Friday, October 30, 2009


I got the freakin H1N1 vaccine FINALLY!

I was in all out melt down mode this morning. I'm reading comments by dumbasses about the evils of the "new" and "untested" vaccine who think that prevention is enough. You can try to prevent it all day, but at the end of the day, some people will get sick! And I don't want to be one of those people. (And by the way, studies have shown that this virus is being transmitted through the air and not by contact, so washing hands won't offer you a lot of prevention, but a SCUBA mask and oxygen tank might if you are going to rely on prevention.)

That plus being very tired from this week's work stuff and having trouble breathing, I just could not handle it this morning. I felt completely worn down and started calling numbers trying to get a flu shot (again). Pretty much all the counties have their asses on backwards about this shot and either don't have any or give it out to ANYONE meaning none left for me.

Finally, it turns out one county is giving it out to ONLY PREGNANT WOMEN! I called and they told me that they had a bunch left and if I came at the end of the day it would be fine. I had a staff meeting this morning but planned to leave after it was over.

BUT FIRST, my coworkers brought their kids into trick or treat. One of the kids had a persistent cough. It sounded phlegmy, so hopefully it isn't anything serious. Regardless, I was not happy about it. Guess who's porch light will be off this year.

I got there and about had another panic attack because their was a big sign in the entry that said only children 2-4 were getting vaccines now (which was completely opposite what they told me on the phone).

I got to the clinic and the sign must have been wrong (I think it just needed to be updated because according to their website on Wednesday that was the case, but then they got the shipment in for preggos on Thursday). I lied and used my old address from when I did live in the county (which is still the address on my driver's licenses... I don't think I will lose any sleep over that one).

I sat down in the chair and the tech let me know that I got the next to the last thimersol free vaccine! I'm SO glad that I didn't wait until the end of the day to come! I felt like I'd won the lottery or something after that.

That's a lot of drama for a little shot, but I'm so glad I got it. It will still be vulnerable for another week or so assuming that I respond appropriately. I'm just relieved that I can cross this one off my worry list.

Here's a new article for those still on the fence.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

26 weeks

Is it Tuesday already?

Dinner last night went pretty well. I saw the clients I was worried about bringing it up before most people got there and sat at a table away from them to avoid further conversation. Now to just get through the rest of the week.

Had another appointment with McSoothy this morning. She had a trainee physician's assistant that saw me first. He was so light with the doppler it was merely gliding on the u/s gel. I told him he could press down and he said he didn't want to. Consequently, he never really found the heart, just blood flow and that was pretty pathetic and quite. McSoothy comes in later and puts down a single blob of gel, applies appropriate pressure, and immediately get the heart loud and strong. He has a lot to learn still.

McSoothy gave me a list of doulas she's worked with and recommends. One sounded really stellar but I think she is in high demand so I will just have to see.

And I feel really pessimistic about my odds of having a non-induced, non-surgical birth these days to begin with. Who can blame me? Seems like everyone I know gets induced or schedules a c/s or gets induced and winds up with a c/s. Seems like non-induced vaginal births are the exception these days (and I'm not even getting into the drug issue). We shall see.

I asked about H1N1 vaccines again too. They don't have any and don't know when they'll get them in. And I guess my state must have actually had a law that pregnant women and children 3 and under not get thimersol containing vaccines because I just saw that that has been waived. I guess if I wanted a vaccine at all costs that would be good, but I really would rather not have the thimersol. So, it sounds like, if I go get in one of those obscenely long lines full of people that are not one of the priority groups (preggos, children 2-4, people caring for children <6 months, and people under 18 with underlying medical conditions) and wait in the cold for either (A) nothing or (B) a shot with mercury because they don't have to offer me the mercury free one anymore! Of course, one of these lines isn't even scheduled to form in my area until Nov 7th. (Seriously, have you seen these things on TV, what's with the middle aged folks that obviously aren't getting them for their asthmatic children? Get out of the freakin line! Let the priority groups go first!)

So in the meanwhile I will proceed with plan A: Giving EVERYONE around me that so much clears their throat too many times the evil eye while holding my breath and running the other way.

Oh yeah, cause seriously, I find myself short of breath for no reason a lot already. And it's even a little hard to take a deep breath. If I get a respiratory infection I do not think I will do well.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Client Relations

Sorry if this is confusing, bear with me.

