Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The nursery

As promised, here it is (and it's really loooong).

Since we are having a boy I knew that DH would prefer a CASE tractor theme but I really had trouble envisioning how this would come together at first. Then one day, it flooded out of me and we got going on it and these are the results. I have a lot of narration with this, because I really put a lot of thought into everything, so to do myself justice, I must explain what is probably obvious.

First, this is the view of the room I love the most. When it became apparent that there would be enough room for a recliner we set about finding a modestly priced for me to rock and nurse in. This one is quite comfy and reasonable at about $250. SIL road tested it for me other week with her baby. He wouldn't go down for a nap so she went in there and rocked him for about 20 minutes and it did the trick.

The side table is a bar stool (~$15 at Walmart). Not too clever, but we wanted something very small and affordable to act as a side table and it does the trick and pretty well matches the rest of the wood. I have a little lamp I painted red to match the walls ($10 at Walmart) on the stool for night changes and the switch is actually a foot switch (~$10 at Target) on the floor for hands free turning on and off.

The quilt my friend made us looks lovely draped on the chair and my current reading materials are at the floor next to the chair.

On the wall is a clock that DH actually made for his tractor club. It has pictures of members' Case equipment at each of the hour spots with DH's combine at noon (you don't think he was bias when making it do you?).

And I'm pretty proud of my window valence. It's simple enough, but the look is supposed to carry the horizontal stripe across the window and I think the effect was achieved. We bought the double cellular shade (cordless) a few weeks ago and I think we picked the perfect color. It was dark when I took the picture, but when the light comes through it, it perfectly coordinates with both the yellow and red... it's hard to explain but it's cool looking, we got lucky there.

We painted a Case logo above the crib. Although I do kinda think Case is a cute name, we are absolutely not naming him that. And for non-Case tractor enthusiasts out there, that is one one of the older logos and the spacing between the letters is supposed to vary like that. And the red and yellow paint on the walls matches the old Case colors.

I didn't do a crib set. Instead I just got yellow sheets (we have 2 flannel and 2 knit) and sewed a skirt out of $6/yard "fashion" denim we found at JoAnn's that just happens to match really well (same as the window valence). The crib is the Graco Lauren in natural and was about $140 at Wal-Mart and shipped to our house for $0.97. (Note on the crib, the drop side version was available for $20 LESS... no wonder so many people buy those things... I think they actually quit selling the dropsides after the giant recall the other month).

We had this little book case in the office so I was happy to get to reuse it in the kid's room. (By the way, both the bookcase in the office and the nursery are screwed to the wall in case we have a climber.)

We have some of DH's old tractors and age inappropriate toys on the top shelf for decoration only. And the Sheep Piggy bank was a gift from one of DH's family members but I think it looks more like a dog in sheep's clothes. We got a set of video monitors (this monitor is awesome by the way... no complaints so far in case you are looking for a monitor) the other day but are waiting on the mount to come in, but we will mount the camera on the side of the shelf when it comes in.

I grouped all the baby blue gifts we got on the one shelf... DH wasn't too wild about the baby blue but he isn't as bothered by it on the shelf and not out in the middle of the room. I also decided the shelf was the place to store the receiving blankets which I think will work well. And most of the books on the shelf are my books I loved from childhood.

The stuffed animals are new and supposed to go with the farmish theme.

The in the lower shelves are baby toys and baby books and Ambrosia again. We have lots of room left on the shelf actually, which is a good thing, because I'm sure we will be collecting toys for awhile.

The bouncer was loaned from BIL and SIL and actually goes pretty well with the room coincidentally. And we got the cow humdifier, of course.

We put a lot of thought and time into the changing station. The shelf above the changer (~$14 at Hobby Lobby) has diaper ointment and lotion, diaper pins, snappis, the itzbeen, "wee blocker" (a joke of course), and some toys. I'm hoping the hooks will be handy to hang a wet diaper cover to dry. Also, there is a little plate rail on the shelf... once we decide what to name him we may make letters to set on the rail.

The changer is the Lauren changer and was ~$80. The diaper pail is just a regular trash can from Kmart with a Planet Wise pail liner in it. I made the changing pad cover and ontop of it is a wool puddle pad. You can also see the foot switch for the lamp a the bottom of the changer.

We made the boxes below to perfectly fit out of foam core and then covered them with fabric I had custom made by Spoonflower (note, the red on the walls comes out orange... wish I would have done a little more research before ordering everything). I have everything but the next size up in prefolds stored under there now and the wipes warmer too. Those boxes were the most time consuming part of this whole project, but I'm pretty happy with how that all turned out (even if the color is off).

Last, the closet. I think the closet is my favorite part of the room... and as it turns out, the most expensive. I think the closet ended up costing more than $300 and was a pretty big splurge given the over all cost of the room. But I really like having everything adjustable. The basket drawers are large and easy to see what's in them and we have the ability to add more later if needed (and I didn't have to find a chest of drawers). The double hanging rod is great for a little person's clothes. We have all the 0-3 up top and then a bunch the larger stuff below (which you can't see because of the angle). The laundry basket fits in nicely on the floor and there is room to hang blankets and long items on the right side. The pack and play is stored on the floor and the Britax convertible seat is actually hidden on the left side of the closet. The fabric box on the middle shelf has all kinds of little accessories in it and the ones on the top have the spare sheets and prefolds and one is actually empty for future use. I have my baby wearing devices (a Zolowear Sling and Moby Wrap) hung on my old over the door towel rack from college. I will probably stop hanging those things there eventually and use the towel rack for a wet puddle pad or wet baby towels eventually.

I have some other accessories that I took out of the room for the pictures, like the My Brest Friend pillow I got and the swing which is still in the box and will probably be setup in the living room anyhow.

Wow, that was long, but there is it.


Michelle said...

I love it! I think it looks great. K would be so jealous of the tractors (and the fact your husband has his own combine.)

meggo said...

Wow, your boy's room looks awesome! I am impressed. You are so organized!

Michelle said...

Beautiful! You did so much work on this room and on a great budget too! My DH would very much appreciate the tractor theme. Nice job Amanada!

Gina said...

So neat to see everything come together. The closet is a dream! And those homemade boxes are great! Love it!

Celia said...

Wowie! You are so set! I really like it. Very cheerful.

Kate said...

Cool theme and great colours. It looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great room! I love all of the thought and detail that went into the whole thing!
I love the My Brest Friend pillow, by the way. I have a boppy too, but MBF is what I use the most.

Sophie said...

Lots of love, creativity and thought when into this, and the results are very cute and original! Love the theme and bright colors. Looks ready to go... kitty's ready to welcome the babe, too, looks like :).

Anonymous said...

Very Very Cute!!! I love it. You put a lot of work into that room. All the best!

Anonymous said...

Very Very Cute!!! I love it. You put a lot of work into that room. All the best!