Sunday, February 28, 2010

Funny face

You know how I was all upset about people expecting us to come the DH's Aunt's birthday party today? Well MIL called and checked to make sure that we were NOT coming this morning because one of the monster kids is, get this, SICK. Well, apparently some people are more sensible than I was giving them credit for. I'm just glad that we weren't already on the way there.

Anyhow, I've been trying to get pictures of him every week... which is harder than it sounds because I'm tired and the camera is in the other room and such... but yesterday I managed snap a couple before midnight. He was four weeks yesterday... I don't know when he turns one month since he was born on the 30th and this month only has 28 days, a problem that is beyond my mental abilities right now. Anyhow, pictures...

Who, me?

Arrrrgh! I'm a pirate.
(Complete with growling, grunting, and gas passing.)

This is from the other week, but I had really wanted to catch one of his sleep smiles... and as a bonus I got proof of his dimple.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tired, baby hog

This hasn't been my finest week ever. My little man makes me pretty tired. He eats ALL the time and doesn't seem to need sleep which is pretty hard on me. Since I had him I'd be surprised if I totaled 6 hours a sleep in 24 hours and probably average something more like 4.5 hours. The other day I got 2 hours all night (and I don't catch up during the day) and when my husband got up I promptly bit his head off.

The tired doesn't really bother me, but everything/anyone else does. I don't mind being at home holding him and being completely exhausted. I do mind my husband bothering me while exhausted or having to go somewhere. I actually think I do better when I'm alone (but I would never want to be a single parent, I have so much more respect for people that do that well now). And the weird thing is that my husband has been doing a really good job. He's cooked dinner, brought me water and my pills and made my breakfast. Yeah, I just have a bad attitude when tired.

My husband's aunt is turning 60 and one of the cousins is throwing a party for her this weekend. To go, we'd have to drive about 2 hours to get there. The thought of going causes me a lot of anxiety and everyone expects us to come for some reason. I'm sorry, but we are new parents and I'm exhausted and I'm breastfeeding my child and pumping is a real obstacle. Plus, someone in DH's family is ALWAYS sick and the very last thing I need right now is a sick baby... just the thought of it makes me cry... not just because I'm tired but also because he's so little and being sick is so hard. I told DH that he could go, but we aren't. I was originally willing to go, but as I was sitting awake all night holding M I just kept fretting and worrying about when I would have time to pump and what would happen if he got sick and seriously upsetting myself... then I decided that stressing about it so much was pretty dumb and if it causes me that much stress we just shouldn't go. I don't think DH is happy with me, but he doesn't want a hysterically crying wife, so he agrees.

And I have to admit, another reason I don't really want to go is that I don't want to share my baby. Even though I'm exhausted and there is spit up on me and I barely get a chance to shower, I LOVE my baby and really, really, REALLY wanted my baby and am NOT just looking for a chance to get a break. It is all worth it. And, honestly, it's one of the reasons I wanted to breastfeed him... so that I don't have to share him and can hog him all to myself. The only people that get to hog my baby are me and DH (but mostly me)... sorry grandmas (not really). That's kinda a change compared to what DH's family is used to since the parents of the monster kids practically hide from their children so that others have to take care of them when the family is around. I want to hide with my child to cuddle with him and feed him in private.

Anyhow, they shouldn't be too mad because we are having his baptism mid March so they will get their chance. grumble, grumble.

The thought of going back to work is stressing me a lot too. I try not to think about it right now, but it's going to be such a giant transition it requires some planning. So far, we are no where near a schedule and I don't really know how I'm going to get him on one... I keep thinking he will be different in a couple of weeks and it will be easier to do, but that's no guarantee.

But for good news, McSoothy's office called and let me know Michael's ekg and echo came back fine. YAY!

I'm expecting some fluffy mail (new diapers) anytime now so I'm excited about that. And the little man is waking up, so I get to change him (who knew that I would like handling pee and poo so much?) and cuddle him again!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to pull off the easiest labor and delivery ever

Right before I gave birth I was thinking about writing a post about how I don't trust my body for crap and how it can't do anything normal with out medication and force and how I was pretty sure labor would be a nightmare. Well I never got to that post and it would have been all wrong about the labor. And if I had a time machine and went back and told myself a week before I deliver how stinking good I would have it I would have punched future me in the face. I've gotten most of the birth story written up, but it's crazy long (even for me) and I worry that some of the stuff that might be helpful to others gets lost in it, hence this post.