I have a big client event coming up this week starting with dinner with a bunch of clients tomorrow night. Last year, I was freaking out over looking like a pimple faced teen cause I was all broke out. This year I look like I'm smuggling something but it's not completely clear whether it's a baby or too many desserts yet.

I would have preferred to not say anything about it and let people just think that I am getting fatter (which I am), but that will not be possible.

You see, the other week one of my coworkers outed me to one of my clients at their board meeting! I was kinda livid when he told me this the next day. How did the status of my uterus become conversation? It didn't, he just blabbed.

This created a problem for me since I have projects and on going work for them. They sent me a congratulatory email that morning and all of a sudden I'm having to reply that I will be on leave for about 2 months and who will be covering my work while I'm out. It was going to happen, I just wasn't planning on having to do it that morning. I don't think the coworker that outed me knows that he kinda made a mess for me.

Compounding this issue, many of my clients talk to each other. Particularly at big trade events like the one next week, but they also have regular working relationships and chat then too.

So when another client was visiting the office other day I felt I had to tell them too because I know they talk. And then I answer the phone by chance later in the day and another client (who I don't directly work with) said he heard that I was carrying one! Frickin A, word travels fast.

Anyhow, back to dinner tomorrow. I WAS NOT planning on bringing it up (I don't see my clients in person very often, so I figured I could get away with it until the end of the year), but the secretaries from the original client that I was outed to will be there. And these ladies were always asking me about kids and such and now I know that they will want to talk at dinner. And then all the other clients I have will be right there. And then some will start wondering who will do their work, and... well I'm probably imagining it worse than it actually will be, but it's still going to be a little messy.

And my boss doesn't seem to be concerned with lining up my project transitions while I'm on leave which makes me a little antsy. It might be nice to know that before people start asking me over dessert.

And then I get a little jealous that my male coworkers don't have to go through this. Having a kid is barely a disruption in their schedules... many of them come back to work later in the day after their wives have babies (yes, there is SOOOO much wrong with that). But client relation issues (and vagina ripping) aside, I still think carrying another life inside you is pretty cool and worth it. I'm glad to be dealing with that this year and not a bunch of prometrium induced zits.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pregnant Veggie

I have intentionally shied away from directly addressing this topic because I (a) don't want to attract the trolls, and (b) don't really have it all figured out. But Becky asked in her comment the other day and I figure maybe I should do a post about it.

First, getting some chips off my shoulder, it really pisses me off when someone IRL, a meat eater, asks me about my diet, because it's always in a way that insinuates that it must be inadequate for growing a baby. To them I say, ABSOLUTELY NOT. Anyone that has been a vegetarian for very long knows that most people think you need more protein than you actually do. This is a hard concept for people used to eating a meat main dish at 2+ meals per day.

I would also say to these people that in at least one way I think my diet is superior (than the average meat eater) because I think about intake of protein all day long. Meaning that hopefully my baby is getting what it needs throughout the day instead of a big portion at dinner.

I also believe that plant protein is really important in any diet and that as a vegetarian I probably do a much better job of incorporating it than most meat eaters do.

And I'd say it's working. My baby consistently measures ahead (usually by 2 weeks) and mostly in the legs. I have read that measuring shorter in the legs can be a sign of poor nutrition and that definitely isn't happening here.

For those that have been reading for a while, you probably recall that I discussed this topic with my nutritional counselor and she wasn't concerned one bit. Her reasoning was that I have been doing this for a long time (since I was 8) and I'm tall and (mostly) healthy. If I hadn't been eating an adequate diet, I probably would be shorter and possibly show other signs of malnutrition.

And on the tall thing, I am about 2" taller than my mother and nearly as tall as my father. My brothers are both taller than me (as expected) but I am about 4" taller than my meat eating half-sister. (Since she is my half sister obviously the genetics are a bit different, but my half brother, her full brother, is the tallest of us kids and is ~6'4" so it's not like they are both shorter).

I also have to acknowledge that dairy has been my friend during this pregnancy. Dairy is a really easy way for me to get complete protein and calcium and I eat a lot of it. I would have to completely rethink my diet without it.

So I don't have a magic number of grams of protein I shoot for everyday. Mostly I try to just make sure I get a certain amount with each meal and have several good snacks. I know if I'm going to be light on the protein for lunch that I should plan better for dinner or vice versa or an extra snack.

