Saturday, January 30, 2010

Craziest morning ever. He's here! More later.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A convergence of needs...

to induce according to my MFM.

Fluid was lower today. 5.9

Last week it was 8.8 and I was concerned, but apparently 8 is just fine, low normal, but normal. 5 is the real concerning level. Or not having a "vertical pocket" of 2 cm, which I do. So at 5.9, if we weren't already scheduled to induce in the next couple of days he would probably of had me do that.

I'm a little worried about being so close to the cutoff again with ~3 days to go. I'm going to be very diligent/paranoid about movement until we get to the hospital because that's really all we have to go off of.

And a part of me is wondering if I still won't go just a little early. I've been having contractions since 3 this morning. They aren't completely consistent yet and seem to be less consistent when I stand up, but they are enough to keep me uncomfortable and wondering. Saturday night is a full moon if you believe that makes a difference.

Now it's recliner time.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

39 weeks

First the maternity leave-

It was pretty funny yesterday when I was talking to one of my project managers on the phone about some work that I was leaving. He's asking, "So you'll be in tomorrow morning, right?" Um, no, what part of the email from the other day that said, "Amanda's last day will be Tuesday," did you not understand? Did he think it was a joke? I've been a little annoyed that most of my project managers haven't really tried to coordinate transitioning projects with me considering they've know about this for awhile now. I did the best I could, but if they find themselves wondering what I did with a file over the next couple months and I take my sweet time returning their calls, that's their fault. And they've got another thing coming to them if they think I will be checking my email.

I when I finished work I was so looking forward to a couple of days of rest. I went to bed last night excited that I didn't have to get up this morning and get ready but then I was waking up all night thinking about work! I was awake at 3am thinking about a client and how I needed to do something for them and had to go into work to do it and then trying to talk myself down that I had done the right thing and even if I went into work I would come up with the same results I had the day before. Of course I talked myself out of it, but kept having to remind myself all morning of my reasoning.

And several people have mentioned me "letting them know." Know what? And when? Yes, I'm sure my first priority after giving birth will be to send you an email with pictures and stats of my crotch fruit. Um, no. And don't expect me to show up before the end of the week showing off the baby and disrupting everyone's afternoon. I hate it when people do that.

The OB appointment-

I was really excited for my OB appointment today because I started loosing my mucus plug on Sunday! I know it's not necessarily a sign of imminent labor, but with it coming out early on Sunday and some decent contractions I was really hoping that I might be dilating a little. No. But I am softening. I guess I'll take what I can get at this point.

But me and the kitties morning of lounging around resulted in a great blood pressure.

We talked more about the induction. I asked when we should show up. She said in the "evening." I asked her to be more specific and she said "about midnight." Um, I don't consider that to be 'evening' myself. Midnight seems like a really weird time to me... I was figuring more like 9 or 10 and we talked some more and she went and called the hospital to see who would be on duty and came back and told us 7:30. That's a change.

I'm pretty pessimistic that I will get any rest and be an angry ball of laboring furor by morning (and I'm a pretty wicked patient under lesser circumstances), but these are the experiences that make life rich, right?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The last couple days and the week ahead

I think I'm doing better than I was Thursday. I'm not too worried about his fluid level because my belly is looking more rounded and full like it should and his movements have been good. I've been drinking like crazy, which really is crazy because I consume way more water than the most guidelines say normally. I usually down at least a gallon to 1.5 gallons of liquid (mostly water, but some juice and milk) a day. I made sure to hit 2 gallons yesterday and I'm still working on it today.

I talked with my boss on Friday and decided for myself that Tuesday should probably be my last day at work. I have my last OB appt on Wednesday and I'm worried if I work that morning my BP will be high again and I will be told not to go back to work anyhow so I might as well just not work. And there is no prize for working up until I'm in labor. And getting some extra rest before the birth will be good for me.

Contractions are still very few and far between. Not really expecting any early surprises at this point.

