Friday, October 2, 2009


That might be an understatement.

I got my big ultrasound 17 days ago, and my baby was measuring almost 2 weeks ahead and it freaked me out. And I have been waiting to hear something back on it but for some reason my Dr.'s office was not getting the report from MFM.

I called an rattled the cages late Wednesday. The nurse called me back very late on Thursday that they had called MFM twice since to get it faxed over and both times it didn't come. Arggggh.

Finally, after enough hounding, they got it today.

And everything is good.

Nothing abnormal was reported, no problems were seen. Apparently the baby was measuring on about 20w 5d for everything except the legs which were measuring about 21w 6d. The kid has always measured several days ahead so the 20w 5d stuff doesn't surprise me. And the legs measuring long, according to McSoothy, just means it's long legged like Mommy.

Well that makes me feel better that my baby doesn't have a giant head or belly making the difference up. Long legs certainly doesn't sound like a bad thing.

In fact, my SILs (the 2 that are married to my brothers) both had very long babies so I'd guess that this just might be a family trait. We are a very tall, very German family if that means anything to anyone else.

But it was such a relief to hear that everything was fine. The tech kept saying all sorts of positive stuff during the scan, but I know from experience that you just can't trust u/s techs to tell you anything, especially bad things. And I declined all the testing offered because I can't imagine worrying about a weird test result all through pregnancy, but it sure is good to hear that everything is NORMAL.


Anonymous said...

Yah!! I am so glad you got your results finally and that everything is okay. From one tall German family to another - Grus Gott!

Amanda said...

I have no idea what "Grus Gott" means... we were not allowed to learn German. My grandparents didn't talk to my brother for years for taking it in college. My grandfather's family basically 'escaped' Germany right before WWII due to the exploitation of scientists (apparently my great-grandfather was a scientist of some kind) and my grandfather's family shunned their heritage. But you can't ditch your genetics.

Celia said...

Normal is my most favoritist word. I am so glad you got to hear it.

Michelle said...

Yay for everything being normal!!
K's a really long legged & tall kid. They did this estimater thing which I'm not sure how accurate it will be but they claim he will be like 6'7 as an adult! Scary to think of!

Sophie said...

The best kind of report to get back :)!

Justina said...

Yeah! Glad to hear everything is normal and good!

Lived With Love said...

Hey i just want to say thanks for making your blog! I was diagnosed with PCOS 3 years ago and although i'm only 18 i worry i will never be able to have a baby which is what iv always wanted, and you give me hope! thankyou x

Anonymous said...

Normal is fantastic! I am so glad that you got the news of the good results, even if it did take them a while to get them to you.

meggo said...

Hopefully this is temporary thing.

Hopefully when baby boy comes into the world you won't end up like a friend of mine with incontinent piddling spurred by the sound of running water. ; )