Tuesday, October 27, 2009

26 weeks

Is it Tuesday already?

Dinner last night went pretty well. I saw the clients I was worried about bringing it up before most people got there and sat at a table away from them to avoid further conversation. Now to just get through the rest of the week.

Had another appointment with McSoothy this morning. She had a trainee physician's assistant that saw me first. He was so light with the doppler it was merely gliding on the u/s gel. I told him he could press down and he said he didn't want to. Consequently, he never really found the heart, just blood flow and that was pretty pathetic and quite. McSoothy comes in later and puts down a single blob of gel, applies appropriate pressure, and immediately get the heart loud and strong. He has a lot to learn still.

McSoothy gave me a list of doulas she's worked with and recommends. One sounded really stellar but I think she is in high demand so I will just have to see.

And I feel really pessimistic about my odds of having a non-induced, non-surgical birth these days to begin with. Who can blame me? Seems like everyone I know gets induced or schedules a c/s or gets induced and winds up with a c/s. Seems like non-induced vaginal births are the exception these days (and I'm not even getting into the drug issue). We shall see.

I asked about H1N1 vaccines again too. They don't have any and don't know when they'll get them in. And I guess my state must have actually had a law that pregnant women and children 3 and under not get thimersol containing vaccines because I just saw that that has been waived. I guess if I wanted a vaccine at all costs that would be good, but I really would rather not have the thimersol. So, it sounds like, if I go get in one of those obscenely long lines full of people that are not one of the priority groups (preggos, children 2-4, people caring for children <6 months, and people under 18 with underlying medical conditions) and wait in the cold for either (A) nothing or (B) a shot with mercury because they don't have to offer me the mercury free one anymore! Of course, one of these lines isn't even scheduled to form in my area until Nov 7th. (Seriously, have you seen these things on TV, what's with the middle aged folks that obviously aren't getting them for their asthmatic children? Get out of the freakin line! Let the priority groups go first!)

So in the meanwhile I will proceed with plan A: Giving EVERYONE around me that so much clears their throat too many times the evil eye while holding my breath and running the other way.

Oh yeah, cause seriously, I find myself short of breath for no reason a lot already. And it's even a little hard to take a deep breath. If I get a respiratory infection I do not think I will do well.


The Lynchs said...

Glad the dinner went well with your clients! :)

Michelle said...

Your dr sounds awesome!
I'm glad the dinner went well last night. Hope the rest of the week goes just as good.
thanks for the birthday wishes! I was surprised too by all the thought he put into it. He is very sensitive at times!

Sophie A. said...

I'm glad the dinner went over well :).

Man, they were really pressing on my stomach yesterday during the ultrasound, it actually hurt a little... but it was nice to have a thorough exam; I would've been frustrated with the guy, but he's a newbie, like you said.

As far as the shot goes, I asked my doc about it too and he recommended I get it asap, no matter what. They don't have 'em here yet either, which is frustrating considering I live in one of the biggest cities in the US :/.

Anonymous said...

Glad dinner was smooth and that everything seems to be progressing well for you!


Anonymous said...

Yay for 26 weeks! I'm glad the client dinner went well. You sound like a very conscientious, dedicated employee, with wanting to be able to reassure them who will take on the projects while you are on leave. I hope they appreciate you!

Good luck with the H1N1 vaccine search. There's none in my area either. I really want to get the thimerosol free version.