DH is at the grocery store. We have an ambitious meal list for this week. We are trying to make lots of good food this week because next week will probably be lots of frozen stuff. On the menu for this next week:
Tonight - Stacked Enchilada Bake
Sun - Eggplant and Zucchini Parmesan
Mon - Black Beans and Rice
Tues - Lentil Puree (Dahl)
Wed - Mediterranean Oven Pancake (zucchini and feta in an oven pancake)
Thurs - Bean and Rice Casserole
Fri - Bean and Nut Loaf
Sat - Last Date out for awhile
Sun - Fettuccine Alfredo

I think the fettuccine will probably be lunch because that might be a little heavy right before an induction. But all that pasta and fat ought to give me some good energy.

Also, I have discovered that black beans are probably this kid's favorite food. Nothing gets him wiggling like those beans do which I think is kinda funny and I definitely enjoy all the movement.

My chocolate cravings are pretty bad right now... I requested DH get lots of chocolate instant pudding at the store.

I'm pretty nervous about delivering. I try not to think about it a lot at this point. We'll get from here to there somehow.

I'm going through a lot of sad and weepy moods lately. I know I'm going to miss being pregnant. He's so large right now I can easily put my hands on him and pretend that I'm holding him and that's going to change soon and I will be holding him, but it won't ever be the same. I also think DH is missing out because he isn't taking advantage of this time and he's going to miss it and not even realize it.

And I was bawling Friday walking into work. I caught a glimpse of the car seat base as I was locking the car and thought a thought I've had many times now, "Someone is going to let me have a baby and take it home." Then I was thinking how weird it will be to bring the car seat into my house with a baby in it. And then I thought back to how this pregnancy began... the sadness of walking into the house without our Muffy baby. I can only dream about how different it will be to bring our child home.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

38 weeks

and then some....

My OB appt was yesterday and my MFM was this morning and it's been 2 days in a row now that I have narrowly escaped L&D.

At my OB appt they took my BP first thing and it was HIGH... I honestly can't remember exactly what it was, but the diastolic was over 100. But my urine came back clean so McSoothy waited to check it at the end of the appointment again and it was back in the 70's. Phew. I don't get white coat syndrome and I wasn't feeling anxious by any means and I have never had a reading like that, so it freaked me a little, but McSoothy is calm as they come and things ended up alright. If I ever see that woman freak out I will know something is wrong.

The baby is not budging... my cervix doesn't appear to be doing any kind of thinning or dilating. We went ahead and set an induction appt for me to start Sunday night on the 31st with an expected Feb 1st delivery. I'm trying to get him out before the 2nd, because I do NOT appreciate the Groundhog's day jokes and I'd feel bad for the kid if he had to keep hearing asshats make jokes about his birth date for the rest of this life. (Dear Asshats, you aren't clever or original, please stop laughing at your lame jokes.)

But then today was a bit more dramatic and I wasn't sure we were going to make it until noon.

His fluid is low. It was 8.8 this morning and the lower limit cutoff is 8. Last week it was 17. This freaks me out a lot. When I laid back in the NST recliner I knew the fluid had to be low too because my stomach is usually nice and round but it wasn't today. You could distinctly see the baby lump and I was much flatter where he wasn't. It's one thing for him to move and his butt push out, but not just sit there constantly like an third boob on me.

The NST was fine and when my MFM came in I told him about my BP incident from the day before. He started checking my reflexes and he'd showed me how those can be indicative of preeclampsia before so I knew what he was doing. He popped my knee then my foot and said something I didn't catch, but I knew the tone and it was serious.

You know those cars that have 8 cylinders but can turn 2 off when cruising? Well, I totally saw him engage those 2 spare cylinders all of a sudden. I guess I triggered a mini emergency in the NST room. He hastily ordered the nurse to do something and he got up so that they could unhook me.

