Friday, January 15, 2010

Aggressive, but not that aggressive

I had my MFM appointment yesterday and it was pretty uneventful. I was just glad the weather decided to cooperate with me for the first time in weeks for my hasty morning travel.

The baby is still big, and getting bigger. He measured in at a whopping 7lb, 15oz. He's above the 90%ile again. One of my former coworkers just had a baby earlier this week and her son was 7lb 13oz and right on his due date, so when people remark about her baby being big, I have to bite my tongue a little.

Talked to the MFM about inducing prior to 40weeks. He's not into it. He really explained his opinion out well. He's every adamant that the baby be delivered by 40 weeks but he, in my case, is really against inducing prior to 39.5 weeks. He remarked that MFMs have reputations for getting babies out early, but it's just not indicated here and won't necessarily improve my chances of delivering vaginally. And went into a whole spiel about not being too aggressive.

And I'm cool with that. I really feel that 40weeks is good for me since the placental issues of an overdue baby could be worse for me with the MTHFR. But aside from the kid being big, there really isn't any other reason to pull him before that. I'm kinda relieved that their is less pressure for me to go into labor spontaneously really quickly (cause it seems pretty far off right now).

My u/s tech did remark about him being really low. I enjoy these signs of progress, but I'm not getting too excited just yet.


Michelle said...

They always say that those can be off too when they say on the weight. But you are seeing really good doctors so maybe they are closer on that. K was born right at 37 weeks and was 7.7. Everyone said he was huge. He was swimming in his clothes though so I think they were on crack.

I hope he decides to come earlier so you don't have to deal with induction!

Celia said...

I am glad your doctor is letting you and baby settle in. My cousin ( not that anyone would WANT to) had three babies all over ten pounds and all vaginally. I think your baby sounds like a nice size. Don't you think he could only gain maybe two pounds max in the next four weeks? My friend told me to be more concerned with the head and shoulder size, she said once you get those out everything else just slides right through.

The Lynchs said...

I hope baby decides to make an appearance soon! Sounds like he's getting good and ready!! :-)

Sophie said...

Inductions can be scary, that pitocin can cause worse labor pains :/, so I'm glad to hear about the waiting. I think docs like to rush things too much sometimes, but it sounds like you're in good hands. By the way, thank you for the iron tip, I picked up the type you suggested at WF this weekend and it seems to be pretty gentle/tolerable. :)