Tuesday, October 13, 2009

24 weeks

Yesterday's post really was my pregnancy update for the week, but I'm trying to keep up the official weekly pregnancy post.

So, yay, 24 weeks! A good milestone indeed, but I will be much more stoked about 37 weeks.

And this weekend I made my very first baby purchases. And they were pretty frivolous.

I had really fallen in love online with these Fleurville Sling Totes, but $150 is more than I have ever spent on a bag. Designer bags are nice, but not something I would normally spring for. And, if I were to indulge myself like that, I'd really have to see it in person to know that I liked it that much.

So I had planned a trip to get my hair cut this weekend and go eat at the only place within a few hours of here that makes decent hummus (fine hummus is my current craving, I make my own and it's ok, but I'm on the quest for better). So, out of disgust for a complete lack of baby retailers in the whole area, except walmart and target, I decided to google baby stores just to check and be sure I wasn't forgetting about someone. And the only thing that comes up is this little down town botique that I have been to before but mostly just sells gift type baby stuff... not a really what I had in mind. BUT, the little picture that shows up next to their link was the FLEURVILLE SLING TOTE. Alright, I must go now.

So get to the store and there in the window is the most beautiful baby bag I have ever seen! We get inside and I am SOOOO excited, and trying to decide which pattern I like the best, but I still wasn't sure that with all the stuff we still need to get (which is EVERYTHING) that dropping so much on a bag is a good idea.

Then, I see a tote in a different pattern than I have seen online. And the store owner informs me that is one of the discontinued patterns (white corduroy with grey trim). I see that it is $10 cheaper than the new bags and she says that the bag is actually suppose to be over here and points to the 50% off rack! Really, 50% off? Deal.

So I didn't get the latest pattern (buy the way, the dandelion is the best pattern IMO) but I did get the style of bag that I wanted and DH actually preferred it over the other patterns and said he would be willing to carry it. And I kinda liked that it's a white bag, but the plastic coating will protect it and keep it looking white. I would have never had the courage to get a white bag otherwise.

I also got one of those novelty baby boy pee blockers. Yes, I know I will get peed on, but I can try, right? And besides, they were cute. I really needed the frivolity.

I'm really looking forward to going ahead and doing some major purchasing in the next couple of weeks, just as soon as we can find time to travel several hours away to actually find the baby stuff that we're after.


Michelle said...

Those bags look really nice!! And you got a really awesome deal.
Yay for 24 weeks!

wannabmomma said...

VERY cute bags! Good job scoring a deal, that's awesome. AND...yay for 24 weeks!!

Celia said...

Those bags were super cute. Do not feel bad. I have a Coach limited edition pink baby bag that I have been hoarding for at least three years and that sucker was almost 500 dollars. It was before we embraced fiscal responsibility. :)

Anonymous said...

Amanda - Thanks for the great idea about the cat tent. I had no idea they even made something like that!!

Sophie A. said...

Yay for buying baby stuff! And that bargain sounds awesome, those are some cute bags. I'm still debating on whether or not to sew mine. Something about that sounds kind of cheesy :P.

The Lynchs said...

The bags are adorable - what an exciting purchase!! Sometimes we all need a little fun spending! ;)

Michelle said...

The bags are adorable! I would totally buy the Fiesta Flower.

The Wife said...

That's a really cool bag. Good choice. And on sale too!