Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pain in the Ass

I've got 2...

The side sleeping is not going well. No matter what I try, my hips are in terrible pain by the morning. This has now extended to my lower back and my ass. And the sciatic was gone for several weeks, but I think the side sleeping has brought it back. It hurts to walk now because my hips feel totally out of alignment. I wonder if the pregnancy is causing them to spread and that isn't making it worse?

I can't lie in bed after about 4am. I have to get up, it hurts that bad. I think I'm just going to try the recliner tonight. I have a REALLY great mattress, but I need my hips supported and as long as one's in the air, it can't be fully supported and that's where the problem is. And I hesitate to sleep in the recliner because my coworker that had the stillbirth said her doctor said it's not a good idea to sleep in one, but my pregnancy books say otherwise and my coworker thinks she knows everything and I really think she doesn't have a clue, and even if her doctor did say that, it doesn't mean he knows it all either.

I have been having lots of thoughts about getting a massage, but I don't understand how prenatal massage works. You can't really lay on your stomach so how...?

The other PIA is my insurance company. They denied my claim for the nutritional counseling I got in July. The problem is that it apparently is coded as "Nutritional" counseling and not "Diabetic" counseling. I hesitate to call it that as I am not diabetic (yet), but that's really what it was. The thing that throws it off this that I was concerned about my protein intake too which constituted all of 2 minutes of an hour and a half long appointment. One way or another, it's going to get covered because they recorded the phone call where I called in and asked if it would be covered ahead of time and they told me yes. So if nothing else, they have told me this one time they will cover it because of that, but I'd rather save my "get out of jail free" card for another day if possible. So the hospital is fighting it for me too. Hopefully everything will be cleared up shortly.

Cause I've paid ENOUGH out of pocket this year already, I ain't paying for this too. Infertility cost me a several thousand (yeah clomid is cheap, but it's still pretty expensive counting u/s's, blood work, IUI's, acupuncture and everything else). Plus I've paid my deductible and co-ins, and several hundred in co-pays, and other meds... yeah, folks, can we just give Amanda a break on this one?

Ok, I'm done whining about my ass.


Mary said...

When you get a massage they have a special table that has a hole for your belly as well as your face. Or, they have a special chair that you sit in and then lean forward and there is a spot for your face and arms. Pretty cool. I might get one next week.

Celia said...

I am not having a good time sleeping either. I have no idea how I am going to deal as I get farther along. Because I am pretty miserable now and almost slept on the couch last night. That way my back could lean on something. We have an awesome mattress, that is only a few months old too. We are going pillow shopping this weekend to see if that helps.

I sympathize wholeheartedly. It's like no matter how exhausted you are, you are so uncomfortable that sleep is just laughing and giving you the finger.

You need sleep, try the recliner. Lots of people sleep in them.

Michelle said...

I was told really good things about massage but never did try it. I hope there is something that can help ease the pain. I wouldn't see why sleeping in the recliner would hurt.
That sucks about the insurance drama. Hopefully that gets straightened out and covered for you.