Monday, November 30, 2009


My bunco group threw me a surprise shower tonight! It was very nice of them. They have apparently been planning it behind my back since the last gathering.

Funny thing is I almost didn't go tonight. Wouldn't that have been disastrous! Luckily I decided to ditch work and go hang with the gals.

We have intentionally not bought clothes, toys, blankets, and small stuff like that because even though we are not having showers I figured I might get a few gifts of that nature. And it worked out because that's mostly the kind of stuff I got, and I'm very appreciative.

And I was telling the story about my MIL calling me fat the other day and everyone kept telling me that I was looking so good and had only gained in the belly and not in the face or legs at all. I don't know if they were lying or not, but I'll take it. That was a pretty nice gift too.

So even though I didn't want a shower, I appreciate my neighbors caring enough to throw one for me. It was really nice of them. I need to go get some thank you cards now and get going on them.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Recap


I rolled out my "vodka" pie crusts early that morning and didn't even cuss! Normally it's a battle to get anything resembling a round crust, but I nearly got perfection! And they turned out crispy and great. I'm keeping that recipe.

Visit DH's aunt's for his family's Thanksgiving. MIL immediately says to me, "You're getting fat!" Ok, I get it, well intentioned, but did she have to say it like that? I just about cried... seriously folks, a little tact would be nice.

Two seconds later I walk in to the other room and one of the cousins I haven't seen since getting pregnant jokingly says, "Putting on some weight?" That didn't bother me. He delivered it the right way, it was nice actually. Seriously people, I'm not that sensitive, just don't call me fat.

My nephew is really cute these days, and he's a really happy baby and was pretty delightful. In fact, all of my nephews have been that way. What are the odds that I get that lucky too?

I was pretty upset the other week that B&A hadn't offered any hand-me-downs but I didn't really expect my other SIL to offer any since her baby was only born in late July, but while we are eating dinner she just asks me and offers me all kinds of stuff. All of her 0-3month clothes and some of the 3-6month that are summery. She also offered her Chicco travel system! I was shocked. I kept asking her if she was sure that she would be done with it by then and she kept insisting that by Feb she was sure she would. I just really wasn't expecting that since her baby is still so little. That was really nice of her and completely unexpected which made it even better.


Lazy morning in before going out to see if any deals were left. We are looking for a rocker recliner for the nursery and were hoping to find something on sale. No dice. I don't think the furniture stores around here understand the concept of a sale. The only chairs we found that were on sale were U.G.L.Y. We finally found one that wasn't on sale but was comfortable and reasonably priced. We didn't buy it, but probably will later this week or something.

Went to the ATT store and got pissed off. I don't want to go into it, but it's D.U.M.B. The manager was totally useless and kept telling me things that I'm pretty sure he could take care of, he just wouldn't. I really need a new phone, mine "works" but isn't right anymore and it's killing batteries.

Went to Wal-Mart where the cell phones are cheaper and the sales guy was tons more helpful than the clowns at the ATT store. I'm not going to get the phone I want, but at this point I don't really care... I just need something that works and I'd rather not pay a ton.

Our biggest purchase of the day was lunch.

Went home and made a satin sleeve for nephew's baptismal candle. No body gave me anything to put my candle in, so it just rolls around in a box. It turned out ok... made me wish I had a serger.


Had to get up early to travel to BIL and SIL's for nephew's baptism. DH is the godfather. I didn't care for the deacon. He made a big statement about how you they don't normally baptize during Advent or Lent because those are solemn times. I really get tired of these renegade parishes making up their own rules. We have already talked to our priest about that issue since we probably won't have an opportunity to baptize our kid until Lent starts (Feb 17th FYI, I am due Feb 3rd). It's perfectly fine to do it, just not during the mass. I like our Priest because he says, "If the Church hasn't put a restriction on it than who am I to create my own restrictions." I love telling Catholics that we were married during Advent too, lots of parishes won't allow that either, it's perfectly fine as long as you get approval from the Bishop.

The deacon did stop and say to me, "Still early." What? He was referring to the pregnancy (I think), so I said, "How do you mean?" He said something about having a lot of time left. A couple of people have said this to me lately. I really don't feel I have that much time left and with the majority of it being over the holidays I think what time I do have left will go pretty quickly.

