Thursday, January 21, 2010

38 weeks

and then some....

My OB appt was yesterday and my MFM was this morning and it's been 2 days in a row now that I have narrowly escaped L&D.

At my OB appt they took my BP first thing and it was HIGH... I honestly can't remember exactly what it was, but the diastolic was over 100. But my urine came back clean so McSoothy waited to check it at the end of the appointment again and it was back in the 70's. Phew. I don't get white coat syndrome and I wasn't feeling anxious by any means and I have never had a reading like that, so it freaked me a little, but McSoothy is calm as they come and things ended up alright. If I ever see that woman freak out I will know something is wrong.

The baby is not budging... my cervix doesn't appear to be doing any kind of thinning or dilating. We went ahead and set an induction appt for me to start Sunday night on the 31st with an expected Feb 1st delivery. I'm trying to get him out before the 2nd, because I do NOT appreciate the Groundhog's day jokes and I'd feel bad for the kid if he had to keep hearing asshats make jokes about his birth date for the rest of this life. (Dear Asshats, you aren't clever or original, please stop laughing at your lame jokes.)

But then today was a bit more dramatic and I wasn't sure we were going to make it until noon.

His fluid is low. It was 8.8 this morning and the lower limit cutoff is 8. Last week it was 17. This freaks me out a lot. When I laid back in the NST recliner I knew the fluid had to be low too because my stomach is usually nice and round but it wasn't today. You could distinctly see the baby lump and I was much flatter where he wasn't. It's one thing for him to move and his butt push out, but not just sit there constantly like an third boob on me.

The NST was fine and when my MFM came in I told him about my BP incident from the day before. He started checking my reflexes and he'd showed me how those can be indicative of preeclampsia before so I knew what he was doing. He popped my knee then my foot and said something I didn't catch, but I knew the tone and it was serious.

You know those cars that have 8 cylinders but can turn 2 off when cruising? Well, I totally saw him engage those 2 spare cylinders all of a sudden. I guess I triggered a mini emergency in the NST room. He hastily ordered the nurse to do something and he got up so that they could unhook me.

I've read a number of blogs where something triggers a cascade of events and everything becomes a blur so I immediately tried to turn on my inner recorder to pay attention in case this was it. And I started to freak out a little and get weepy too. I'm ready for him to come, but I want it to be happy, not a scary emergency c-section or something.

But it wasn't that bad and was over quickly. I gave a urine sample and they checked my BP. My diastolic was 88 this time. Urine was fine again. So I don't have preeclampsia but I do have a marked rise in BP documented from when I started and my MFM told me that if I stay pregnant long enough I will become preeclamptic.

He wants me to "loaf around" more but he didn't say not to go to work or to go home and rest, so I went to work. I sit on my rear most of the day anyhow and I'm working even harder at it now (blogging?). I guess I will go to work tomorrow too, but I don't know about next week now.

I wish someone would have given me more direction. Between the fluid levels and my BP I wish I didn't have to wait another week to see someone. I felt fine and my BP was crazy high yesterday. My fluid is only eight tenths above the danger limit. I was hoping he might order me another BPP for Monday or something. I was simply told to look out for the warning signs of preeclampsia and do my kick counts. If I wasn't stressed before, I definitely am now.

And all of this has me in a relatively pissy and vulnerable mood.


Sophie said...

Sheesh! I'd be worried too, honestly. But it's good that they're monitoring you. I'll be thinking of/praying for you all and a safe/peaceful delivery.

Michelle said...

That's scary. I can imagine why'd you'd feel pissy & vulnerable.
Hoping for a great appointment next week and sticking with the scheduled 31st induction.
You made me laugh with the asshat Groundhog day stuff :)

meggo said...

So nerve wracking and scary! I hope you get your non-emergency delivery in spite of these episodes. I don't know why they don't have you come Monday either. Going from 17 to 8.8 in (a week? right?) is HUGE change. Hang in there and stay on your butt!

Good Egg Hatched said...

Ugh, I am so sorry. I totally know the feeling of being so vulnerable, and it's scary. I hope everything stays calm from now until delivery. You're almost there! A little assvice from me (feel free to ignore)...I'm sure you're already doing this but drink a ton of water. As you may have seen on my blog, I had an episode along these lines on Friday because I was problem w/BP when I went back Monday and Weds of this week as I really concentrated on upping my fluid intake. Thinking of you!

Amanda said...

Good egg, you are completely right! As good as I am about drinking water I was surprised that this happened, but I'm sucking it down even more like crazy now.

Celia said...

Dude, I would be on them. Make them check you out again tomorrow. That is way too close to the edge. I am thinking of you. I am not trying to upset you babe, but has anyone explained how fast the fluid levels can change? Or where the fluid went?

Michelle said...

Oh wow that is scary! I hope that you can get in again sooner to ease your mind and that you have a safe and non dramatic delivery. Really soon!
It sounds like you have a really good team though and they have you informed on what to watch for.

amanda said...

I'm so sorry about all of the scares. I'm so excited that you're almost there, though! I'll be keeping you in my thoughts as you go through the home stretch.

By the way, the nursery looks fantastic! You did a fantastic job.

Hillary said...

Oh no - I am so sorry and that does sound scary! It sounds like you and your son are in good hands, though. Rest up this week :)

Gina said...

Wow scary stuff...but exciting to be so close!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh that does sound scary! I'm glad your urine and BP were okay.
38 weeks! You are so close! I am so excited for you. I can't really believe that you, me, and Celia are all in such a different place than last year at this time.