Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More options

Sometimes I feel like I have too many options... and it makes it hard to make decisions. Sometimes, it's nice to have someone else make the decision for me.

Ever have a hard time trying to decide where to eat? Sometimes I wish my husband would just say, "I want to eat at Joe's this week." I like Joe's, thanks for making it easy for me and now we don't have to deliberate over the ever important decision of where to eat any longer.

But with the OB switch thing, I have lots of options and feel really overwhelmed. Truly, I'm glad that I can make the decision for myself, but that doesn't make it an easy one.

I emailed the Independent Birth Center in the area asked them for a recommendation (I really don't think I'd be a good candidate for the IBC). I got a prompt response for a Family Doctor that delivers at a hospital I didn't even know existed.

Family doctor, not obstetrician? That's a change. She apparently is trained in cesarean sections should I need one. And obviously she's not 1 in 20 doctors in a big OB practice, so that might be a big plus, because I will know with a large degree of certainty who will deliver me (although I wonder what would happen if she went on vacation or something).

This doctor was recommended because she used to do deliveries at the IBC and supports natural births. If she's used to doing natural births in a non hospital setting, that says a lot about her.

And this hospital that I didn't know existed (I was already deliberating between 4 others, so this is #5), it's a very small community hospital in a town I wasn't considering delivering in. However, it's no further away from me than where I was planning, and my husband works in that town, so that might be a plus (he didn't know they had a hospital either). And the fact that it's so small might be an advantage too because they might not use such a strict protocol and as many interventions.

But this hospital change is a HUGE mindshift. I was planning on using one of the GIGANTIC hospitals in the city with the nice level III NICUs and such. There's probably nothing wrong with a small facility, and it's not like I'm going from a hospital to a home birth setting, but I still feel a little uncomfortable with that.

I have an appointment with her a week from now. I need to really think about this and get my list of questions and insecurities together quickly now. It's another option, and it's a good option, but wish it didn't feel like such a big decision. I can't even decide where to eat most of the time.


One Blessed Momma! said...

Those are tough questions. Good luck sorting it all out.

I guess a question I would ask about the smaller hospital is what the procedure is if (God forbid) your baby needed the NICU. Can they get to another hospital quickly or do they have the capability to take care of the baby in house?

P.S. I feel your pain about decision making - I'm the same way!!

I definitely think a smaller facility would be a plus, but I'd want to make sure they have all the same resources available if it's needed.

Amanda said...

Yes, that's a fear of mine too. It's on the list. I do know if they transfer, it will be to the big university hospital that is less than 30 min away by car (same hospital as the other new ob I have an appt booked with and where my fertility clinic was). They have special ambulances dedicated to transferring children and babies. And there are also helicopters if it would have to be even quicker.

I imagine if I decide to go there, I will just have to think happy thoughts and know in the worst case scenario, the HIGHEST level help is no more than 30 mins away. I imagine that they probably have the capabilities to handle most any situation long enough to complete the transfer (they are still a hospital). Of course, if I start to have really early preterm labor, I wonder if she just wouldn't have me head up that way anyhow, I figure since they are small they have already have a plan in place for those types of situations. But I don't know for sure so I will definitely be asking.

Chelle said...

I imagine this is a terrible decision to have to make. I hope that when you meet with this doctor, you will "just know" whether it is right or wrong. Good luck.

Sophie said...

Definitely sounds like a tough decision. Smaller hospitals sound like they'd be more relaxing, not as busy, so maybe you'd get more attention... then again, a big hospital does have a lot to offer. I am obviously of no help! Ugh, I am a horrible decision maker and would probably be asking the same questions, if not more :P! I think making up a list before you go is a great idea, though. Sometimes I literally find that making a tangible list that I can see really helps when the final decision-making rolls around :). Good luck and keep us posted!

White Picket Fences said...

The good news that now that you're out of the first trimester, you're relatively low risk. Like ..normal risk, right? So with that in mind, I think I'd go with the provider that I was most comfortable with. Definitely someone that I could ask questions of.

There's an excellent research article on metformin and breastfeeding safety on Dr. Hale's website ...recently published. Dr. Hale of the medications and mother's milk fame. Made me much more comfortable with my decision to re-start while nursing.

Anonymous said...

That is a tough decision. The family doctor sounds great. And if they could transfer you quickly to the big hospital if needed, that makes it even better.

The new OB I ended up with has three midwives who work in the practice also, so she is very natural birth friendly, but does c-sections if necessary. I feel so much better with her smaller practice. I think your comfort level and instincts will help you decide.
Good luck with the decision!