Wednesday, December 23, 2009

34 weeks

DH took off this week and next (cause gets tons of vacation). Since he was home, I decided to reinstate his drs office visit privileges (they were revoked after my last visit with my former OB). And I thought it would be good for him to meet McSoothy since we are getting closer to the end.

You know, I love McSoothy, but I'm not wild about her clinic. McSoothy is located in an interesting town. I know not to be surprised by the clientèle that comes into the clinic, but DH hasn't really been exposed to it all yet.

So at our visit the other day the nurses all had to go out to the parking lot because someone was sleeping in their car while rolling backwards through the parking lot.

Then some little punk teen cusses and throws a fit on his way out of the clinic only to return later and sit next to us accompanied by his mom and sister (I'm guessing). He was wearing flip flops and I won't even go into the rest of his ensemble... let's just put it this way, the cussing was way over powered by his clothing.

We got back to see McSoothy and she apologized for the trashy teenager. We exchanged some conversation and she said in wonderfully sarcastic tone, "And he's going to be a daddy!" I remarked back how heart warming it was that a douche bag* like that can parent and me and so many others have to go through infertility. (From what I picked up in the waiting room his girlfriend was being examined by McSoothy and he must have gotten tossed out). Let's just hope he puts real shoes on his kid next December. But, I love McSoothy, and her comment and the tone she used endears her more to me. And DH ended up really liking her too. It would be hard not to. That was the most exciting part of the appointment.

We asked about perineal massaging. She isn't really concerned about us doing it and says she still has a really good track record with couples that never do it. She does a lot of massaging herself and emphasizes controlled pushing, so hopefully I'll come out ok, but we will probably still do some home massaging when we get closer (not looking forward to that).

She is also going to try to help me find a doula. She knows a couple other people she can call, so we shall see, but she did not think the zero experience doula was a good idea.

And I can look forward to getting my group b screening next appointment (ick)... McSoothy will finally get to go where a whole bunch of other people have been in the last year.

And this morning was MFM Wednesday, of course. The baby got measured again today and is at 6lb 1oz and the 85%ile. He's been pretty consistent. I think if I go to 40 I can expect a 9lb baby. AFI=11 and perfect BPP again.

He was completely asleep for the NST. They kept telling me to drink water and I was all, "I AM! People I've drank 1L in the last 15 minutes and if I do more, I'll puke!" But he woke up at the end and did enough to satisfy.

Well, Merry Christmas to whoever made it this far. I hope you get what you want for Christmas, and I hope those TTCing can find some joy in the holiday season and have merrier things to look forward to next year!

*I cannot wait until my child can say douche bag.


Michelle said...

Sounds like things are going good still. I hope you are able to find a doula with the experience.
I got this mental image of some tiny baby saying "douche bag" when I read that!

I hope you have a good Christmas!

The Lynchs said...

It amazes me that kids like that get to parent. I swear, some people should be required to fill out an application. Haha.

Glad everything is moving along nicely with baby!