So before I dole out assvice on a subject I don't really know squat about, let me say that I do know this: I was LUCKY.

No amount or preparation (or lack there of in my case) can guarantee that things will go well. I didn't take any classes (my hospital didn't offer any) and my general m.o. was to just not think about it. I did read a couple of books and the one I would recommend to everyone is "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth" (fun fact: one of my L&D nurses actually lived on The Farm with Ina May back in "the day").

Ina's book talks about a couple of very important concepts and the first is 'Sphincter's Law' which is about being comfortable during labor and keeping your sphincters loose... your cervix is a sphincter and if you hold your other 'sphincters' (mouth, throat, urinary and bowel) tight your cervix will be too. I've suffered from some killer TMJ before and because of that I have learned to be very aware of my jaw tensing up and to loosen it quickly. So every time I felt my jaw tense I immediately conditioned myself to loosen it, especially during braxton-hicks and later during what turned out to be real labor. She also told a story in the book about blowing 'horse lips' to keep the mouth and face loose. I thought that sounded dumb when I first read it and couldn't really even do it, but I started doing it when I felt like it after I read the book (which was early 2nd trimester) and I got better and better at using horse lips on a regular basis. I think both of those things helped to keep me loose. The result was pretty much painless dilation. I seriously had no idea I had completely dilated (I didn't think I could be more than a couple of cm) when I got to the hospital, I thought the real labor had just started (and if you recall, 3 days before my cervix had only been "soft" so that all happened pretty quickly).

Another really important thing in the book is to "let your monkey do it." You'll read a lot and be told a lot about giving birth but the best thing to do is what feels right to you. While pushing they kept trying to get me to give three pushes during a contraction but the third push just wasn't in me. I probably would have gotten worn out if I would have tried to push when I didn't feel it.

The other thing that I think made a huge difference was having a good dr. Going to McSoothy took me completely out of my comfort zone. She was an family physician at a po-dunk community hospital when their were all kinds of fancy OB/GYNs at the ritzy private and university hospitals. McSoothy was the physician for the local birthing center for a long time and was into helping me meet my goals rather than what was the most convenient thing for her. She took the time to stretch me out and was successful at keeping her reputation for keeping her patients intact. She also cared enough to listen to my concerns and test me for MTHFR. I don't know for sure what would have happened if I would have quit taking my baby aspirin like my first OB wanted me to do, but I shutter to think that somewhere out there is a girl just like me that may have been giving birth to a still child and not a live one because of an asshole OB that thinks they know everything.

And I think everyone that is planning on a vaginal delivery hears about "slow and controlled pushing" and I didn't really know if I would be able to achieve that or not but luckily I was able too (my monkey did it for me). I was really worried about running out of steam and getting tired during pushing but luckily that didn't happen at all. I had really nice breaks between pushes to rest and have some ice chips and only pushed when I felt it (my contractions were STILL very irregular and I would completely skip every couple contractions, so even though I was due to push I just took the chance to rest). He came down the birth canal very slowly and bobbed back and forth, and in and out a bit, stretching me out very slowly. It definitely wasn't a race to get him out and that was a good thing, but boy, was he born with a cone head! Oh well, it rounded out quickly. And, although my baby was smaller than we were expecting he was still a little larger than average and that may have actually been a good thing. They said when I was done that if he'd been a tiny 6lber or something like that I'd have had him out in 2 pushes and things wouldn't have had time to stretch and I'd have torn. So bigger babies aren't all bad.

And, if you have the stomach for it, I highly recommend having your baby placed immediately on you. Giving birth was the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life, and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to top it. Having your baby on you immediately is the best thing in the world after all the hard work... he's real and right there looking at YOU and your looking at him (and they can barely see this early on so you do really need to be right in front of them for them to see you at all). It's amazing, the most amazing thing ever, so get the most out of every second of it.

So there's the crib notes from my delivery. I hope that everyone that reads this is able to use this information some day soon if you aren't pregnant now. And if you are pregnant, I hope you have an awesome delivery. Apparently even fat procrastinators with tiny vaginas and big babies and bodies that they can't trust can have good deliveries.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pediatric EKG/Echo

I hadn't disclosed this little piece of information yet, but the little one has had a little bit of a heart murmur.

McSoothy didn't hear it right after he was born but when she came back to give him a more through exam later in the day she did. I didn't worry too much since I knew these are pretty common and was hoping it would go away quickly and McSoothy didn't seem to be too concerned either.

He still had it at discharge but we went back to her office on Wednesday that week and it was gone and I felt really relieved that we wouldn't have to worry about it again.