I've read a number of blogs where something triggers a cascade of events and everything becomes a blur so I immediately tried to turn on my inner recorder to pay attention in case this was it. And I started to freak out a little and get weepy too. I'm ready for him to come, but I want it to be happy, not a scary emergency c-section or something.

But it wasn't that bad and was over quickly. I gave a urine sample and they checked my BP. My diastolic was 88 this time. Urine was fine again. So I don't have preeclampsia but I do have a marked rise in BP documented from when I started and my MFM told me that if I stay pregnant long enough I will become preeclamptic.

He wants me to "loaf around" more but he didn't say not to go to work or to go home and rest, so I went to work. I sit on my rear most of the day anyhow and I'm working even harder at it now (blogging?). I guess I will go to work tomorrow too, but I don't know about next week now.

I wish someone would have given me more direction. Between the fluid levels and my BP I wish I didn't have to wait another week to see someone. I felt fine and my BP was crazy high yesterday. My fluid is only eight tenths above the danger limit. I was hoping he might order me another BPP for Monday or something. I was simply told to look out for the warning signs of preeclampsia and do my kick counts. If I wasn't stressed before, I definitely am now.

And all of this has me in a relatively pissy and vulnerable mood.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The nursery

As promised, here it is (and it's really loooong).

Since we are having a boy I knew that DH would prefer a CASE tractor theme but I really had trouble envisioning how this would come together at first. Then one day, it flooded out of me and we got going on it and these are the results. I have a lot of narration with this, because I really put a lot of thought into everything, so to do myself justice, I must explain what is probably obvious.

First, this is the view of the room I love the most. When it became apparent that there would be enough room for a recliner we set about finding a modestly priced for me to rock and nurse in. This one is quite comfy and reasonable at about $250. SIL road tested it for me other week with her baby. He wouldn't go down for a nap so she went in there and rocked him for about 20 minutes and it did the trick.

The side table is a bar stool (~$15 at Walmart). Not too clever, but we wanted something very small and affordable to act as a side table and it does the trick and pretty well matches the rest of the wood. I have a little lamp I painted red to match the walls ($10 at Walmart) on the stool for night changes and the switch is actually a foot switch (~$10 at Target) on the floor for hands free turning on and off.

The quilt my friend made us looks lovely draped on the chair and my current reading materials are at the floor next to the chair.

On the wall is a clock that DH actually made for his tractor club. It has pictures of members' Case equipment at each of the hour spots with DH's combine at noon (you don't think he was bias when making it do you?).

And I'm pretty proud of my window valence. It's simple enough, but the look is supposed to carry the horizontal stripe across the window and I think the effect was achieved. We bought the double cellular shade (cordless) a few weeks ago and I think we picked the perfect color. It was dark when I took the picture, but when the light comes through it, it perfectly coordinates with both the yellow and red... it's hard to explain but it's cool looking, we got lucky there.

We painted a Case logo above the crib. Although I do kinda think Case is a cute name, we are absolutely not naming him that. And for non-Case tractor enthusiasts out there, that is one one of the older logos and the spacing between the letters is supposed to vary like that. And the red and yellow paint on the walls matches the old Case colors.

I didn't do a crib set. Instead I just got yellow sheets (we have 2 flannel and 2 knit) and sewed a skirt out of $6/yard "fashion" denim we found at JoAnn's that just happens to match really well (same as the window valence). The crib is the Graco Lauren in natural and was about $140 at Wal-Mart and shipped to our house for $0.97. (Note on the crib, the drop side version was available for $20 LESS... no wonder so many people buy those things... I think they actually quit selling the dropsides after the giant recall the other month).

We had this little book case in the office so I was happy to get to reuse it in the kid's room. (By the way, both the bookcase in the office and the nursery are screwed to the wall in case we have a climber.)