After the baptism we went back to BIL and SIL's house... there were lots of people there. I'm honestly freaked about our kid's baptism now b/c we don't have that much room and it will be cold so their won't be any outside over flow available.

SIL went ahead and gave me the baby clothes and their bouncer and the bunting they got but won't use for the infant carrier.

And, oh yeah, KU sucks! That was a nice early Christmas present. Not that we've had that great of a year, but only one game matters and we won.


Lazy morning. Slept in. Watched annual viewing of Sweet November. I love that movie. DH kept asking questions and claims he hasn't seen it before it. I don't know how that happened but he's seen it now.

Sorted through baby clothes. Let the cats sniff the bouncer... I figure it's better that they get it out of their system while their isn't a baby in it.

Finally worked up the energy to go to Walmart for groceries. Decide to go ahead and get phone seen on Friday. I waited behind some guy for 20 minutes before anyone asks me if I need help (and there were several people on duty, the guy being helped even asked them why no one was helping me). I finally get to tell them which phone I want. Out of stock! Dude, you think you could have checked on that for me 20 minutes ago! I let him know that I was upset that he made me wait (while rubbing my belly for emphasis... gotta get some use out of this thing). I really need a phone so DH and I decide to drive to the other Walmart across town to get the phone there.

Get to other Walmart and they have the phone and IT'S ON HOLD FOR SOMEONE ELSE! Excuse me, Walmart will hold things for people?! No. I demand to talk to a store manager if they aren't going to sell me the phone. Turns out that someone had just called and reserved it from the other store! Me and DH are immediately shouting "WE WERE JUST THERE! THEY MADE US WAIT FOREVER AND DIDN'T OFFER TO CALL YOU AND HOLD A PHONE FOR US AND IF THIS WAS JUST A FEW MINUTES AGO, WE SHOULD BE INLINE IN FRONT OF THESE PEOPLE!" We did buy cat litter and mouth wash from the first store so I pulled out my receipt from 15minutes earlier to prove my story. Finally the guy gets done talking to the Great Oz store manager and they decide to sell us the phone. From first confrontation to purchase, it probably took 40 minutes, if someone else really was coming to get that phone, they should have been there by then. I'm pretty happy with the phone overall, I hope it was worth the trouble.

You know it's been a long weekend when you are looking forward to work on Monday.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

30 weeks

You know what's funny? Despite the fact that I am 30 weeks pregnant, there are still plenty of times when I don't feel pregnant at all. Weird right?

I think I associate "feeling" pregnant with physical discomforts and baby kicks and when those aren't happening, and I'm not trying to pick something off the floor, I don't really notice it. Other than some swelling and breathing issues (ok, that one kinda really sucks), this has been an easy pregnancy. Sometimes I think something is starting up but then the problem never really substantiates. Like constipation or heartburn or avoiding spicy foods. I don't normally even get up more than once per night. Trust me, I'm very glad that even at 30 weeks I can still eat massive amounts of salsa.

But, I still have moments of insecurity. I will wake up at night to go to the bathroom and my stomach won't seem different from "normal" and I will think, "Oh, it was all a dream," or sometimes that I somehow delivered already but we didn't come home with the baby. I seriously go just a little nuts in the night and when I sit back down in the recliner, usually, the baby starts kicking and I feel much better and go back to sleep. It's not a nightmare, I'm awake, and it keeps happening. Not the best feeling in the world... but the baby kicking is.

Speaking of waking up the baby... I woke up about 4:30 this morning and could feel a slight headache coming on. Usually when this happens it means I'm a little dehydrated and I grabbed my water bottle next to the recliner and drank a little and tried to get back to sleep. But this woke up the baby. Normally I wouldn't care but I was upset b/c my BPP and NST were scheduled for this morning and I figured if he was awake now he would be asleep for those. And I was right. He moved maybe twice during the NST... I wasn't worried because I knew why he wasn't moving (cause he was kicking up a storm this moring) and my MFM wasn't concerned, but after last weeks performance it was too bad I couldn't show off my kicker again. But everything was still good, perfect BPP and NST, amniotic fluid was a 12.

Tonight I made pumpkin bread and my pie crusts*. Tomorrow morning I will make a pumpkin pie to take to DH's family. We are also suppose to bring a side this year, so I'm making a potato leek gratin that I haven't made in years, I hope it tastes as good as I remember (it's a little different... it's got sour cream and dijon mustard in it and is topped with swiss cheese).

