Sunday, January 10, 2010

Special Things

I have some special things for the baby to share today.

First, we have DH and FIL's baptismal gown. It had yellowed significantly over the last 60 years and I was wondering when my MIL would let us have it (BIL has his own gown and she gave him his gown quite a bit earlier in pregnancy than us) but she told me she was going to try to get the yellow out for me first, by SOAKING IT IN LEMON JUICE. NOOOO!!! I told her not to worry about it and give it to me and I would take care of it, and to absolutely NOT soak it in lemon juice.

I got some tips from this website and followed them and it's in pretty good shape now. There is still some yellowing in the embroidery around the neck... 60 year old spit up? Anyhow, I'm very pleased to have it and hope we get to use it. It is super thin and needs an undergarment so I will have to find something. Our priest wants us to have him baptized at Easter, but I don't think he will still fit in the gown by then, so we will probably do it fairly soon before he gets too big. I also have DH's aunts' baptismal gowns and you can see how yellow it was before I soaked it.

Then we have my homecoming set my paternal grandmother knitted. I think it's beautiful and very special. My grandmother died when I was about 18 so it's nice to have something made by her that I can share with my child. I'm actually planning on using it with the baptismal gown. And it's fairly large, so I think it will fit at least as long as the gown does.

And lastly, we have a baby afghan that my paternal grandmother knitted. She died somewhat suddenly but not exactly... it's kinda a long story. But anyhow, my parents sorted through her things after she died and found a stash of 3 baby blankets. We guessed that she had knitted them in advanced 'just in case'. There were three grandchildren that hadn't had a child yet, so my mom gave each of us a blanket for our future children. I have periodically pulled the blanket out of storage and wondered if I would ever get to use it, and I'm very happy to think that I will very soon.


The Lynchs said...

How beautiful! It's wonderful to have gifts with such rich meaning and history behind them!

Good Egg Hatched said...

So nice to have things like that with meaning! Glad you can share your family's history with your baby. I am already so excited about my baby's Christening, too (despite his not even being here yet)...I wonder if there is anything in our families we could use -- thanks to you now I know to ask!

Michelle said...

That's very nice that you have special baby things like that. And you'll get to use them very soon!

Anonymous said...

oh how wonderful to have such sentimental items for your baby! you might try soaking the gown again to get the rest of the 60 yr old baby spit-up out of it.


JW Moxie said...

All are so lovely. I didn't have anything that I could pass down to my children, so we started some heirlooms of our own.

Sophie said...

Very special items. A 60 year old baptismal gown? It's in pretty good shape! I love the things your grandma made, those are the best gifts.

The Wife said...

Wow! Those are so beautiful and special. It must be amazing to have things like that to share with your little one.