We have some of DH's old tractors and age inappropriate toys on the top shelf for decoration only. And the Sheep Piggy bank was a gift from one of DH's family members but I think it looks more like a dog in sheep's clothes. We got a set of video monitors (this monitor is awesome by the way... no complaints so far in case you are looking for a monitor) the other day but are waiting on the mount to come in, but we will mount the camera on the side of the shelf when it comes in.

I grouped all the baby blue gifts we got on the one shelf... DH wasn't too wild about the baby blue but he isn't as bothered by it on the shelf and not out in the middle of the room. I also decided the shelf was the place to store the receiving blankets which I think will work well. And most of the books on the shelf are my books I loved from childhood.

The stuffed animals are new and supposed to go with the farmish theme.

The in the lower shelves are baby toys and baby books and Ambrosia again. We have lots of room left on the shelf actually, which is a good thing, because I'm sure we will be collecting toys for awhile.

The bouncer was loaned from BIL and SIL and actually goes pretty well with the room coincidentally. And we got the cow humdifier, of course.

We put a lot of thought and time into the changing station. The shelf above the changer (~$14 at Hobby Lobby) has diaper ointment and lotion, diaper pins, snappis, the itzbeen, "wee blocker" (a joke of course), and some toys. I'm hoping the hooks will be handy to hang a wet diaper cover to dry. Also, there is a little plate rail on the shelf... once we decide what to name him we may make letters to set on the rail.

The changer is the Lauren changer and was ~$80. The diaper pail is just a regular trash can from Kmart with a Planet Wise pail liner in it. I made the changing pad cover and ontop of it is a wool puddle pad. You can also see the foot switch for the lamp a the bottom of the changer.

We made the boxes below to perfectly fit out of foam core and then covered them with fabric I had custom made by Spoonflower (note, the red on the walls comes out orange... wish I would have done a little more research before ordering everything). I have everything but the next size up in prefolds stored under there now and the wipes warmer too. Those boxes were the most time consuming part of this whole project, but I'm pretty happy with how that all turned out (even if the color is off).

Last, the closet. I think the closet is my favorite part of the room... and as it turns out, the most expensive. I think the closet ended up costing more than $300 and was a pretty big splurge given the over all cost of the room. But I really like having everything adjustable. The basket drawers are large and easy to see what's in them and we have the ability to add more later if needed (and I didn't have to find a chest of drawers). The double hanging rod is great for a little person's clothes. We have all the 0-3 up top and then a bunch the larger stuff below (which you can't see because of the angle). The laundry basket fits in nicely on the floor and there is room to hang blankets and long items on the right side. The pack and play is stored on the floor and the Britax convertible seat is actually hidden on the left side of the closet. The fabric box on the middle shelf has all kinds of little accessories in it and the ones on the top have the spare sheets and prefolds and one is actually empty for future use. I have my baby wearing devices (a Zolowear Sling and Moby Wrap) hung on my old over the door towel rack from college. I will probably stop hanging those things there eventually and use the towel rack for a wet puddle pad or wet baby towels eventually.

I have some other accessories that I took out of the room for the pictures, like the My Brest Friend pillow I got and the swing which is still in the box and will probably be setup in the living room anyhow.

Wow, that was long, but there is it.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Never ending projects

You know, I've had a good pregnancy. Aside from being high risk and worried about how this kid is going to get out, the rest of my pregnancy has been spent doing the fun things I imagined pregos do. Product research, shopping, decorating, more shopping, folding tiny onesies. Yup, can't complain there at all.

Anyhow, so I started the baby room project about 18 weeks ago and haven't really posted an update because I can't quite seem to finish it. There is always something to do. Add this or that here or there. It's been 95% done for a couple of months, and 99.5% done for the last couple of weeks. So I think I'm going to have to call it good enough because I'm worried that the kid will decide to make his appearance and I will still be tinkering in there.

But first, I present the office/guest room. If you recall, we had to deconstruct the office to make room to fit the guest room furniture before we could get to the nursery. This room isn't quite 100% either, but again, good enough.

First, the guest room components of the room.