On the dairy thing, it's handy to remember that a single cup of milk has 8g of protein. If I'm feeling like I didn't do so well one day an extra glass of milk or two can really add on.

For breakfast I have switched to the dreaded microwave oatmeal! Yes, my dirty little secret. I found I couldn't eat as much oatmeal as I cooked on the stove and switched to the bags. I eat the Quaker Weight Control oatmeal which has 7g of protein. Mix that with nearly a cup of milk and some flax and I'm at ~15g.

Every day I have a snacks of cheese, nuts, and/or fruit. The cheese and nuts obviously help add in some protein.

For lunch I like to make a sandwich, normally with hummus and some cheese slices and veggies. I usually bring veggies for a side too and dip in extra hummus. And the (whole wheat) sandwich bread has some protein too. I probably average ~20g of protein for lunch.

Dinner could be anything as long as I feel that I'm getting sufficient protein. If we eat pasta, I use the Barilla Plus because it's got a lot of protein. We eat a lot of beans which provide decent protein. Vegetarian chili is a favorite this time of year. I got this cookbook and I really like it. The recipes are easy and good and have definitely helped us incorporate some new meals.

Then I have a big glass of milk to swallow my pills every night and stir in a packet of Carnation Breakfast Essential (no sugar added) chocolate flavoring which adds an extra 5g of protein to the milk.

I don't eat tofu. I'm not against tofu, but I'm not a big fan either and all the recipes I like are loaded with sodium (I'm already a little puffy, I don't need more) and the phytoestrogens freak me out a little. I am a former avid consumer of soy products and will probably go back after pregnancy, but I avoided soy during my follicular phase while TTC and just felt like I don't need it in my diet the way things are. I think the occasional soy is fine, but I try to keep it to a minimum and prefer minimally processed forms. I can't really explain myself fully on the topic and I don't necessarily think there is anything thing wrong with it, but it's just something I keep to a minimum right now.

I figure on an average day I'm getting around 80g of protein, and on some days I'm probably closer to 100g.

I discussed this topic with my new OB and she had my urine checked for protein. If you are defiecient in protein your body will start metabolizing itself, and I guess the kidneys are a preferred source of protein and it would show up in my urine if that was the case (this happens with preeclampsia too). I've not had an issue so I guess there is some more proof that things are going alright.

But I continue to be diligent.

If their are any vegetarians (or vegans) reading this that have tricks for getting more protein into their diets please leave a comment, I'd love to hear them.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

25 weeks

Pregnancy is scary. Infertility is scary too, but getting pregnant was far scarier because all of a sudden, someone's life was actually at stake. Before it was just my sanity... my sanity is important, but if I lost the baby, someone would be dead and my sanity would be doubly shot.

So 24 weeks was a good milestone, but getting past that I really feel reassured that everyday my baby is getting stronger and more prepared to survive outside the womb. It is more comforting than I thought it would be.

And it's a good time to reacknowledge that every day pregnant is a blessing.

It's not that I haven't always felt this way, but the fear has been so strong at times I completely bury the blessings that I should be feeling and fixate on the fear. Now that the fear has subsided it's easier to get back where I should be.


I got the results from my blood work a couple days ago. I officially passed my GTT. The level the lab reported was 107 and my glucometer picked up 118, but there were a few minute that elasped, so I'd say my glucometer did a decent job. I apparently had elevated fasting glucose levels which is weird cause THEY DIDN'T DRAW ONE. So we are disregarding that but WTH people? Where did that value come from, cause it didn't come from me.

My homocystine and folate were good, but I'd already been supplementing the folic acid for a few days, so those could be a bit skewed.

My iron was good but my calcium was a little low. I was pretty disappointed about that because I make a really good effort to take in the right amount of calcium every day (spaced throughout the day for better absorption). I have been told to take some tums. I hate tums, but I can live with it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blood work, pills, improvements

I did my early 1 hour glucose tolerance test yesterday. I've done a couple 2 hours (cause of the PCOS) before and never really minded the drink, but the stuff they gave me for the 1 hour was AWFUL. I could barely get it down in the 5 minutes. I've always gotten a not too unpleasant flat soda like drink before (namely orange Glucola). I said something to the tech about how awful it was compared to the glucola and she said that they don't make glucola in 50gram (1 hour) doses. I'm not looking forward to having to do that again (which I will, probably around 28 or 30 weeks).

