Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sick and stuff

Remember awhile ago when I was complaining about how I didn't want to go visit DH's family because someone is always sick. Well, we were with them for Thanksgiving and the baptism and DH's aunt sounded terrible. But she insisted that is wasn't anything and she wouldn't be around anyone if it was. It was just some sinuses and wasn't a sinus infection and was just in her head. Except for the fact that she was coughing like crazy and couldn't even talk at times it was so bad.

Do you know what that is called? A HEAD COLD. Know what I got now? A HEAD COLD. I knew this would happen.

Yeah, and I'm pissed off about it. I'm blaming her 100% for it (even though I suppose it could have come from someone else, but not likely). I haven't had any infections in the last year and wash my hands like crazy and follow up with hand sanitizer. I'm a little OCD, but starting late Monday my throat starts to get a little scratchy. Then by late Tuesday I'm sneezing and by Wednesday I can't breathe.

It was so bad Thursday night I had to call last minute and cancel for one of my client's Christmas parties, but I was miserable. And I was so desperate that I sent DH out at 8pm to get me some benadryl.

Every trash can in the house is filled with my nasty used tissues and the end of my nose is all rough and scratchy for constant blowing. It's gross.

But, I am doing better, I think. I have an appointment with McSoothy on Tuesday and will see what she thinks.

I really hate getting colds because it feels like I hang on to them forever... at least a month and sometimes 2 months. I'm really trying to baby it with the benadryl so that it hopefully goes away quickly.

Oh well, it could be worse, last Thanksgiving the whole family got food poisoning (luckily we weren't there and with my family instead).

In other news, PETCO was running a special to get 20% off single items the other day and we got the brilliant idea to get another scratch post. We have one for up stairs and one for down. The upstairs one is made of 1ft sections that screw together and I was thinking if we bought another one of those posts we could put all the sections together and make a 3ft post into a 6ft post!!!

Safe, probably not.

Practical, definitely not.

Fun, YES!

The cats love it, we will probably break them apart eventually, but it's just too much fun for now.


Celia said...

Feel better. There are these awesome tablets you can drop in the shower and they fill the shower with nice vapors. I found them at Walgreens.

Meghan said...

You're such a fun cat-mama!
I hope you get to feeling better. I second the shower tablets- "Shower Soothers" I think they are called. They work wonders for my husband, especially before bed. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Michelle said...

Cool kitty toy!
Oh and I love the wall colors!
I 3rd those shower tabs. And something that we were told to try with K was vicks on the feet, then put socks on. Weirdly enough, it helps you breathe better.
I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I would be so pissed at DH's aunt! What are people thinking? Especially around a pregnant woman! FIL refused to hug an elderly relative the other day because he said he thought he might be coming down with something, but he neglected to mention that to me when we spent nearly an hour in the same car. Seriously! I'm sorry that you are sick. That is just miserable, especially since there isn't much you can take. I'm a nyquil addict when I get sick.
The scratching post looks like so much fun! I bet the kitties are enjoying it!