Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Recap


I rolled out my "vodka" pie crusts early that morning and didn't even cuss! Normally it's a battle to get anything resembling a round crust, but I nearly got perfection! And they turned out crispy and great. I'm keeping that recipe.

Visit DH's aunt's for his family's Thanksgiving. MIL immediately says to me, "You're getting fat!" Ok, I get it, well intentioned, but did she have to say it like that? I just about cried... seriously folks, a little tact would be nice.

Two seconds later I walk in to the other room and one of the cousins I haven't seen since getting pregnant jokingly says, "Putting on some weight?" That didn't bother me. He delivered it the right way, it was nice actually. Seriously people, I'm not that sensitive, just don't call me fat.

My nephew is really cute these days, and he's a really happy baby and was pretty delightful. In fact, all of my nephews have been that way. What are the odds that I get that lucky too?

I was pretty upset the other week that B&A hadn't offered any hand-me-downs but I didn't really expect my other SIL to offer any since her baby was only born in late July, but while we are eating dinner she just asks me and offers me all kinds of stuff. All of her 0-3month clothes and some of the 3-6month that are summery. She also offered her Chicco travel system! I was shocked. I kept asking her if she was sure that she would be done with it by then and she kept insisting that by Feb she was sure she would. I just really wasn't expecting that since her baby is still so little. That was really nice of her and completely unexpected which made it even better.


Lazy morning in before going out to see if any deals were left. We are looking for a rocker recliner for the nursery and were hoping to find something on sale. No dice. I don't think the furniture stores around here understand the concept of a sale. The only chairs we found that were on sale were U.G.L.Y. We finally found one that wasn't on sale but was comfortable and reasonably priced. We didn't buy it, but probably will later this week or something.

Went to the ATT store and got pissed off. I don't want to go into it, but it's D.U.M.B. The manager was totally useless and kept telling me things that I'm pretty sure he could take care of, he just wouldn't. I really need a new phone, mine "works" but isn't right anymore and it's killing batteries.

Went to Wal-Mart where the cell phones are cheaper and the sales guy was tons more helpful than the clowns at the ATT store. I'm not going to get the phone I want, but at this point I don't really care... I just need something that works and I'd rather not pay a ton.

Our biggest purchase of the day was lunch.

Went home and made a satin sleeve for nephew's baptismal candle. No body gave me anything to put my candle in, so it just rolls around in a box. It turned out ok... made me wish I had a serger.


Had to get up early to travel to BIL and SIL's for nephew's baptism. DH is the godfather. I didn't care for the deacon. He made a big statement about how you they don't normally baptize during Advent or Lent because those are solemn times. I really get tired of these renegade parishes making up their own rules. We have already talked to our priest about that issue since we probably won't have an opportunity to baptize our kid until Lent starts (Feb 17th FYI, I am due Feb 3rd). It's perfectly fine to do it, just not during the mass. I like our Priest because he says, "If the Church hasn't put a restriction on it than who am I to create my own restrictions." I love telling Catholics that we were married during Advent too, lots of parishes won't allow that either, it's perfectly fine as long as you get approval from the Bishop.

The deacon did stop and say to me, "Still early." What? He was referring to the pregnancy (I think), so I said, "How do you mean?" He said something about having a lot of time left. A couple of people have said this to me lately. I really don't feel I have that much time left and with the majority of it being over the holidays I think what time I do have left will go pretty quickly.

After the baptism we went back to BIL and SIL's house... there were lots of people there. I'm honestly freaked about our kid's baptism now b/c we don't have that much room and it will be cold so their won't be any outside over flow available.

SIL went ahead and gave me the baby clothes and their bouncer and the bunting they got but won't use for the infant carrier.

And, oh yeah, KU sucks! That was a nice early Christmas present. Not that we've had that great of a year, but only one game matters and we won.


Lazy morning. Slept in. Watched annual viewing of Sweet November. I love that movie. DH kept asking questions and claims he hasn't seen it before it. I don't know how that happened but he's seen it now.

Sorted through baby clothes. Let the cats sniff the bouncer... I figure it's better that they get it out of their system while their isn't a baby in it.

Finally worked up the energy to go to Walmart for groceries. Decide to go ahead and get phone seen on Friday. I waited behind some guy for 20 minutes before anyone asks me if I need help (and there were several people on duty, the guy being helped even asked them why no one was helping me). I finally get to tell them which phone I want. Out of stock! Dude, you think you could have checked on that for me 20 minutes ago! I let him know that I was upset that he made me wait (while rubbing my belly for emphasis... gotta get some use out of this thing). I really need a phone so DH and I decide to drive to the other Walmart across town to get the phone there.

Get to other Walmart and they have the phone and IT'S ON HOLD FOR SOMEONE ELSE! Excuse me, Walmart will hold things for people?! No. I demand to talk to a store manager if they aren't going to sell me the phone. Turns out that someone had just called and reserved it from the other store! Me and DH are immediately shouting "WE WERE JUST THERE! THEY MADE US WAIT FOREVER AND DIDN'T OFFER TO CALL YOU AND HOLD A PHONE FOR US AND IF THIS WAS JUST A FEW MINUTES AGO, WE SHOULD BE INLINE IN FRONT OF THESE PEOPLE!" We did buy cat litter and mouth wash from the first store so I pulled out my receipt from 15minutes earlier to prove my story. Finally the guy gets done talking to the Great Oz store manager and they decide to sell us the phone. From first confrontation to purchase, it probably took 40 minutes, if someone else really was coming to get that phone, they should have been there by then. I'm pretty happy with the phone overall, I hope it was worth the trouble.

You know it's been a long weekend when you are looking forward to work on Monday.


Michelle said...

That's so cool about the baby hand me downs! Chicco travel system too! That is suppose to be one of the best baby carriers out there. My friend has one and it is pretty awesome. It is saved for me because she's done having babies now. I hope I can use it before it expires. HA.

Sophie said...

Sounds like you've been busy! That pie crust sounds really delicious, by the way. Every time I read about it, I can't help but laugh at the title ha!

Hand me downs! WOOHOO! So nice of her to offer.

Time is going by fast! Feb is just around the corner :D.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe that MIL said that to you! It's one thing to comment on the baby growing, but the word "fat" should never be used for a pregnant woman. FIL told me on Thanksgiving day that I have a "shelf and a half". WTF is that supposed to mean? People are seriously retarded.

That is great that your other SIL is happy to share the baby stuff with you. She will make the others look selfish!