Wednesday, December 30, 2009

35 weeks

Lots of excitement this week!

First, I have passed the 35 week mark, so I can officially deliver at my rinky dink hospital instead of fretting about a back up plan with unknown drs at other hospitals.

Second, the baby dropped! About Sunday I started having a lot more back pain and having to pee like crazy (seriously, I finish going to the bathroom, stand up and have to sit right back down again), anyhow, I got my weekly pregnancy update email and it said that it's normal for babies to start dropping at this point in a first pregnancy and the signs were exactly what I had been feeling. So yay!

Third, Contractions! I'm having more of them and they aren't scary so I think it's ok to celebrate them at this point. I've had them before, but they are getting to be more "classical" braxton hicks. In fact, I had three "little" ones on the NST monitor this morning. I looked over and my jaw dropped when I saw my toco percentage as high as it was cause I wasn't really feeling it. DH took me since the weather was bad and I said to him, "Holy crap, it's actually doing something!" And then it did it again, and again. My MFM confirmed them when he came over and wrote a little note on the front of my chart. This is by far the most interesting thing that has happened to me in that office.

So, I'm optimistic that maybe signs are pointing to him coming a little before 40 weeks. Which also freaks me out a little, because I feel so unprepared. However, I am the perpetual procrastinator. I do my best work at the wire. (*Whispers* And maybe I won't worry as much about being induced.)

BPP and NST were perfect today, even with my 3 little contractions. AFI=14.

And it looks like I've FINALLY found a doula. I'm meeting with her this weekend.

And we signed up for day care last night. It was more money than we wanted to spend, but it was almost impossible to find infant openings around here. It looks like a really nice center and it's probably less than a mile from my office. I brought my diapers to show them and they were really receptive to them and even somewhat excited (I don't think they've cloth diapered there before).

So now that I feel like the pregnancy is making progress and I've got a couple of other things off my to do list, I'm feeling much more relaxed all of a sudden. I had been just a touch stressed out, so this is good.


Celia said...

Wow, I have worked in daycare and I have never heard of them accepting cloth. You lucked out!

To endear yourself to the caregivers, dress your wee man in clothes that make for easy diapering. We used to dread changing this one little boy whose Mom insisted on him wearing the most complicated clothes possible. 2 year olds do not need a belt dammit.

Michelle said...

Wow Wow! So very exciting! Will be thinking about you, keep us updated!

Michelle said...

You are almost at the end! Contractions now could be a good thing. I had them semi regularly around 34 weeks with K and he was born at exactly 37 weeks. And he dropped around the same point.
That's great about the child care allowing cloth! I've heard that isn't so easy to find around here.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


The Wife said...

I can't believe you're nearly done! That's good that he's dropped. Good news about the doula too. Hope that goes well. Great find on the daycare.

Sophie said...

I'm so excited! :D It really does seem like it went by so so fast! Almost there... any day now :)!