But then we had to go back to her office again on Thursday (long story) and she could hear it that time.

So it is apparently a really quiet murmur since she's had such a difficult time hearing it and McSoothy claims she's a little too good at hearing them actually.

But because we are so lucky, we had to go back AGAIN on Monday and it was still there. McSoothy went ahead and had her office setup the pediatric EKG and an echo cardiogram for today.

To complicate things slightly, we did get an actual pediatrician, so he's not McSoothy's patient anymore. I would have left him at her clinic, but it's almost a half hour away from our house and I wanted someone closer, but I don't know that we can ever do better than McSoothy as far as the level of care goes.

Anyhow, we had the EKG and echo this morning and the kiddo did not want to cooperate. We were waiting in a jam packed waiting room right next to a busy hallway and the kid started to fuss so I got to have my first real go at nursing in public. I slipped into the bathroom to latch him and cover myself and went back to the waiting room. Shortly after that we got called back. It was a nice older woman and she had me finish nursing him hoping that he would go to sleep after. I knew better, but we gave it a go.

He did not go to sleep. I'm guessing that the whole procedure could have taken 30mins but it took us about 2 hours. We tried everything to keep him calm but it came down me getting into really uncomfortable positions with my boob(s) hanging out over him trying to nurse him while she probed him. I don't think it was too fun for anyone but the tech was really nice about it all and luckily I have deleted the word modesty from my personal dictionary. And thank God my boobs are doing better or today would have been impossible... we were doing some pretty interesting positions.

Now the scan has to go to a specialist at a larger hospital to read. The tech did point out a hole he still has but said that they aren't a big deal if they still have a 'flap' or something like that. Hopefully we don't have any serious problems here but I'm feeling really guilty and blaming myself a bit. Babies of obese moms are more likely to have heart problems and however minor this may end up being I can't help but wonder if I had lost some more weight before getting pregnant would this have happened?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Have you seen this?

An article about how metformin stinks.

For the record, I'm virtually a metformin addict and never had too many problems from it (except for some gas early on). And I have never really noticed too bad of a smell but I have heard plenty of people complain about the smell. I get mine (750mg Extended Release) from Target pharmacy and I always wondered if the supplier you get it from might explain some of the smell... or maybe I just can't smell it the way others can for some reason.

Do you think met stinks? Do you think coating it would help?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cloth diapering so far

Because you asked...

Honestly, we haven't gotten to "CD" as much as I would have liked for reasons I will not discuss on the blog (because I don't want to attract the crazies).

But we have tried out a lot of our stash and I've learned a few things so far:

1. SNAPPIS ARE THE DEVIL. They are bad news, stay away from them. Maybe they work on older babies, but I will not be trying one on him again for awhile.

2. Only use DRITZ METAL HEAD PINS. Since the snappis were out, I had to pin and it's not that bad and way better than the snappi; HOWEVER, it is almost impossible to push pins through a prefold, so you have to use really good pins. Other pins might look as good, but they are not. And store them in a bar of soap to lube them a little.

3. Unbleached Indian Prefolds (UBIPFs) are softer than GMD bleached PFs, but not as absorbent. I got a couple of these for our newborn photos because I didn't want any colored serging on the edges. They are so soft and he loves them but he soaks right through them, and poo soaks through really quickly too. There were a couple of times when we were worried about him not going to the bathroom for a long time and I'd put one of these on and JACKPOT in less than 10 minutes every time. I think it would be worth it to have more of these on hand. (And they looked really great for the photos... they matched the fabric she had him on perfectly and the little blue dritz pins were just perfect.)

4. In general, I do not have the newborn prefold love. The frequent changings and pinning make them difficult. On the plus side, the GMD prefolds are so absorbent that they almost don't need a cover if you are at home and changing frequently. I would just keep him on some fleece or in a fleece swaddler and no problems.

5. Because the prefolds ended up being a bit more difficult than I anticipated I like the Sposoeasy AIOs much more. They are great for going out for easy changes.

6. He loves his Disansa wool soakers. This kid calms right down as soon as I put that on him. It's pretty cute.

7. After he was about 10 days old he was big enough for Fuzzibunz and BumGenius diapers. So far, I prefer the Fuzzibunz. The BGs have leaked and the poo gets on the flap you have to lift to take the insert out every time and it's kinda a pain. The Fuzzibunz seem to fit better and aren't as messy and no leaks so far. If I buy more pockets anytime soon I might try Smartipants because you don't have to pull the insert out before washing.