They hadn't got some additional blood work from my McSoothy's office I was suppose to do so I set about trying to get a copy of that order sent over before my blood draw at the end. And I was successful, but I officially put McSoothy's FAX machine on the "Not to be trusted" list.

At the end of my time I took out my glucometer so that I can compare it with the actual lab result when I get them. I got a 118 which, if my glucometer is accurate at all, means I should have passed. I think passing is less than 140 for these.

And later in the day someone called from the High Risk OB's office and let me know my thyroid results were "excellent". I didn't ask for the actual level because I know I would end up googling and second guessing. Not activities I need to be doing. But I have to say that I was really impressed that someone called me back just 2 days after I had blood work done for normal test results... I usually can't get that for abnormal ones. Gold star.


I now take 18 pills per day. 5 for breakfast, 4 for lunch, and 9 for dinner. Oh well, at least I just have to swallow them.


We are making solid progress on the bedroom situation. The office/guest room is virtually complete. DH took the week off (since he works for the govt and gets all kinds of time off) and we have the base paint in the kid room and he's finishing the closet system today. This closet redo is my crack. I have been looking forward to doing this as much as any other baby prep related task. I just wish I had some baby stuff to put in it now.

I'd post pictures, but I think it will be more fun just to wait until everything is done.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

24 weeks

Yesterday's post really was my pregnancy update for the week, but I'm trying to keep up the official weekly pregnancy post.

So, yay, 24 weeks! A good milestone indeed, but I will be much more stoked about 37 weeks.

And this weekend I made my very first baby purchases. And they were pretty frivolous.

I had really fallen in love online with these Fleurville Sling Totes, but $150 is more than I have ever spent on a bag. Designer bags are nice, but not something I would normally spring for. And, if I were to indulge myself like that, I'd really have to see it in person to know that I liked it that much.

So I had planned a trip to get my hair cut this weekend and go eat at the only place within a few hours of here that makes decent hummus (fine hummus is my current craving, I make my own and it's ok, but I'm on the quest for better). So, out of disgust for a complete lack of baby retailers in the whole area, except walmart and target, I decided to google baby stores just to check and be sure I wasn't forgetting about someone. And the only thing that comes up is this little down town botique that I have been to before but mostly just sells gift type baby stuff... not a really what I had in mind. BUT, the little picture that shows up next to their link was the FLEURVILLE SLING TOTE. Alright, I must go now.

So get to the store and there in the window is the most beautiful baby bag I have ever seen! We get inside and I am SOOOO excited, and trying to decide which pattern I like the best, but I still wasn't sure that with all the stuff we still need to get (which is EVERYTHING) that dropping so much on a bag is a good idea.

Then, I see a tote in a different pattern than I have seen online. And the store owner informs me that is one of the discontinued patterns (white corduroy with grey trim). I see that it is $10 cheaper than the new bags and she says that the bag is actually suppose to be over here and points to the 50% off rack! Really, 50% off? Deal.

So I didn't get the latest pattern (buy the way, the dandelion is the best pattern IMO) but I did get the style of bag that I wanted and DH actually preferred it over the other patterns and said he would be willing to carry it. And I kinda liked that it's a white bag, but the plastic coating will protect it and keep it looking white. I would have never had the courage to get a white bag otherwise.

I also got one of those novelty baby boy pee blockers. Yes, I know I will get peed on, but I can try, right? And besides, they were cute. I really needed the frivolity.

I'm really looking forward to going ahead and doing some major purchasing in the next couple of weeks, just as soon as we can find time to travel several hours away to actually find the baby stuff that we're after.

Monday, October 12, 2009

High Risk

I didn't know what to expect this morning but it turned out really well.

First, they completely redid my u/s. Really wasn't expecting that. I thought I would just have a consult with the dr. and he would look over my my last u/s report and send me on my way. It was so much more than I was expecting. I told my husband not to come because I didn't think I'd have a u/s so he was at home, although I'm sure he would have liked to come (he's still not allowed at dr. appointments with me after his unwanted contributions last time he came with me to the old ob).

The baby looked fine. He was actually head down already. The tech said that sometimes they like being head down and will stay that way and sometimes they don't at this point, so we will see. He only measured about a week ahead (weight was 1lb 11oz) this time, but still fine. He was really cute on this u/s and and was a lot easier to follow where she was and his position and what he was doing. We saw him open his mouth a couple times and put his fist up to his head. We also took another look at his 'pee-pee'. Definitely still a boy.

