Wednesday, January 13, 2010

37 weeks

So officailly, I believe it's ok for him to decide to make a break for it anytime now... I don't think he has any intention, but he's welcome to.

So we are initiating project "Gentle Nudge" which consists of some spicy food, more walking, and, of course, sex.

Way back at 10 weeks when I had my scary cramping episode, we couldn't find anything to blame other than "natural prostaglandins" so we decided to wrap it up (yes, safe sex for pregos too). So now we are not, hoping that maybe my cervix will benefit from the natural prostaglandins.

And another exciting thing has happened. I'm leaking colostrum. I've seen crusties for quite a while, but I'm finally leaking droplets. I was really excited when I saw this the other day, but at the same time, somewhat grossed out by it. That wasn't the reaction I was expecting. I'm really looking forward to breastfeeding, but without an infant to nurse, the magic is lost.

And I had an appointment with McSoothy today. We discussed the issue of when we would call it and stop trying to attempt a vaginal delivery and go to a c-section. Basically she couldn't give me anything concrete, but assuming that their were no other complications, she said we would make the decision together. She said often the decision is made after pushing and pushing and nothing happening... that doesn't sound fun, but we will just have to see. Oh and I'm positive for Strep B. Joy.

And tomorrow is my MFM appt again. She wants me to rediscuss "delivering by" a certain date with him. Before it was forty weeks, but I think now that we know that I'm "limited" down there, she wants me to recheck that he wouldn't prefer a 39 or 38 week delivery. I really feel that 38 weeks seems rash, especially considering that's NEXT week but we will get new measurements tomorrow and see where that leaves us.


Good Egg Hunting said...

Sex? What's that?? :) This is probably TMI but I've been on pelvic rest since 19 weeks so I can't even imagine being able to use it as a labor-inducing trick. Oh well -- will have to try some others. The colostrum leaking thing is truly bizarre, isn't it? On one hand it's reassuring and on the other, it's just strange. Anyway, we're almost there -- soon we'll be holding these long-awaited babies...don't know about you but I am definitely ready to leave pregnancy behind.

Sophie A. said...

Sounds like it's down to a few days now! Colostrum! Your body's def getting ready...

Maybe this is TMI, but I have not DTD this WHOLE TIME because I've been so paranoid since the clot issue :P. We have heard of that as an option to speed up delivery and will likely try it if we go over our date :). What spicy stuff are you trying? Yum, spicy sounds good right now :)!

missing_one said...

What about 38.5 weeks? That's what my doctor decided she could do.
I've got the leakage in the BBs too. It's a good sign!
*hugs* almost there

Michelle said...

So so close now! That's so exciting! I hope that he decides to come on his own soon and easily.

Anonymous said...

You are full term! Woo hoo!

Good luck with the gentle nudging! Spicy food just gave me more heartburn, walking hurt, and sex at full term was about the funniest, awkward thing we have ever done. I hope the prostaglandins work for you though!

I think I was just about 38 weeks when I noticed a wet spot in my bra. I was both excited and a little grossed out too!

Good luck with the decision with McSoothy. I hope for your sake (and your perineum's) that you don't have to push and push and then have a c section. I really think that recovery for me would have been much better if I wasn't completely exhausted by 18 hours of labor. Of course, if you want to try as hard as possible to have a vaginal delivery, I totally respect that too. It just sounded like your doc was leaning toward a c section anyway with the issue you discussed in your previous post.

I'm so excited for you!

Sarah said...

wishing you lots of good luck! exciting times.