Thursday, November 5, 2009


The swelling has become an issue... to me at least (McSoothy is not concerned). Yesterday my feet looked like dough that needed to be punched down. A day before I woke up in the morning already swollen and as I walked around the house I could feel the tops of my feet jiggle. Not pleasant. And just for fun, my right foot gets it much worse than the left. No idea why that is.

So I bought some compression stockings. Yes, like the ones grandma wears.

I went to this one pharmacy in town that advertises their selection of stockings and when I walked in an associate asked me if I needed any help. Normally I say no, but staring at wall-o-stockings I decided I needed the help. And I was really glad the lady working there was knowledgeable.

She asks me a few questions and then starts pointing out hosiery choices. "These are $64 and these are $115." $64 and $115! Holy shit these are expensive! I asked why a pair of stockings costs $115? Those were full panty hose with the maternity panel. I wear jeans every day so that is not an issue.

And picking a pair is kinda complicated. You have to measure around the ankle and calve, and know what level of compression you need. Yeah, I was glad for the help.

Finally we got down to a reasonable pair of knee highs for my swollen ankles that was only $30. I have done some preliminary checking on the internet and apparently they are priced competitively.

Today's test run of my new stockings went well. It looks like I have staved off the swelling pretty decently. I probably need to get another pair or two so that I don't have to wash them every night.

And in other restrictive garment news, I received a BellaBand today. I never got one before because I did not see their function, and mostly still don't. I have no idea how they would help to keep unbuttoned jeans on. And my appropriately sized band, that I was at the upper edge of the size, really isn't that snug. I guess it will be later, but I don't see how they serve any purpose at all in early pregnancy. I also think it probably makes going to the bathroom more difficult.

The reason I got it was that nearly ALL of my shirts are too short to cover the maternity panel on my pants and I ordered the lace edge band to try to cover up for that. It's very distracting to be pulling my shirt down and pants up every couple minutes. It has been really difficult for me to find shirts that are long enough. I've scored a couple of undershirts, but I need something to help out when undershirts are not appropriate.

Well, time to decompress and remove the stockings and go to bed.


Hillary said...

Glad the stockings helped today - who would have thought they could be so expensive?! Dare I ask to see a picture of your stocking-ed feet? :)

PS- I love that you call your dr. McSoothy...

White Picket Fences said...

Oh..the dreaded swelling. I do not miss you. I ended up buying 5-6 pair of cheapo "diabetic" compression socks at our local Meijer grocery store/has everything type place. Worked at least as well as the prescription pair I bought.

I wore a bella band throughout my entire pregnancy. Helped keep the maternity pants on when they were too big ...and allowed me to wear non maternity pants throughout the entire pregnancy. I also love love love them for the extra length. My daughter called them my "instant camis". For long shirts, I bought about 5 maternity tank tops from Gap ...they were super long. I loved them so much I actually bought 2-3 in a super small size to wear now that I'm not pregnant. They come down to at least hip level ...even when I was the most pregnant. Very comfy.

Good luck with the swelling! Mine didn't go away until I was about 4 weeks post partum.

Amanda said...

I will have to find some of the cheap stockings, but the gap mat tanks are TOO short. The only shirts long enough that I can find now are from the mail order plus size catalogs if I order them in a size too big. Moo moos.

Sophie said...

The swelling sounds like no fun :(.

I hear you on the maternity pants. Right now I'm wearing yoga pants b/c my jeans don't fit but the maternity pants are big on the butt :P haha! I don't get the bella band, either, let me know how it works out for you. I also wonder about those maternity pants without the band. The ones I ordered have the band; it seems the ones that are 'regular fit' would be saggy? This stuff is still new to me...:P

Strawberry said...

Goodness, the expense! Sounds terribly uncomfortable. Glad to know you found something that is working.

Michelle said...

Thats good you found something that helps! WOW with that price though! I'd probably have fell over. But if it helps, then it has to be.
I have friends that rave about the bella band but I don't think that was around when I was pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I'm sorry about the swelling. It's starting to really annoy me too - the lines my socks leave on my ankles are disgusting. I'll have to check out those stockings.

I bought 3 bella bands off amazon, and I find that I rarely use them. In theory they sound great, but for me, they don't stay put. They scoot up or down and don't help keep any pants up. I got a lace one too, and I really liked how it looked, but it annoys me so much that I hardly ever use it. I don't know why they work for some people but not others. I'm tall (5'10") and have a long torso, so perhaps that's the problem.

I've had good luck with Gap maternity shirts being long enough. I normally buy tall sizes anyway, and I was worried about length, but they have worked out pretty well. Motherhood shirts, however, were too short about a month ago. And I still have 7 weeks to go! It's a bit depressing that I've grown too big for some maternity clothes two months before my due date.

Oh, and I bought 3 pairs of Gap maternity yoga pants, and they are so worth it. I air dry them so they don't shrink in length, and they are perfect.

Melissa said...

tHought I would add to the Bella band conversation. I too didn't understand this at first, but this last week...I think I've figured it out. Put the band on upside down covering above your underwear and all of your belly...put your pants on and fold the Bella band over to hide the open pants and zipper. This way you can keep the pants on and the open zipper doesn't annoy the crap out of you.

Anyhow. Love reading your blog!