One project left for this room is to have some cool map prints we bought on vacation years ago framed. But custom framing is expensive and I'm lazy, so it hasn't been done yet, but they are sitting on top of the dresser.

And the bookshelf. If you look closely you can see me and DH's engagement photo. You can also see Ambrosia peeking out of the bottom of the case.

I just have to take a sec to point out how neat this furniture is. It's DH's grandmother's and supposedly came over from Germany. It's all walnut and different kinds of burl wood and really quite pretty. It's not something I would have picked, but I can appreciate it.

Now moving on to the office portion of the room, mostly concealed by the closet doors. I think it turned out pretty well. DH has been using this setup for a couple of months now and hasn't complained. We still have room for several blankets on the left side of the closet and wrapping paper on the right and other important stuff on the top shelf.

The only thing we bought to do this entire room was the black shelf (we had the mail station below it) and the brackets to support the shelf with the printer (which is wireless so that I can print to it also) and wireless router making this room pretty darn cheap. I was glad to be able to still use the mail station which is pretty handy for storing envelopes and such and the black bins for organizing. And since they are in the photo, DH would want me to point out the 2 pieces of goal post from 2 really memorable games our team won a couple of years back. He worked hard ripping down those posts, fighting off other rabid fans, carrying them down town and then hacking off the pieces, so that's why we had to get that shelf to display them, cause he's pretty proud. A picture of our dear Muffy is in the mail station too.

My laptop has a semi permanent spot on the kitchen table. At first I thought I would miss my desk, but it hasn't been bad. Anyhow, I'm happy that we have a solution for the office and guestroom that not only can we live with, but works pretty well.

The nursery coming VERY soon.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Aggressive, but not that aggressive

I had my MFM appointment yesterday and it was pretty uneventful. I was just glad the weather decided to cooperate with me for the first time in weeks for my hasty morning travel.

The baby is still big, and getting bigger. He measured in at a whopping 7lb, 15oz. He's above the 90%ile again. One of my former coworkers just had a baby earlier this week and her son was 7lb 13oz and right on his due date, so when people remark about her baby being big, I have to bite my tongue a little.

Talked to the MFM about inducing prior to 40weeks. He's not into it. He really explained his opinion out well. He's every adamant that the baby be delivered by 40 weeks but he, in my case, is really against inducing prior to 39.5 weeks. He remarked that MFMs have reputations for getting babies out early, but it's just not indicated here and won't necessarily improve my chances of delivering vaginally. And went into a whole spiel about not being too aggressive.

And I'm cool with that. I really feel that 40weeks is good for me since the placental issues of an overdue baby could be worse for me with the MTHFR. But aside from the kid being big, there really isn't any other reason to pull him before that. I'm kinda relieved that their is less pressure for me to go into labor spontaneously really quickly (cause it seems pretty far off right now).

My u/s tech did remark about him being really low. I enjoy these signs of progress, but I'm not getting too excited just yet.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

37 weeks

So officailly, I believe it's ok for him to decide to make a break for it anytime now... I don't think he has any intention, but he's welcome to.

So we are initiating project "Gentle Nudge" which consists of some spicy food, more walking, and, of course, sex.

Way back at 10 weeks when I had my scary cramping episode, we couldn't find anything to blame other than "natural prostaglandins" so we decided to wrap it up (yes, safe sex for pregos too). So now we are not, hoping that maybe my cervix will benefit from the natural prostaglandins.

And another exciting thing has happened. I'm leaking colostrum. I've seen crusties for quite a while, but I'm finally leaking droplets. I was really excited when I saw this the other day, but at the same time, somewhat grossed out by it. That wasn't the reaction I was expecting. I'm really looking forward to breastfeeding, but without an infant to nurse, the magic is lost.

