Wednesday, December 2, 2009

31 weeks

He has hair! Add hair to the list of things I didn't know they could see on a u/s. I had quite a bit of hair when I was born... I don't think DH did, but he was a month early too. However, I haven't really had any heartburn and research has shown that the old wive's tale about heart burn actually does correlate to more hair, but I haven't had any... so I guess we shall see what comes out.

BBP and NST were perfect. AFI was 13 (perfect, and consistent).

He went down in percentile for size. He's only at the 80th now and measures to be 4.5lbs. No complaints here.

His activity levels really do change a lot. Seems like he has a really active couple of days and then he has to rest up for the next several days.

This morning he woke up after I went to the bathroom and drank some water at 3am (it's the water that does it every time) and started going to town just like last week. I was worried I'd have a sleeping baby for the BPP and NST again, so I tried to soothe him back to sleep. I put down the foot of my recliner and rocked and rubbed my belly until he quit and it seemed to work. I had an active baby for my tests today. (The shower also seems to put him to sleep, but I wasn't about to take a shower at 3am.)

I need to figure out my FSA contribution. I'm switching insurance* and my costs for delivery should only be $500 and my maternity care is completely covered so that is easy and a lot cheaper than it would have been with my old plan. I have no idea what meds will cost and particularly if I need start BCPs again. Breast pumps are covered as long as they are medically necessary and I think I can probably get McSoothy to help me out there. I don't think I can submit doula costs... doulas are covered, but they have to be "licensed health care professional who renders medical care" or something (and DONA certification doesn't seem to count) and I'm worried that one might not come back in my favor. Add in a couple hundred for drs. office copayments.

I also called a lactation consultant today to see what her services would cost for FSA planning. This is pretty awesome: she's free for in office appointments. She works for a local pharmacy and you pay nothing as long as you visit her in office. McSoothy has recommended her says if there's a way, she'll find it. And if I want her to come to my home, it's only $50. Still a pretty good deal. She says new moms will normally have one in home and then follow up in office if necessary. So I don't really need to add much to my FSA for that. And I have a prenatal appointment set up for the 16th. I'm pretty anxious about breastfeeding (since my body sucks at everything else it's suppose to do) so I'm hoping that this will help to ease some of my anxiety.

So I don't really have a good feel for how much I will spend on medical bills next year, but I'm thinking an even $1000 ought to cover it and I can stock pile advil or go get some acupuncture for fun at the end of the year if I don't use it all.

I can deduct child care expenses too, but I'm going to wait until he's born to start taking those and file for a change (which should be allowed) because I still don't know what we are doing for child care.

*You all are going to LOVE this. I have been harassing DH to look at his insurance plan (with the kid coming I figure we should all get on the same plan since adding the kid will raise premiums anyhow). He finally looks and discovers he has other options than just the FepBlue Basic and Standard (DH is a Fed employee). One option is pretty good, and get this, IT COVERS INFERTILITY!!! Infact, it has really good infertility coverage! Drugs, IUI's, u/s, and 3 IVF cycles and more if you have a live birth... about the only thing it doesn't cover is a surrogate, but it will pay for the egg retrieval and transfer if you use one. We didn't spend that much on IF, but it could have saved me a couple thousand! Not to mention the hours and hours worrying about how we would pay for IVF if it came to that (that's probably the part that gets to me the most). So we are switching to this plan (not just for the IF coverage, it's also just a really good plan and the cheapest option we have). I'm not angry at DH for not learning about this earlier, but somewhere in the back of my mind it's eats at me just a little.


Michelle said...

That is so cute about the hair! That is awesome about the other insurance covering IF. The plan I had back when ttc K covered it all. I paid $40 for 3 months of clomid! Our insurance now covered 50% up to $15k per life of the coverage or something like that. We're maxed out for 3 yrs now.

Celia said...

If that is true about indigestion, Sea Monkey is going to be Wolf Boy on Medical Incredible.

I would be pissed about the money too, but I would save it in my " WTF file"and pull it out later just in case you do something like that too.

We are covered, for the next try- up to two IVFs. Hopefully we can get lucky with IUI and drugs again. The next time will be cheaper for us( I hope?) because I am already diagnosed, and had my polyp taken out and all.

Hope said...

Congrats on making it to 31 weeks! I can't believe you are already so far along!!!

Anonymous said...

That is great news about the insurance! Hopefully you won't need all of those interventions when you ttc #2, but it's nice to know you are covered just in case. During these times, it's amazing to get GOOD news about insurance coverage, since it seems like every employer and every insurance company is cutting corners and reducing coverage. We basically have one viable option with my husband's work plans, and it sucks compared to the insurance we have now (which still covered NO fertility treatments).
Anyhow, yay for 31 weeks, and yay for the great NST and BPP!