Tuesday, October 6, 2009

23 weeks

I must admit that I have had an easy pregnancy so far. Other than trouble sleeping, I've barely, if at all, had the symptoms that plague other pregnant women. But there is a less glamorous side to pregnancy and I managed to find some of it's facets in the last week.

I remember reading in one of my pregnancy books about abdominal muscles separating and being able to feel your uterus through the muscles, yada yada, something something... I didn't really pay much attention because I'm fat and figured that if/when that happened I probably won't know due to the extra padding.

Well, I can't be certain, but when I woke up on Sunday morning, my abs hurt soooooo bad something had to be up. I can honestly say I hurt worse than after my gallbladder surgery (which isn't saying much, because it wasn't that painful, but still). So my guess is that I possibly did experience some separation. I know there are apparently some ways to feel around to check for it, but I don't really feel the need. I felt fine after a couple hours of being up an about, but I just really wasn't expecting that.

Apparently, about now your uterus sits right on top of your bladder and puts new pressure down there which can result in, um, leakage. Yeah, I know gross. Incontinence, despite what Billy Madison says, is not cool. And, yeah, I've felt a drop or two lately and am mortified. It's not like anyone but me can tell, but I'm still very unexcited about this symptom. But, ironically, I have actually been able to sleep through the night without getting up to go to the bathroom lately. I guess you win some and lose some.

As for the baby, I've been kinda freaked out the last couple days because his kicks have been softer and not as frequent. I wonder if I've just been busier and haven't noticed them as much and it's just in my head, or is he really moving less? It's concerning, but at 23 weeks I know they couldn't really do much right now anyhow, so I just sit back and hope for another kick soon. And because of this, I LOVE my doppler. It was totally worth the trouble. It's very reassuring to hear and see (mine has a digital readout) the heart rate and know that it's nice and normal.

It seems like he's back to giving me some good hard whacks again (but still maybe not quite as consistently as before, I think we have a new normal). He gave me a good, solid kick in the bladder this morning, which was just wonderful considering the issue mentioned above. And he whacked me so hard and out of the blue on the way home from work tonight that I gasped and flinched and grabbed my stomach, which wasn't great considering that I was driving. I will know to keep my guard up better from now on.

And on a final note, a coworker of mine had something very bad happen in his family over the weekend. His future son-in-law and the father of his first grandchild died in car accident. His daughter was just born in August. He ran off the road into a telephone pole and he wasn't wearing his seatbelt. Please, please, please, whether you are TTC, pregnant, or have children, wear your seatbelt and get your partner to also. There is a baby girl that will never get to know her father because of it. It's just a terrible, terrible tragedy.


Mary said...

I've dribbled a bit lately too. Humph.

Michelle said...

Oh it is way too early! The Billy Madison comment had me seriously cracking up.
I remember the leakage issues. Always a blast lol.
That's really sad about your coworkers family. I can't even begin to imagine what that new mother and the family is going through right now.

Anonymous said...

Of course I peed my pants! Everybody my ages pees their pants. It's the coolest.

I haven't had any major leakage yet, but every time I sneeze (which is quite frequently and with surprising force), I worry that I will. I've had a couple of kicks to the bladder that have taken my breath away, but I love it at the same time. Perhaps I will get tired of them at some point, but right now every thump, flutter and kick is reassuring. I'm glad you got the doppler and that it helps at times when the baby is less active.

I haven't felt any pain in the abs, but I have noticed that when I'm lying down and if I tighten my abs as if to do a crunch, I have a weird bump in the center, which is probably the separation thing. Lovely.

I'm so sorry to hear about your coworkers loss. That is so, so sad.

The Wife said...

Heya! I think I'm almost caught up with your blog. You're very prolific, you know... that's hilarious about the leakage thing, although I'm sure you're not of the same mind. Good thing you got that doppler! And I'm sorry about your coworker's loss. It seems so senseless to not use something so readily available that could save your life.

Unknown said...

So sad about the story. Break me heart....