And I had an appointment with McSoothy today. We discussed the issue of when we would call it and stop trying to attempt a vaginal delivery and go to a c-section. Basically she couldn't give me anything concrete, but assuming that their were no other complications, she said we would make the decision together. She said often the decision is made after pushing and pushing and nothing happening... that doesn't sound fun, but we will just have to see. Oh and I'm positive for Strep B. Joy.

And tomorrow is my MFM appt again. She wants me to rediscuss "delivering by" a certain date with him. Before it was forty weeks, but I think now that we know that I'm "limited" down there, she wants me to recheck that he wouldn't prefer a 39 or 38 week delivery. I really feel that 38 weeks seems rash, especially considering that's NEXT week but we will get new measurements tomorrow and see where that leaves us.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Special Things

I have some special things for the baby to share today.

First, we have DH and FIL's baptismal gown. It had yellowed significantly over the last 60 years and I was wondering when my MIL would let us have it (BIL has his own gown and she gave him his gown quite a bit earlier in pregnancy than us) but she told me she was going to try to get the yellow out for me first, by SOAKING IT IN LEMON JUICE. NOOOO!!! I told her not to worry about it and give it to me and I would take care of it, and to absolutely NOT soak it in lemon juice.

I got some tips from this website and followed them and it's in pretty good shape now. There is still some yellowing in the embroidery around the neck... 60 year old spit up? Anyhow, I'm very pleased to have it and hope we get to use it. It is super thin and needs an undergarment so I will have to find something. Our priest wants us to have him baptized at Easter, but I don't think he will still fit in the gown by then, so we will probably do it fairly soon before he gets too big. I also have DH's aunts' baptismal gowns and you can see how yellow it was before I soaked it.

Then we have my homecoming set my paternal grandmother knitted. I think it's beautiful and very special. My grandmother died when I was about 18 so it's nice to have something made by her that I can share with my child. I'm actually planning on using it with the baptismal gown. And it's fairly large, so I think it will fit at least as long as the gown does.

And lastly, we have a baby afghan that my paternal grandmother knitted. She died somewhat suddenly but not exactly... it's kinda a long story. But anyhow, my parents sorted through her things after she died and found a stash of 3 baby blankets. We guessed that she had knitted them in advanced 'just in case'. There were three grandchildren that hadn't had a child yet, so my mom gave each of us a blanket for our future children. I have periodically pulled the blanket out of storage and wondered if I would ever get to use it, and I'm very happy to think that I will very soon.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

36 weeks

This week between my MFM and McSoothy I think we finally got to the hard questions.

First, I talked with my MFM about when I would have to deliver by. He does not want my going beyond 40 weeks. I guess I should consider myself lucky he didn't say 39.

Then today McSoothy finally did an internal exam on me, and the result was as I feared... I, ummm, may not be big enough to deliver vaginally. She thinks I could if the baby is in a really good position but right now it could go either way. We also talked about induction a bit because I won't be allowed to go over.

And surprisingly, I'm not really bothered by any of this, in fact, I almost found it relieving.

You see, I have been tremendously worried/anxious about delivering because I knew I wasn't working with the same stretchy, miraculous birth canal that most women have. I used to think all gyns were sick SOBs because every time they'd put a speculum in me, it was quite painful... I think they enjoyed me yelping. And me and DH waited for sex until marriage, which turned out to be a good thing, because it was painful... not that terrible, but not something I probably would have put up with if I weren't married to the guy. But after a year of marriage, I knew something was really wrong and not getting better on its own. And that's why I loved my former OB... she actually took the time to figure out that I wasn't stretching correctly down there (I wasn't clamping down or anything, it just seriously does not stretch) and prescribe me "dilators" to make things more comfortable which worked remarkably well after just a few weeks, to my amazement. (And I really, really loved my former OB for that reason which is why I really didn't want to have to leave her after she was such a bitch to me.) So now that I have revealed my personal TMI of TMI stories, that's why I've been so worried about a big baby and perineal massaging and such.