I'm glad that tomorrow when someone asks me what I am most thankful for, I can answer without hesitation that it's the life growing inside of me. What a wonderful gift.

*Fun thing to try when pregnant: Buying vodka and explaining it's for pie crust.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Short Term Disability

Yes, STD.

I've not been impressed with how my company handles maternity leave. "Extremely Disappointed" probably understates my feelings but it's the nicest phrasing for it. Well I thought I was getting a lucky break the other week when they announced a voluntary STD plan being offered this year at open enrollment. However at least 70 people have to sign up for the program to get it going, which I thought would be the killer.

I squelched my hope and waited for the paperwork to arrive. It would start 2 weeks after onset of the disability and pay 60% of my normal compensation. And it was reasonably priced. Actually after seeing the pricing I was hopeful that maybe 70 people would go for it (my company employees ~300).

And I want to sign up, but the kicker is that I CAN'T USE IT for my maternity leave because it's a preexisting condition! Are you F*CKING KIDDING ME? The girl that's been asking for something like this for years can't get in on it! I told our ins person that I would have very much liked to sign up before this became a preexisting condition, but as it was never offered until NOW that wasn't a possibility! I mean come on, there has to be some kind of allowance at a first offering?

But our ever helpful ins person let me know that I should go ahead and sign up so that they can't deny me coverage later and I can use it in the future. Again, are you F*CKING KIDDING ME? What is the friggin point of paying for something that I would hopefully only ever use for maternity leave when I may not be able to have future children and can't use for the current one?

So I don't want to sign up out of spite for the fact that I won't get to use it, BUT my participation might be needed to help it get off the ground so that in case I actually do this pregnancy thing again it would be there for me. BUT I seriously can't get my head around what a crapper of a situation this is for me. Cause to me the situation is literally: You're screwed either way now and if you sign up you might not be screwed in the future if PCOS and IF don't screw you again and you shall pay for it all in the meanwhile.

I won't go into the thoughts about TTC#2 right now, but it is understandably a complex issue for me and one I'd rather not think about for a couple of years (or at least until after this one is born).

It's just so typical that I got what I want, pregnancy and STD, but can't enjoy it. I guess I should adjust my attitude but I need a bit longer to cool off.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

29 weeks

The BPP was fast today, he was already doing the practice breathing when she put the probe on me. So 10 out of 10 again. It turns out that they will only be doing measurements every 3 weeks, so no updates on the Hulk's hulk.

The reason I haven't gotten any u/s pics up lately is that I'm lazy, AND, all the MFM pics I keep getting aren't nice high contrast thermals like I used to get. They are kinda grey and blah and you really do have to know what you're looking at to see it on these. It's kinda disappointing.

I had a real squirmy one for the NST. Lots of movement.

Everything was great, save one disaster... I didn't close my water bottle up good before I put it in my purse and it leaked! Not such a big deal except my cell phone was the primary victim.

It's dismantled and drying out. We will attempt to bring it back to life tomorrow morning. If not, it's not a huge loss... we were planning on getting new ones soon but we wanted to wait until closer to Christmas and hopefully get some better deals. I hope it lives but I will get over it quickly if it doesn't.

Oh, and in the last week I've had my first few noticeable braxton-hicks. The first couple almost felt like movement except I was walking and they made me stop in my tracks. I had one last night that caught me so off guard that I gasped loudly.

In other news, I'm pissed off at every thing and one. Seriously, do not cross me right now, I will bite off your head. I don't think it has so much to do with the hormones, it's more that I am just sick of dumb crap and not willing to put up with it right now... that and a cascade of sucky to bad news lately doesn't help either. So, Paper Delivery Guy, if I see you anytime soon, prepare for an ass chewing.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I am a *Rockstar*

Did you ever have a problem you couldn't fix and then one day, you fix it? And you feel like the SMARTEST PERSON ALIVE, EVER!

Finally overcame one of those.

We work with this really, really dumb software at work. Actually, we just upgraded this year from a previous version and NO ONE could figure out how to get it to stop doing this one really, teeny, tiny, annoying, drive you nutZ thing.

Today I did!

Victory is mine!