8. I do LOVE cloth wipes and even though we haven't been able to CD full time, I have used these exclusively. They are so great at getting everything in one wipe. He doesn't like being changed a ton, but the wipes from the warmer makes things a little more bearable.

9. Beware the disposable diapers. Those damn diapers tried to pull off his umbilical stump, and it's amazing how easily they do it.

10. Action shots!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

2 weeks old

My little man is 2 weeks today. This would be a good time to be sentimental about time flying, but mostly I'm just scared of being alone with him starting Tuesday next week.

Because, this parenting thing is HARD. The BFing makes it harder and easier. It would be lovely to tell my husband to take him so that I can get a nice long nap, but I can't. But if we ever get accomplished with it, it will be nice to not have to worry about formula or bottles, but I'm worried we may never get that far with the problems we've had.

I think the stopping feeding on the right has hurt my supply. My right side has always had more supply than my left for some reason and cutting it back to pumping only a couple of times a day and no comfort nursing made me really nervous that he wasn't eating enough. Also, he's figured out what the pacifier is and wants nothing to do with it. I never had trouble keeping him satisfied before, but it has been a lot more stressful around here the last couple of days.

So today he was crying so much and I couldn't pump again for at least an hour and I couldn't let him comfort nurse and he wouldn't take the pacifier and I didn't know what to do, so I agonized and gave him a couple ounces of formula. I hated it. (By the way, formula smells gross.)

I've always felt there was more to the comfort nursing than just comfort so after the formula was gone I decided to say eff it, and if he wants to comfort nurse I think I should try to accommodate some of it as long as it doesn't hurt me.

I also went ahead and let him nurse off my right side again and it went really well and I didn't cry or cuss or anything. But even though it went well, I'm not sure if he still damaged my nipple more or not because a bunch of the scabbing that had formed seems to be gone... not sure if that is good or bad or anything really.

I'm still supposed to be pumping the right some and not put it back to 100% use for awhile, but the pumping is a giant PIA. I can't get as much as he gets and I have to do something with him while I pump, which is ok with DH around, but after DH goes back to work that situation is going to get much harder. And the only time he sleeps really well is after eating a bunch and passing out... but if I don't have anything to feed him he won't pass out. If I have to go back to exclusively pumping on the right, this just isn't going to work.

The one thing I have been REALLY glad about is that the labor and birth was easy and I didn't have a lot of recovery. But the thing that surprised me is that even with the world's easiest labor and delivery how much recovery there still is.

For one, the swelling got so much worse after delivery. The swelling wasn't just below the knee after delivery, it was my entire legs. I could barely pull my maternity jeans on over my thighs before leaving the hospital. It took a good 10 days to get back to normal, in fact, I love to look at my normal feet right now, I haven't seen them in months.

I also had really bad headaches that couldn't be helped. People talk about epidural headaches, but I didn't have one, so I think the hormones were at play. And I missed my flaxseed for several days, which always screws up my sinuses. It was pretty miserable living with 24hour headaches for about a week.

My back hurt a bit... not terribly badly, but mostly just to lay down. I wasn't sure if it was because of my pelvis pulling apart during delivery or the fact that I hadn't slept in a bed since nearly 6 moths. Around 10 days I started hearing these "pops" and I assume they were from my pelvis coming back together. After a couple of those my back felt much better again.

Some other things I wasn't expecting is the hot flashes and chills to be so bad. It took about 10 days for those to get under control. And digestive hell kinda broke loose for awhile too. I figure between giving birth, my intestines shifting about, hormones and cold chills, getting one of the antibiotic doses for the group B strep, and all the DAMN COLACE they kept shoving down my throat after delivery it figures, but not pleasant when you are trying to feed an infant and then have to go, NOW. (Amanda's tip: If you never had constipation during pregnancy and didn't have a traumatic delivery and didn't take any narcotics and they try to offer you stool softners, pass on them until you know you're having issues.)

So even with an easy delivery still look forward to swelling, headaches, backaches, hot flashes, chills, diarrhea, and, of course, lots and lots of bleeding. Thankfully, all of these problems were short lived. At least I was physically able to do all the physical things I needed to take care of him. We are VERY thankful for that.

Oh, but was he worth it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh, my poor nipples

Alright, it ain't so great over here.

When I said in my last post that the right side is "ouchy" I probably should have picked a stronger, more accurate word, like "torturous".