Anyhow, things are still pretty narrow down there and I just feel a little relieved that McSoothy was upfront with me on the real situation. At first I thought I was just doomed for an episiotomy, but no, it turns out it's actually so bad that the preferred solution is a c-section. I still don't want a c-section, but seriously, the other option could be SERIOUS tearing. Knowing that my dr. won't let me deliver vaginally if she thinks it will result in ripping vagina to anus is a relief.

I'm to the point now that I just want the baby out and safe... I'm getting more and more freaked out about something going wrong at the end and these last 2 appointments have actually made me feel better. I'll take what I can get.

The baby is doing great... lots of movement, great BPP and NST. AFI=14. I think he wants out as much as I want him out (in a good way).

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rescheduled *Update*

I don't have my normal update today because apparently my MFM decided he won't be working Wednesday mornings in 2010. So I am rescheduled for tomorrow morning.

No problem, except the weather really freaks me out this time of the year. They rescheduled me for 7:30 am tomorrow and we are supposed to get 4-6 inches of snow starting in a couple of hours (FYI, 4-6 inches of snow is considered A LOT for around here). Additionally, I just got an email from our DOT that they will not be clearing the roads like normal because it will be too cold for salt and chemicals to work. And FYI, it's about 30 miles to my MFM's office.

And then I have my OB appt scheduled for 9:30 am which is another 30mi drive, except the road in between my MFM and OB really sucks so we will probably take the long way.

It's probably all no big deal, but I just don't like dealing with it. At least DH will be able to drive me.

I just have a special knack for scheduling my appointments on the crappy weather days.

Update- After writing this post I realized it was probably stupid to not call and see if my MFM couldn't go ahead and get me in this afternoon. I scored an appointment for 3:30 today. I will still have to make it to my OB tomorrow, but I think I can manage it a little better now.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shopping and Doula

We are getting the ducks in a row. The nursery is almost finished, almost all of the major purchases have been made. We are to the details.

So we went shopping today to address some of the details on my end.

I found 2 dreadful nursing bras... I already hate those things... actually I just hate bras in general these days.

I bought several night gowns and some short robes. I don't normally dress so formally for bed, but I thought I need something that I could labor and nurse in. I got several short sleeved gown with buttons in the front for plopping out a boob.

And I got a couple new pairs of slip on shoes. I haven't bought new shoes in awhile and was feeling kinda frumpy in the NST recliner with my tattered shoes greeting my MFM every week. Plus, I wanted some more comfy slip on shoes for after the baby arrives.

And I went to our local health/natural/hippie market to get some iron supplements finally. My MFM didn't think I needed to get them, but McSoothy did. I have found bloody spots where I sleep several times (and I'm fairly certain it's not from the cats) but I have no idea where I apparently bleed from... I'm guessing a pick a scab in my sleep or something and the only evidence left in the morning is a nasty, bloody spot on the sheet I drape on the recliner. Anyhow, the way I keep bleeding is probably a combo of the baby aspirin, DHA supplements, and anemia, so I decided I should try to at least fix that anemia.

I was adamant that I wanted an amino acid chelated iron supplement. They are easier on my stomach and don't cause constipation. I was having trouble finding one locally, so to hippie mart I go. They had several to choose from, but you have to be careful, the first one I found had dong quai in it and that's not ok during pregnancy. I also picked up some fenugreek for breast feeding, just in case.

Then DH and I met with our doula. She seems really nice, I wish she was a little cheaper, but her fee wasn't terrible so I don't really have a problem with it. She actually hasn't had a baby yet herself, but she has at least been working as a doula for awhile and this won't be her first rodeo. And the fact that she doesn't have children actually helps her availability. She committed to sticking with me through the whole labor--however long it lasts. And I think she's not as freaky when it comes to the subject of induction and epidurals as some of the doulas I've talked to. We've got a prenatal appointment set up for next Sunday and we will go from there as to whether we need another prenatal appointment or not. Then delivery....