Sunday, December 13, 2009

Status unchanged

I took my 32 week GTT on Thursday and got a voicemail from my nurse late Friday. I still do not have GD, but I am still a little anemic.

It's kinda funny, because I completely forgot that I was a little anemic the first go around. The other funny thing is I don't feel anemic at all (which makes me think the times that I have felt anemic I was REALLY low). I've actually had more energy to stay up later the last month or so and I don't get too tired during the day... just a bit after lunch.

The only thing is she didn't tell me anything to do about it. I looked at the iron supplements at the store the other day and decided against it. I don't want to over do it and end up feeling icky and constipated. I guess I've been anemic this long, a few more days won't hurt. If they don't return my call I will ask my MFM on Wednesday.

But I was thinking back to my learning the vegetarian food pyramid and molasses was always on it and partially for the iron in it. I never eat molasses, but today I made some (frozen) biscuits for breakfast and put some molasses on one. ICK! NASTY! NOT WORTH IT. It tasted like soy sauce and malt. I'll skip that and pour myself some fortified cereal thank you very much.

In other news, we got our Christmas tree yesterday. We go out to this really cool farm that hauls you over the river and through the woods while hanging on the side of a trailer to tree fields to cut down your tree... but seeing how that isn't the most practical thing when preggo, we cheated and picked one of the imported trees at the lodge. We agreed that it was the the best thing to do, but not nearly as fun.

And we thought the cats might go nuts seeing how they've never even touched a tree before but they have been very reserved and well behaved so far. But my money is on it that Ambrosia will climb the tree before this is all done. But I'm not worried, we got this awesome tree stand (there is a little video that plays lower right corner) 3 years ago after several downed trees and two other failed stands. Ain't no cat bringing down this tree. If you have trouble keeping your tree upright, trust me, this is your stand.


Michelle said...

That sounds like a really cool tree farm for taking kids to! Definitely not fun when you are this far along though.
I think I need a tree stand like that. Our dog thinks we are crazy with bringing a tree inside but she's putting the connection with tree=presents and yes, the dog opens them herself....

Sophie said...

I love real Christmas trees, I wish I could preserve that smell!

I am also anemic, a little, and feel tired all the time. I can't tell if it's the pregnancy hormones or the anemia. But I'm with you with the supplement thing, I don't plan on taking it until they recommend it.

Molasses isn't very tasty at all, the only way I can somewhat enjoy it is in gingerbread, and it has to be really good gingerbread :D.

The Wife said...

Yay! for the no GD. I think that's the thing I'm most worried about. I think I read somewhere that too much iron isn't good(but I don't remember how much is too much), so I would just wait till the doc tells you to take a supplement. Also, I can't believe you're 32 weeks! Wow!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you don't have GD! I can't say that I've ever tried molasses. I will take your word that it is nasty.
That sounds like a great tree farm! We had a place like that where I grew up, and I have such great memories of going there. Last year, S bought a fake tree. I really miss the smell of a real tree, but I also understand that it eliminates a lot of hassle. I need to go buy some wreaths to hang so that the house smells nice.
That tree stand looks amazing! We could have used that in years past. Good luck with the cats! We ended up having to bungee cord our tree to a column in our dining room because of our little stinkers last year.