Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rescheduled *Update*

I don't have my normal update today because apparently my MFM decided he won't be working Wednesday mornings in 2010. So I am rescheduled for tomorrow morning.

No problem, except the weather really freaks me out this time of the year. They rescheduled me for 7:30 am tomorrow and we are supposed to get 4-6 inches of snow starting in a couple of hours (FYI, 4-6 inches of snow is considered A LOT for around here). Additionally, I just got an email from our DOT that they will not be clearing the roads like normal because it will be too cold for salt and chemicals to work. And FYI, it's about 30 miles to my MFM's office.

And then I have my OB appt scheduled for 9:30 am which is another 30mi drive, except the road in between my MFM and OB really sucks so we will probably take the long way.

It's probably all no big deal, but I just don't like dealing with it. At least DH will be able to drive me.

I just have a special knack for scheduling my appointments on the crappy weather days.

Update- After writing this post I realized it was probably stupid to not call and see if my MFM couldn't go ahead and get me in this afternoon. I scored an appointment for 3:30 today. I will still have to make it to my OB tomorrow, but I think I can manage it a little better now.


Michelle said...

I hope the snow didn't cause too much trouble for you and I hope the appts went well!

The Lynchs said...

Good luck driving around in all of that! I'm in TN, and we are currently getting snow/ice. We rarely get any, so my normal 50 minute drive home turned into an hour and a half with all of the slow traffic. No fun at all!