Then a nurse came in and got a fairly detailed history from me. And then I moved to a small consult room and waited for the Dr. (By the way, this was the nicest dr. office I have ever been in, bar none. I thought RE's had fancy offices, but this blew that away.)

He came in and we talked. He thinks everything looked good but he still wanted to put me on a high risk schedule. I was surprised that he would do that and he said that he offers it pretty standardly for patients that have been through infertility and also have PCOS since both of those put you at a higher risk for complications, but also because of the HETEROZYGOUS MTHFR (that's right, he was surprisingly concerned about the hetero MTHFR even though a great deal of the population has it and most people don't worry about it as a complication).

I'm not sure what all is involved with a high risk schedule, but on top of my regular appoints with McSoothy I will see him and my next appointment is in a month and we will do another u/s at that time, I think. And then I will have weekly biophysical profiles from there on out plus more appointments with him. I will be a busy girl.

He described PCOS in a different way than I have ever heard a Dr. talk about PCOS. He said it is really, at it's heart, an inflammatory problem and should be treated at such. (Anyone else ever had it put to them like this?)

For instance, I've always wondered if the baby aspirin made the difference with getting pregnant, he thinks it probably did since it helps with inflammation. AND he wants me to stay on it the WHOLE time (everyone else told me to quit at 35 weeks). He's not concerned and says you really only need to quit if you're on heparin too or if the anesthesiologists are really picky at your hospital. I'm hoping for a natural birth, so hopefully this won't be an issue, but it will be good to know that I can safely get an epi if I need one.

He also wanted me to increase some of my supplements. McSoothy called me in extra folic acid, he said that was good and to do 5mg per day (on top of my prenatal). I take a 300mg vegan DHA supplement and he wants me to triple or quadruple it! Now, those stupid pills cost me at $30 per month, so I think I will only triple it, cause that's pretty expensive. And he wants me to add 1,000 IU of vitamin D on top on my prenatal. So, I will be popping a lot more pills now. (By the way, this is all standard for his patients, he had little neon pink cards sitting in the consult room with all of this on it and made sure to check all of them for me).

I'm also suppose to start kick counts which I figured was coming. I also got my thyroid drawn since it's been awhile and I was going to ask someone to check if no one offered it soon... that's a pretty important one.

He was very complimentary to me. He really praised me for being proactive and he made me feel really good about being there. I really liked his whole office. And I'm not sure if all of this is overkill or not, but it feels good that someone is interested in my pregnancy like this. The goal is a healthy baby so hopefully this is just helping to improve the odds.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Belly Shot

Not what you were expecting?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Heterozygous MTHFR


I'm a little confused, she said hetero but then said is was in both genes.

Either way, FotherMucker.

Good thing I was taking that baby aspirin.

McSoothy is calling in perscription folic acid for me.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Because my life must have drama

So a number of things have happened recently and are stressing me out and I knew nothing could be gained by going in but I stopped trying to fight it and just called my clinic this morning.

1. The less baby movement is still bothering me. It was just getting stronger and stronger and kicking harder and longer and then it just seemed to drop off very suddenly. Who wouldn't freak out a little right? It's been like this since Saturday so if it were just temporary I would have expected things back to normal by now.

2. I feel a tingle... like possibly a UTI. What else can I say, it is a bit burn-y down there.

3. Get out of the shower this morning and dry off my legs and my ankles are puffy all of a sudden. They don't look bad, in fact, if you were just looking at my ankles you might think this is normal, but they really are puffier.

So 1 + 2 + 3 = Call in

And I needed to call anyhow to see if they got my MTHFR back yet.

So, of course, they wanted my to come in today at 2.

And the heartbeat sounded fine, I measured fine, my blood pressure was fine, my quicky urine test came back fine. She was going to have my urine cultured for a better check. She agreed that my ankles were puffy. And the MTHFR results haven't come in yet. She wanted to know if I've had any fevers lately (which I haven't). She said that sometimes the uterus grows faster than the baby so that could be a reason for the decrease in movement (but I'm measuring on track, so that's probably not it). She was glad I came in, but unfortunately I'm just in the crappy place where the baby isn't viable and a biophysical profile isn't possible.

