Sunday, November 1, 2009

Spending $$$

We have dived into the baby purchases, big time. Since we don't live around any major baby retailers, we finally had a chance this weekend to travel to the big city and do some shopping.

First we went to the Cotton Babies brick and mortar store. I was shocked that I actually live within a reasonable distance to the only real store they have. We are doing the cloth diaper thing and after much research and deliberation I finally decided on how I want to do it (because there are SO many options out there). I'll have to show off my stash which is nearly complete in another post.

But Cotton Babies makes the BumGenius diapers which are pretty cool. I planned to buy 6 BG's one size diapers and 6 Fuzzibunzs (and I have lots of prefolds and more, I've thought this out pretty well) and then see which pocket diaper worked better for us before investing in a couple dozen of each. (Plus, I hear these diapers don't always fit newborns too well anyhow so I should have some time to decide.)

I was happy to find the bins of 'seconds' that apparently didn't meet the quality standards for BG diapers and the One Size 3.0's were only $11 apiece, but without the insert (Normally $17.95). But the inserts were $3 apiece when you bought a six pack and that's how many I needed. So I got my diapers for about $4 apiece off the retail price and the defects were marked with tape so that you could easily see them and they were extremely minor and nothing I'm worried about them compromising the diapers.

I got some other stuff too, including some more covers, snappis, liners, doublers, wet bags, and Sophie. Yes, I spent $20 on a baby chew toy. I almost can't believe that I did it, but she's sooo cute and has gotten so many good reviews. And she's officially my baby's first toy so perhaps that makes her more special.

It was a lot of fun to see and touch the things in the store. So much better than staring at them on the computer. I was surprised to see Sustainablebabyish karate pants there. They are a lot thicker and heavier than I would have guessed. I would not invest that kind of money in a pair of them now, but maybe next year when it gets cool and I know how big he will be they would be a nice piece to have. Despite the hefty tab, it was a really fun store.

Next, for the first time in my life, I stepped into a Babies R Us. We actually didn't get that much. I kept saying to DH, "They got all this stuff, it must be useful somehow... or not."

We spent a long time in the carseat section and tried a few out in our backseat to make sure that they would fit. We found a pack n play and some sheets for it, this was our biggest purchase. They didn't have the baby monitors in that we wanted. We already ordered our furniture so that's done, but we need to get one of our relatives with a Costco membership to order the mattress we want. We still need a swing and a bouncer seat, but those we can get around home (Target) so we are putting them off.

We really didn't get a whole lot. I feel like we are down to more of the little stuff at this point (bottles, blankets, toys, clothes). Although we aren't having a shower, I am hoping that for Christmas we get some baby stuff that we could actually use (as opposed to the stuff people would normally get us) or money/gift cards to pick up some of that stuff at the end.

We had a delicious Italian lunch... I had really wanted to go to this hummus place the other week, but the crazy hummus cravings have disappeared but being right next door to an Italian restaurant made the Italian cravings appear.

We didn't really go anywhere else because that was enough. We were tired and wanted to get home in time for church.

And when I got home it turned out that the baby sling I ordered arrived. Ambrosia was happy to let me demo it with her, Bliss, not so much.

Well, I have a bunch more fluff (aka diaper stuff) to prep and that should keep me happy and busy for awhile. Now just to find the time to finish painting the room and I'll be in great shape.


Kate said...

Sounds like some wonderful purchases and a great day for you and DH. Have fun with the shopping!

Anonymous said...

Yay for baby purchases! How great that you have such a great resource for cloth diapers nearby. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your system. I've talked with S a little about cloth diapering, and he is totally grossed out about the idea of washing so much poo covered stuff in our washing machine. We've got some more talking and researching to do.

What baby sling did you get? And which baby monitor did you decide on?

Michelle said...

Yay! I like baby shopping! And that is really cool about the cloth! By the time I was online more and discovered the "new" cloth, Kristopher decided diapers were so over. We did cloth trainers though. So fun.
Did you know....covers are super easy to make if you have time! And so very cheap! I have made tons for friends and they apparently work great. If you want to give it a try, email me and I can find you the links to the patterns.