I just had to share.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The BPP (biophysical profile) was first. I won't go into the details of the scoring of it (although, I'm sure Dr. Google can fill you in if you're interested) but he got a 10 out of 10. I was a little nervous about the practice breathing that we needed to see him do. The tech said it is usually the hardest thing to catch them doing. We'd look at his head a couple of times and he'd be opening and closing his mouth but it's the diaphragm muscle movement that counts. But finally he did it (and for the required 30 seconds) and we were finished in less than 30 mins (it all has to happen in 30mins or less).

He was head down again at this u/s. I think he turned around the other week but was glad to see him back down again. She calculated the Amniotic Fluid Index and we got a 12 (anywhere between 8 and 23 is good apparently). Also, I am still growing a GIANT. His measurements put him at 3.56lb. The average at this gestation (according to this chart) is about 2.22lb. He's in the 85th percentile.

And we got a really good look at his face today. Usually you just see a creepy skeleton face with 2D u/s, but today I could really see it well and not so creepy looking. He looks like his dad! Really! His cheeks and his nose are dead ringers. Very cool to see that. (Good to know that my clinic didn't screw up the sperm samples.)

Then it was time for the NST (non stress test). I got propped up in a nice recliner and the monitors put on me. I had to hold the heart rate monitor on me the whole time so that it picked up the rate properly so my fingers got a bit tired from the pressing. It was very relaxing to lay in the recliner with the morning sunlight coming in the window and Enya playing softly in the background with my baby's heartbeat coming through the monitor's speakers. I could have easily dozed off, but I worked to stay awake since you're supposed to click a button when you feel the baby move.

After the test was over my MFM doc came and let me know that everything looked great. He was concerned about the size of the baby. I let him know that I passed my first GTT just fine. He wants me to repeat at 32 weeks. He said in his experience that babies in the 85%ile at this point usually go over the 90% before the end which can cause problems. He said sometimes they come out fine and sometimes they don't and need a C-section. I know he said that to me on purpose, as in, put this on your horizon, because it's looking like you might need one.

I had really, really hoped for a non-induced, natural birth, but when your doc starts talking about a seriously large kid coming out of your vagina, and not in a hypothetical way, it's scary. I don't want to overly freak about this yet, but I will definitely be asking about the cold-hard reality at my next appointment with McSoothy. In the meanwhile, I find it very comforting that I will be having these weekly tests and watching the baby grow. At least I can see this coming and I don't just have to sit around wondering if I'm growing a linebacker or not.

And since my monitoring appts are on Wednesdays I will be changing my weekly pregnancy updates from Tuesdays to Wednesdays from now on.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

28 weeks

Third Trimester! Win!

I have to do my post earlier than I would like today because I have a client meeting pretty far away and won't get home until near midnight. A part of me really hates the travel and late night. And a part of me feels ever greatful for this client because I had to visit them on the day of my successful IUI. I'm sure that fertilization occurred on that trip (their wasn't any homework because of the trip that month). So every time I'm back there I think it's a lucky place.

But tomorrow I might not be so cheerful because I have my first non-stress test and biophysical profile at 7:30 am and I will have to be out of the house before 7am to make it on time. I will definitely be dragging tomorrow afternoon.

The good news has been that I haven't had swelling since wearing my compression socks! Score for me! I considered Hillary's request to take a picture of them, but my feet are just not photogenic enough for the internet. The non-swelling isn't very exciting anyhow.

The trouble breathing deeply is extremely annoying and frustrating. I find myself focusing on it and getting upset when I can't manage it which kinda makes it worse. But as high up as I can feel the baby kicking these days it doesn't surprise me.

And I'd like to report my first real "pregnancy craving". Since becoming pregnant, I have used it as an excuse to justify chocolate or ice cream or pickles, but I like those foods and would eat them at times regardless of what's in my womb. But over the last couple of weeks I have been growing a desire to eat... RAISINS (duh duh DUH). I'm not a raisin fan (except for the California Raisins of course... maybe their Christmas special will be on this year!)... I can stand them, but wouldn't choose to eat them normally. But I walked by a bag of trail mix the other day and couldn't resist it for the raisins, and they are definitely my favorite part of the mix. I've since stocked up on those nasty little black things (and golden ones too).

