Sunday, October 25, 2009

Client Relations

Sorry if this is confusing, bear with me.

I have a big client event coming up this week starting with dinner with a bunch of clients tomorrow night. Last year, I was freaking out over looking like a pimple faced teen cause I was all broke out. This year I look like I'm smuggling something but it's not completely clear whether it's a baby or too many desserts yet.

I would have preferred to not say anything about it and let people just think that I am getting fatter (which I am), but that will not be possible.

You see, the other week one of my coworkers outed me to one of my clients at their board meeting! I was kinda livid when he told me this the next day. How did the status of my uterus become conversation? It didn't, he just blabbed.

This created a problem for me since I have projects and on going work for them. They sent me a congratulatory email that morning and all of a sudden I'm having to reply that I will be on leave for about 2 months and who will be covering my work while I'm out. It was going to happen, I just wasn't planning on having to do it that morning. I don't think the coworker that outed me knows that he kinda made a mess for me.

Compounding this issue, many of my clients talk to each other. Particularly at big trade events like the one next week, but they also have regular working relationships and chat then too.

So when another client was visiting the office other day I felt I had to tell them too because I know they talk. And then I answer the phone by chance later in the day and another client (who I don't directly work with) said he heard that I was carrying one! Frickin A, word travels fast.

Anyhow, back to dinner tomorrow. I WAS NOT planning on bringing it up (I don't see my clients in person very often, so I figured I could get away with it until the end of the year), but the secretaries from the original client that I was outed to will be there. And these ladies were always asking me about kids and such and now I know that they will want to talk at dinner. And then all the other clients I have will be right there. And then some will start wondering who will do their work, and... well I'm probably imagining it worse than it actually will be, but it's still going to be a little messy.

And my boss doesn't seem to be concerned with lining up my project transitions while I'm on leave which makes me a little antsy. It might be nice to know that before people start asking me over dessert.

And then I get a little jealous that my male coworkers don't have to go through this. Having a kid is barely a disruption in their schedules... many of them come back to work later in the day after their wives have babies (yes, there is SOOOO much wrong with that). But client relation issues (and vagina ripping) aside, I still think carrying another life inside you is pretty cool and worth it. I'm glad to be dealing with that this year and not a bunch of prometrium induced zits.

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The Wife said...

My BFF went through the same issue (she's a project manager) of being hesitant to tell her clients about her pregnancy because then it would create doubt. She actually closed down her FB account so that no one would inadvertently learn about it. Hope everything goes well for you though and you're not too uncomfortable at the dinner.