But other than the pile of junk on the floor of the office that I will have to pry from his hands later, the office is getting there. I'm at the point that I need to go buy some stuff to help me organize. I love trying to find storage solutions. I'm practically giddy for this shopping trip.

Oh, another big step happened this week that is all part of "the plan". The plan consists of a series of steps towards having a baby... the steps are something like this:

1. Get married
2. Finish grad school
3. Get job
4. Buy house
5. Get pregnant
6. New car
7. High efficiency washer/dryer
8. Baby junk
9. Have baby
10. Happily ever after

So we are good through #7 now. Although our Magic Chefs were doing ok, we'd like to do cloth diapers and wanted a fancier, more effective, higher efficiency washer and I feel pretty good about what we ended up with.

Ok, I feel a nap coming on.


Michelle said...

Sounds like you are making progress!
I was so excited over our new washer and dryer. It's still kinda cool, and it's been like a year and it's saving us a lot with the HE factor.

Celia said...

ohh, I am glad you are ahead of me. We want to do cloth diapers also, but I am a little scared of the poo bombs.

Anonymous said...

I can completely empathize with you on the husband/junk thing. You should see our basement! Good luck getting him to throw things away.

Congratulations on the new washer! I'm interested in cloth diapers too, but I haven't done much research. Do you have any opinions as far as different cloth options go?