Wednesday, December 16, 2009

33 weeks

Is it 33 weeks already? That doesn't seem right.

Work is crazy right now... so busy and I've got a lot of client meetings lined up for some reason. Um, you all know I'm pregnant right? Do you really want me traveling 3 hours at 37 weeks?! This isn't going to work out.

But the baby is just awesome lately. He just moves so much, it's just incredible. I pull up my blanket at night and see it popping around on me. And he's just an ace at BPP's. He's always practice breathing so it seems and movement has been great. We got another look at his hair today and it's longer and the tech was laughing because it was standing straight up (or really down, since he's head down). The AFI was at 17 today, which is high compared to what we've been measuring, but it's completely normal.

Oh, and I met with the lactation consultant. I felt really pushed to get out of there from myself... I needed to get back to work and she didn't have a clock on the wall so I was worried about how long I'd been there. I really wish I'd felt like I had more time, because there were a couple of things I wanted to do, like get a nursing bra... I am still in boob induced back pain hell over here. I got some granny bras the other day and one was bothering me so much Tuesday I had to put on a sweater and ditch the bra by midday... braless at work, how embarrassing, but it was that bad. I have given up at this point and am wearing my sleep bras during the day. She also had a Moby wrap. I'd like to try one but I'm worried that it won't fit, which seems ridiculous because they are 5 or 6 yards long or something, but the vidoes on the internet show slim women tying them without a lot of excess and I'm afraid I wouldn't have enough.

So I didn't get to try a bra or Moby wrap be we did talk a lot about the important stuff. I learned a few things but it seems like the take home message is 'Call me ASAP if it hurts and keep some fenugreek on hand, but otherwise we won't worry about supply issues until we know you have one'. She gave me a big packet of information and a pair of free reusable nursing pads. And I learned she is contracted with the hospital I'm delivering at, so if I need help then, she will come. I was really surprised that we didn't really talk about positioning or practice the holds or anything. I guess she's not worried.

The surprising thing I've been finding out about breast feeding lately is how many women I know that did it with no problem. You always hear from the people that have issues and just assume that nearly everyone that does it must just be toughing it out, but lately I've been hearing the good stories. Those women really need to share more. And get this, I was breastfed. I didn't know that at all. My mom could barely stop smoking and drinking (just a little) when she was pregnant with me, I just assumed that she gave me formula. Nope. And she didn't have any problems until she had to pump for work and the pumps didn't work for her, so she had to quit. Well that makes me feel better, but I wish she would have shared that earlier.

Our 4th anniversary is tomorrow. We are going to eat a quick dinner out (because no one should have to do dishes on their anniversary) and then go home and do Christmas preparations. We got our tree over the weekend, but haven't even gotten out the ornaments for it yet and it's the same with the rest of the decorations. And I need to make some cookies and candy for Christmas with the in-laws this weekend. So we are planning on just enjoying the season tomorrow night, which sounds pretty nice right now.


Sophie said...

I love reading your blog because I learn so much and remember what I still have to do :P (for instance, the lactation consultant; I'd never heard of a moby before...).

You know, it's funny but I've only heard positive breastfeeding stories. I come from a family of mostly women and all of them breastfed without a problem, so that's encouraging. My mom breastfed my brother and I until we were 2! Ouch, I'm thinking teeth--eek!

Happy early anniversary :). Have fun celebrating and making Christmas treats.

amanda said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope it's a nice one.

And as far as breastfeeding goes, if it is hard in the beginning (it was for me) just remember that it really does get easier. Truly, it's gets super easy once you get over the initial hump, if you even end up with one to get over.

missing_one said...

I did it for 8 months with no problems. Them my son decided he was done and that was ok with me. The less you can pump the better. The most important things are to eat, sleep (yeah right, maybe 'rest') and drink plenty of water.

I'm hoping next time for me will be equally problem free.

Happy anniversary!

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary!
33 weeks sure went by fast from over here. I just love to hear about the u/s and seeing such detail. That sounds really cool.

Celia said...

My Mom tried to breastfeed me, but said I got colic. However, I heard from my Aunt that she drank a double scotch while nursing me and I slept for hours... so I am guessing Mom was not too terribly dedicated.