Wednesday, January 27, 2010

39 weeks

First the maternity leave-

It was pretty funny yesterday when I was talking to one of my project managers on the phone about some work that I was leaving. He's asking, "So you'll be in tomorrow morning, right?" Um, no, what part of the email from the other day that said, "Amanda's last day will be Tuesday," did you not understand? Did he think it was a joke? I've been a little annoyed that most of my project managers haven't really tried to coordinate transitioning projects with me considering they've know about this for awhile now. I did the best I could, but if they find themselves wondering what I did with a file over the next couple months and I take my sweet time returning their calls, that's their fault. And they've got another thing coming to them if they think I will be checking my email.

I when I finished work I was so looking forward to a couple of days of rest. I went to bed last night excited that I didn't have to get up this morning and get ready but then I was waking up all night thinking about work! I was awake at 3am thinking about a client and how I needed to do something for them and had to go into work to do it and then trying to talk myself down that I had done the right thing and even if I went into work I would come up with the same results I had the day before. Of course I talked myself out of it, but kept having to remind myself all morning of my reasoning.

And several people have mentioned me "letting them know." Know what? And when? Yes, I'm sure my first priority after giving birth will be to send you an email with pictures and stats of my crotch fruit. Um, no. And don't expect me to show up before the end of the week showing off the baby and disrupting everyone's afternoon. I hate it when people do that.

The OB appointment-

I was really excited for my OB appointment today because I started loosing my mucus plug on Sunday! I know it's not necessarily a sign of imminent labor, but with it coming out early on Sunday and some decent contractions I was really hoping that I might be dilating a little. No. But I am softening. I guess I'll take what I can get at this point.

But me and the kitties morning of lounging around resulted in a great blood pressure.

We talked more about the induction. I asked when we should show up. She said in the "evening." I asked her to be more specific and she said "about midnight." Um, I don't consider that to be 'evening' myself. Midnight seems like a really weird time to me... I was figuring more like 9 or 10 and we talked some more and she went and called the hospital to see who would be on duty and came back and told us 7:30. That's a change.

I'm pretty pessimistic that I will get any rest and be an angry ball of laboring furor by morning (and I'm a pretty wicked patient under lesser circumstances), but these are the experiences that make life rich, right?


Sophie said...

I'd be annoyed too, why haven't they planned it all out yet--you've given them plenty of notice!

Yay! For losing the mucus plug! Glad you don't need to show up at midnight for the induction, what a crazy time! 7:30 sounds much better...hopefully you'll be able to get a few winks in before the big show, but if not--the grand prize will be worth losing sleep over :D.

I just started thinking about when you wrote the post on being 24 weeks... that wasn't so long ago--makes me kind of nervous :P.

Michelle said...

Yay for being on leave! Enjoy it and don't let them bother you too much! You gave them plenty of time to prepare for your absense.
Definitely weird that they were going to have you show up at midnight! I've heard of early morning hours but wow. 7:30 sounds so much better. I hope that he surprises you and you end up in there before Sunday. Try to relax and enjoy your last few days!

Oh and thanks for that tip on target. I'm really pissed at those and swore never to buy that brand again. At least I know it doesn't happen just to me. It's like a cruel joke though.

Michelle said...

No more work is a great thing. Try and enjoy the next few days. Looking forward to hearing all about your little boy.

missing_one said...

I say take a mild sleeping pill of some sorts and rest up, you're gonna need it! Trust me. Induction is usually slow and exhausting.

This was my third induction and since this time it was 'planned' I took some melatonin and got a good night's sleep.

Yay for leave! Enjoy! Soon you will be very very busy!

meggo said...

I can't believe you are already 39 weeks! EEEK!!! You're soooo close!

Try not to worry yourself about work stuff. You did your part, you gave notice--- hopefully people paid attention. This is YOUR time now :)

Celia said...

39 weeks! Egad! Is it awful that I am super thankful you and Bird go/went down the shoot first? I am still in denial that a PERSON is going to come out of my VAGINA. I figure I can hide for a few more weeks at least.

It's almost time! The work worries will slip away. When I first stopped working I dreamed about work, and fretted about all the loose ends I had to leave behind. But then, I stopped caring.

Good Egg Hatched said...

I agree -- those work worries will slip away! So glad you're finally done and can focus on these last few days of relaxation/gearing up for the big event. So excited for you, and look forward to hearing your news!

Sarah said...

wishing you lots of luck with the upcoming birth!

my coworker went on maternity leave in October and when she gave birth on November 1, her husband sent me an email by iphone telling me the baby's name, his birth weight and that mother and baby were fine. i really appreciated that. i forwarded this info by email and phone and in person to a lot of our closer work friends, but as days and weeks went by, more and more people inquired. and even as i shared the info with people, they would say, "oh, you should send out an announcement." but i never did. some dissemination of information will be appreciated by your close coworkers.