Wednesday, December 9, 2009

32 weeks

Although I'm still rather snotty, I feel like I'm getting over this cold faster than I have ever gotten over a cold. That's weird, right?

I had my appointment with McSoothy yesterday. Things are good except I kinda ballooned... my weight went up quite a bit (some of it from swelling issues) and my blood pressure was a bit higher than normal. Those can be concerning signs, but nothing was so bad that McSoothy was terribly worried.

My MFM appointment almost did not happen because of the crappy weather today. I called at 7:30 to cancel my 7:30 (they don't answer the phone until 7:30, so I couldn't have called earlier) because the roads were partly covered and the wind was terrible. Last year I risked even worse conditions trying to get pregnant, but it's not worth it now. I got the appointment rescheduled for couple hours later after the roads were in better shape. (But the kitties got to go out into the snow on the back deck for the first time! Bliss didn't like it but Ambrosia is too much of a nature girl and actually stayed outside for awhile.)

BPP and NST were great. AFI=11. He is doing lots of practice breathing these days which is great. And he's moving a ton, and he's so big that he really makes my whole belly shake and pop when he moves. It's really entertaining to me and the best parts of my day.

I reported the swelling and blood pressure to my MFM today. Even though my blood pressure is high for me, it's nothing like what he's used to seeing and wasn't concerned a bit. And he showed me how reflexes differ with preecclamptic women and popped my knee and I wasn't doing any of the stuff he was talking about. He did recommend to me to put up my feet more and take luke warm baths when possible to help the fluid drain.

And the whine... my upper back REALLY hurts. I think it's my boobs. They really haven't grown that much larger, but they are different and my bras are not doing the trick. I just need to hold out for one more week when I meet the lactation consultant. They sell nursing bras at her pharmacy and she said she could help me. I'm getting desperate here.


Michelle said...

Getting so close! I hope that everything stays in ok ranges and you don't have any end of pregnancy drama.
That's cute about the cats in the snow. Snow must be everywhere this week! Oh and that mario kart is very addictive. We decided we are going to buy the charge station instead of constantly replacing batteries.

Sophie said...

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. It's almost time! I'm so excited for you :).

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are getting over your cold, and that the baby looks great. I know what you mean about bras. I have bought 4, yes 4 nursing bras (2 medela, 2 bravado) and none of them are particularly comfortable. I'm hoping that I can get some help from a lactation consultant too. Good luck!