Friday, October 30, 2009


I got the freakin H1N1 vaccine FINALLY!

I was in all out melt down mode this morning. I'm reading comments by dumbasses about the evils of the "new" and "untested" vaccine who think that prevention is enough. You can try to prevent it all day, but at the end of the day, some people will get sick! And I don't want to be one of those people. (And by the way, studies have shown that this virus is being transmitted through the air and not by contact, so washing hands won't offer you a lot of prevention, but a SCUBA mask and oxygen tank might if you are going to rely on prevention.)

That plus being very tired from this week's work stuff and having trouble breathing, I just could not handle it this morning. I felt completely worn down and started calling numbers trying to get a flu shot (again). Pretty much all the counties have their asses on backwards about this shot and either don't have any or give it out to ANYONE meaning none left for me.

Finally, it turns out one county is giving it out to ONLY PREGNANT WOMEN! I called and they told me that they had a bunch left and if I came at the end of the day it would be fine. I had a staff meeting this morning but planned to leave after it was over.

BUT FIRST, my coworkers brought their kids into trick or treat. One of the kids had a persistent cough. It sounded phlegmy, so hopefully it isn't anything serious. Regardless, I was not happy about it. Guess who's porch light will be off this year.

I got there and about had another panic attack because their was a big sign in the entry that said only children 2-4 were getting vaccines now (which was completely opposite what they told me on the phone).

I got to the clinic and the sign must have been wrong (I think it just needed to be updated because according to their website on Wednesday that was the case, but then they got the shipment in for preggos on Thursday). I lied and used my old address from when I did live in the county (which is still the address on my driver's licenses... I don't think I will lose any sleep over that one).

I sat down in the chair and the tech let me know that I got the next to the last thimersol free vaccine! I'm SO glad that I didn't wait until the end of the day to come! I felt like I'd won the lottery or something after that.

That's a lot of drama for a little shot, but I'm so glad I got it. It will still be vulnerable for another week or so assuming that I respond appropriately. I'm just relieved that I can cross this one off my worry list.

Here's a new article for those still on the fence.


Mary said...

Yay! I'm getting mine on Monday. In my county they are only giving it to women in their third trimester. Crazy.

Nichole said...

I think that people have to make their own decision that they feel is best for themselves and their family.

I don't think that people against the vaccine are in general "dumbasses" just people with their own opinion on the vaccine.

I have a friend that is pregnant and she has chosen not to get the vaccine, that is her choice and I don't begrudge her for that.

Amanda said...

To each his own, but if your reasoning is that the govt. has tracking devices in the vaccine or it's too new or untested, then realize the very real risk that you are putting yourself in. And for pregnant women I think the risk of H1N1 greatly outweighs the vaccine. And a very, very large number of these anti-vaxxers are dumbasses. Sorry, but it's true. (My own brother included).

And speaking of anti-vaxxers, how about the whopping cough? It's life threatening for infants and because people are refusing vaccines it's back? Yup, I have no tolerance for these people. Their are dead babies because of them. Here's another fun read about those that don't vaccinate,, what if that were your kid?

Good Egg Hatched said...

I am SO happy for you that you got it...I got mine on Monday and it felt like Christmas.

I did have some flu-like symptoms this week (body aches, fever, though, which is good) after the shot -- just in case it happens to you too, it only lasts a day or two. I still would rather have the shot and protect myself and my baby from the full-blown flu than risk something tragic happening to either of us.

Honestly I agree completely with you...this is not a time for people to make decisions based on bad information and rumors. I am trusting educated doctors, science and several decades of safe use of flu shots in pregnant women. The whole "untested" theory just shows that people haven't stopped to understand vaccines or how they work. Anyway, enjoy being flu-free!

Hillary said...

Whew, glad you got it! I confess I really want to get one *in case* I get pregnant during flu season....but, alas, I do not qualify at this point. In my county, only pregnant women can get the vaccine at this time.

Michelle said...

I'm glad you were able to get it!

Celia said...

I just broke down crying this morning because I cannot find it anywhere. NOT ANYWHERE and I WORK IN RETAIL. I am trying two more places and then if I can't find it I am calling the CDC.

Amanda said...

Celia, I am so sorry that you aren't finding one and I completely understand because I was right there breaking down Friday morning too. I really hope in another week enough will become available that you can find one.

My state setup a statewide hotline that I found on the state's health and senior services website. They weren't extremely helpful but let me know that I probably had the best chance with the county I ended up getting it at. Good luck to flu shot hunters.

Sophie said...

I'm so glad you got it. It's been so quiet around here, I'm starting to worry myself. If I get it, I have to get it at the school's med clinic, and they aren't really saving any for pregnant women... I have a feeling I'm gonna have to start making some phone calls too!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got the vaccine! My doctor's office hasn't gotten any in yet. My county doesn't seem to have any sort of system for giving it out directly, and would NOT stand in any lines and expose myself to PEOPLE anyway.

At first, I was a bit reluctant, just because I don't normally get flu shots and the whole "untested" thing, but I decided a while back that it is worth the risk for me, and I do want to get both shots, since it will help protect the baby through the rest of the flu season as well.