Alright, time to work.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I hate my mother

I have started a handful of posts about something my mother has done to piss me off or hurt my feelings but I try to leave it off of here because I don't want to write things I wouldn't want the kid to see someday. I hate how my mother constantly talks terribly about her mother (deserved or not) and I'd like to avoid doing that to my kid. But today, I just have to get it out.

Yesterday we went to my Brother and SIL's for my nephew's first birthday (they shall be referred to as B&A). My family was there along with A's whole family.

My mom was being my mom, which annoys me enough, but I was really ticked off at her yesterday and it took me until this morning to put my finger on why. It mostly had to do with the fact that she kept acting like she cared about me and my pregnancy in front of everyone, when she does not.

She never said anything nice to me while we were going through treatment. She never called to ask how things were going or try to offer support. When she did call I called her she would go on forever about how cute my nephew is. At one point I told her it hurt my feelings for her to go on like that and to stop... which did not go over well, of course I was being unreasonable and a bad guy with this request.

Since getting pregnant she hasn't bothered to ask me anything or try to help in anyway or act like she cares in general. We told her when the gender scan would be and I talked (ok actually, she talks for about 2 hours straight while I just say "ok" over and over again and then she says goodbye and hangs up, often with out ever asking me a question about myself) to her on the phone after but she never asked about the scan and I decided not to remind her about it. After all, she wanted a girl so badly, I knew telling her it was a boy would probably only disappoint her. My dad called a few weeks later and asked.

I hadn't even talked to her since that phone call (about 7 weeks now). So she really shouldn't act like she has had any involvement with this pregnancy.

She doesn't even know I switched doctors and hospitals. She doesn't know I was sent to a high risk OB and was put on a high risk schedule. She hasn't even ever asked if we had a nursery theme picked out.

I just want to scream at her that you have to EARN the "Grandma" title, cause right now I don't see any reason for her to be a significant part of our lives.

If weren't for my Dad, I probably would have walked away years ago and not looked back.

So basically I felt like it was convenient for her to pretend that she cares about me and the baby yesterday in front of all of A's family and I don't appreciate being used like that.

I have tried to resolve some of my issues with my mother many, many times in the past, but she always immediately launches in to her defensive position to act like she is being bullied and miss treated and starts screaming and crying and making me the bad guy (really, it's quite a spectacle). Everyone in my family knows her game, but you can't call her out on it because she will deny it until she dies. It's just not worth it anymore.


Another thing that irked my about yesterday (and actually isn't my mom's fault) is that I was kinda hoping that we might get some hand me downs from B&A that Barrett has outgrown. So far nothing has been mentioned or offered and I would feel rude to bring it up myself. My other brother and SIL passed all of my older nephew's baby things on to my parents for whoever needed it... well I didn't get to it first (obviously, no matter how hard I tried), so B&A took everything. So I kinda feel like it would be nice for them pass some stuff on too but I don't think they have any intention of doing that. And I'd be willing to give it back if they wanted it for future children, because IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO. And my older nephew's mom even made the comment to me during the party about how, "We can just keep passing everything on!" Yeah, except that chain seem to have broken. It kinda hurts my feelings.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


The swelling has become an issue... to me at least (McSoothy is not concerned). Yesterday my feet looked like dough that needed to be punched down. A day before I woke up in the morning already swollen and as I walked around the house I could feel the tops of my feet jiggle. Not pleasant. And just for fun, my right foot gets it much worse than the left. No idea why that is.

So I bought some compression stockings. Yes, like the ones grandma wears.

I went to this one pharmacy in town that advertises their selection of stockings and when I walked in an associate asked me if I needed any help. Normally I say no, but staring at wall-o-stockings I decided I needed the help. And I was really glad the lady working there was knowledgeable.

She asks me a few questions and then starts pointing out hosiery choices. "These are $64 and these are $115." $64 and $115! Holy shit these are expensive! I asked why a pair of stockings costs $115? Those were full panty hose with the maternity panel. I wear jeans every day so that is not an issue.

And picking a pair is kinda complicated. You have to measure around the ankle and calve, and know what level of compression you need. Yeah, I was glad for the help.

Finally we got down to a reasonable pair of knee highs for my swollen ankles that was only $30. I have done some preliminary checking on the internet and apparently they are priced competitively.

Today's test run of my new stockings went well. It looks like I have staved off the swelling pretty decently. I probably need to get another pair or two so that I don't have to wash them every night.