So there really wasn't anything she could do for me. She thought about having my ultrasound repeated but I doubt it would reveal anything. Her other idea was to send me for a peri consult. Fine, whatever, I really doubt that anything will make me feel better at this point, but I'll take what I can get. (Jaded much?)

So I'm scheduled with the peri at my old OB's hospital for 8am Monday morning. At least I don't have to wait very long.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

23 weeks

I must admit that I have had an easy pregnancy so far. Other than trouble sleeping, I've barely, if at all, had the symptoms that plague other pregnant women. But there is a less glamorous side to pregnancy and I managed to find some of it's facets in the last week.

I remember reading in one of my pregnancy books about abdominal muscles separating and being able to feel your uterus through the muscles, yada yada, something something... I didn't really pay much attention because I'm fat and figured that if/when that happened I probably won't know due to the extra padding.

Well, I can't be certain, but when I woke up on Sunday morning, my abs hurt soooooo bad something had to be up. I can honestly say I hurt worse than after my gallbladder surgery (which isn't saying much, because it wasn't that painful, but still). So my guess is that I possibly did experience some separation. I know there are apparently some ways to feel around to check for it, but I don't really feel the need. I felt fine after a couple hours of being up an about, but I just really wasn't expecting that.

Apparently, about now your uterus sits right on top of your bladder and puts new pressure down there which can result in, um, leakage. Yeah, I know gross. Incontinence, despite what Billy Madison says, is not cool. And, yeah, I've felt a drop or two lately and am mortified. It's not like anyone but me can tell, but I'm still very unexcited about this symptom. But, ironically, I have actually been able to sleep through the night without getting up to go to the bathroom lately. I guess you win some and lose some.

As for the baby, I've been kinda freaked out the last couple days because his kicks have been softer and not as frequent. I wonder if I've just been busier and haven't noticed them as much and it's just in my head, or is he really moving less? It's concerning, but at 23 weeks I know they couldn't really do much right now anyhow, so I just sit back and hope for another kick soon. And because of this, I LOVE my doppler. It was totally worth the trouble. It's very reassuring to hear and see (mine has a digital readout) the heart rate and know that it's nice and normal.

It seems like he's back to giving me some good hard whacks again (but still maybe not quite as consistently as before, I think we have a new normal). He gave me a good, solid kick in the bladder this morning, which was just wonderful considering the issue mentioned above. And he whacked me so hard and out of the blue on the way home from work tonight that I gasped and flinched and grabbed my stomach, which wasn't great considering that I was driving. I will know to keep my guard up better from now on.

And on a final note, a coworker of mine had something very bad happen in his family over the weekend. His future son-in-law and the father of his first grandchild died in car accident. His daughter was just born in August. He ran off the road into a telephone pole and he wasn't wearing his seatbelt. Please, please, please, whether you are TTC, pregnant, or have children, wear your seatbelt and get your partner to also. There is a baby girl that will never get to know her father because of it. It's just a terrible, terrible tragedy.

Friday, October 2, 2009


That might be an understatement.

I got my big ultrasound 17 days ago, and my baby was measuring almost 2 weeks ahead and it freaked me out. And I have been waiting to hear something back on it but for some reason my Dr.'s office was not getting the report from MFM.

I called an rattled the cages late Wednesday. The nurse called me back very late on Thursday that they had called MFM twice since to get it faxed over and both times it didn't come. Arggggh.

Finally, after enough hounding, they got it today.

And everything is good.

Nothing abnormal was reported, no problems were seen. Apparently the baby was measuring on about 20w 5d for everything except the legs which were measuring about 21w 6d. The kid has always measured several days ahead so the 20w 5d stuff doesn't surprise me. And the legs measuring long, according to McSoothy, just means it's long legged like Mommy.

Well that makes me feel better that my baby doesn't have a giant head or belly making the difference up. Long legs certainly doesn't sound like a bad thing.

In fact, my SILs (the 2 that are married to my brothers) both had very long babies so I'd guess that this just might be a family trait. We are a very tall, very German family if that means anything to anyone else.

But it was such a relief to hear that everything was fine. The tech kept saying all sorts of positive stuff during the scan, but I know from experience that you just can't trust u/s techs to tell you anything, especially bad things. And I declined all the testing offered because I can't imagine worrying about a weird test result all through pregnancy, but it sure is good to hear that everything is NORMAL.