And in other restrictive garment news, I received a BellaBand today. I never got one before because I did not see their function, and mostly still don't. I have no idea how they would help to keep unbuttoned jeans on. And my appropriately sized band, that I was at the upper edge of the size, really isn't that snug. I guess it will be later, but I don't see how they serve any purpose at all in early pregnancy. I also think it probably makes going to the bathroom more difficult.

The reason I got it was that nearly ALL of my shirts are too short to cover the maternity panel on my pants and I ordered the lace edge band to try to cover up for that. It's very distracting to be pulling my shirt down and pants up every couple minutes. It has been really difficult for me to find shirts that are long enough. I've scored a couple of undershirts, but I need something to help out when undershirts are not appropriate.

Well, time to decompress and remove the stockings and go to bed.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

27 weeks

Not much to report this week other than really tired and a lot of trips to the bathroom. I love to feel that kid kick, but the bladder capacity is suffering for it these days.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Spending $$$

We have dived into the baby purchases, big time. Since we don't live around any major baby retailers, we finally had a chance this weekend to travel to the big city and do some shopping.

First we went to the Cotton Babies brick and mortar store. I was shocked that I actually live within a reasonable distance to the only real store they have. We are doing the cloth diaper thing and after much research and deliberation I finally decided on how I want to do it (because there are SO many options out there). I'll have to show off my stash which is nearly complete in another post.

But Cotton Babies makes the BumGenius diapers which are pretty cool. I planned to buy 6 BG's one size diapers and 6 Fuzzibunzs (and I have lots of prefolds and more, I've thought this out pretty well) and then see which pocket diaper worked better for us before investing in a couple dozen of each. (Plus, I hear these diapers don't always fit newborns too well anyhow so I should have some time to decide.)

I was happy to find the bins of 'seconds' that apparently didn't meet the quality standards for BG diapers and the One Size 3.0's were only $11 apiece, but without the insert (Normally $17.95). But the inserts were $3 apiece when you bought a six pack and that's how many I needed. So I got my diapers for about $4 apiece off the retail price and the defects were marked with tape so that you could easily see them and they were extremely minor and nothing I'm worried about them compromising the diapers.

I got some other stuff too, including some more covers, snappis, liners, doublers, wet bags, and Sophie. Yes, I spent $20 on a baby chew toy. I almost can't believe that I did it, but she's sooo cute and has gotten so many good reviews. And she's officially my baby's first toy so perhaps that makes her more special.

It was a lot of fun to see and touch the things in the store. So much better than staring at them on the computer. I was surprised to see Sustainablebabyish karate pants there. They are a lot thicker and heavier than I would have guessed. I would not invest that kind of money in a pair of them now, but maybe next year when it gets cool and I know how big he will be they would be a nice piece to have. Despite the hefty tab, it was a really fun store.

Next, for the first time in my life, I stepped into a Babies R Us. We actually didn't get that much. I kept saying to DH, "They got all this stuff, it must be useful somehow... or not."

We spent a long time in the carseat section and tried a few out in our backseat to make sure that they would fit. We found a pack n play and some sheets for it, this was our biggest purchase. They didn't have the baby monitors in that we wanted. We already ordered our furniture so that's done, but we need to get one of our relatives with a Costco membership to order the mattress we want. We still need a swing and a bouncer seat, but those we can get around home (Target) so we are putting them off.

We really didn't get a whole lot. I feel like we are down to more of the little stuff at this point (bottles, blankets, toys, clothes). Although we aren't having a shower, I am hoping that for Christmas we get some baby stuff that we could actually use (as opposed to the stuff people would normally get us) or money/gift cards to pick up some of that stuff at the end.

We had a delicious Italian lunch... I had really wanted to go to this hummus place the other week, but the crazy hummus cravings have disappeared but being right next door to an Italian restaurant made the Italian cravings appear.

We didn't really go anywhere else because that was enough. We were tired and wanted to get home in time for church.

And when I got home it turned out that the baby sling I ordered arrived. Ambrosia was happy to let me demo it with her, Bliss, not so much.

Well, I have a bunch more fluff (aka diaper stuff) to prep and that should keep me happy and busy for awhile. Now just to find the time to finish painting the room and I'll be in great shape.