We occasionally have some of the most wonderful, virtually pain free feedings, but mostly very painful latches on the right side. The bad latches cause me lots of anxiety, make me cry, make me say "FUDGE" very loudly because I'm trying not to say the word I actually want to say around the kid. He's a great little nurser on the left, but when I try him on the right, he acts like a rabid dog, almost viciously attacking my nipple and screaming and crying if I don't immediately give it to him. He will actually head butt me if he gets too upset.

And I feel so defeated when we have a bad feeding. It hurts me worse emotionally than physically, because I really, really want to do this. The thought of quiting just kills me. But it really is bad and I figure the only reason I've even stayed with it this long is that I'm really stubborn.

So I called the LC yesterday, pretty much in tears and made an appointment for today (she apparently never got my crying voicemail about my bloody nipple from the weekend). Anyhow, she's off Thursdays and Fridays (and on the weekend) unless I want to pay her to make a home vist, OR I could make an appointment with the nurse that works at the pharmacy for the next day. I was hesitant because I wasn't sure if this other nurse was a real LC or not, but I needed the help. And I haven't been exactly thrilled with the LC, so I make the appointment with the nurse.

Oh, I like this other lady so much better. She seemed to be so much more helpful. Maybe it's just because my problems are better defined but I just don't think LC1 was doing it for me (and I really didn't appreciate the unreturned phone call and she also admonished me for NOT cosleeping with the baby).

As soon as I showed LC2 my right nipple she told me, without a moment of hesitation that I cannot keep feeding on that nipple. I started crying cause I was sad but I knew she was right and I was also kinda glad to have someone tell me it was ok to stop using it. My poor nipple has been thrashed by my wonderful baby. Now my nipple is on "modified bed rest" for at least 48 hours. I rented a hospital grade pump to use on it and to help give the left one a little rest too. I'm supposed to finger feed him what I express.

I also have to give him a pacifier now. I'd been avoiding one because I was worried about latch issues (really?) and nipple confusion, but he's comfort sucking on me and she's doesn't want any of that and unless I want a screaming child, I have to give him a substitute. She wasn't worried about the latch issues since he ACTUALLY DOES HAVE A GOOD LATCH (even though I'm a mangled mess) and nipple confusion shouldn't be such an issue she thinks because he's not getting any food from it.

She wasn't happy about my left side but since there isn't any pain when he feeds from it she's letting me continue with it. It truly does look and feel better than it did a couple of days ago.

We practiced latching some more. She literally smashed the baby into me with a speed that looks like it would give the kid whiplash, but that appears to be what is necessary and he didn't seem to mind it. I'm hoping that some really excellent latching over the next 2 days will pay off when we start back on the right. And when we do start back on the right, we are to take it slow and still limit the feedings on it.

After my LC1 visit in the hospital I kinda felt better but not great, and I was still tolerating a lot more pain when feeding than I should have. But I really did feel much better after this meeting with LC2 because I don't know that I could have made it one single more feeding on my right side before the appointment.

And my first pumping session went pretty well. I got a whole 2oz in just 15 minutes. However, I do have a bit of a hicky on my areola now, and I think I need to get a smaller horn or that's going to be a problem too. Now to try finger feeding when he wakes up.


In other news, he has been gaining weight like a good little piggy... he was discharged Monday the 1st and weighed 7lb 10oz and at McSoothy's office on Monday the 8th he had gained 18oz. However the LC wasn't completely convinced because McSoothy's office uses an older weighted balance style scale and not a digital (the weighted balance style are apparently very inaccurate), but still a good gain. We have another ped appointment on Monday with his official pediatrician and we will see what his weight is then.

We had newborn portraits taken Monday. I'm so excited to see the pictures. She hasn't gotten the proofs up yet but I'm sure we got some good ones.

And I must be crazy, because I'm letting my parents come up and visit for most of the day tomorrow. My mom may be nuts, but she's pretty good with babies and if someone wants to hold him or play with him and let me sleep, fine!

And I'm terribly behind with blog reading. I've been stuck to the recliner with a baby latched to me all week. Some where I read that newborns sleep 16-18 hours per day... to that I say Bull-fudging-crap.


Oh and a request for BFing links... I don't have a lot of help to offer here. One of the best BFing sites on the internet is Kelly Mom but I've gotten help from articles on Babycenter and ivillage and forum users on Diaper Swappers.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Ok, so we aren't very far into this thing yet, but I thought I'd give an update on the BFing.

Our first time trying right after delivery went ok, but it was very trying and the next couple times didn't really go any better.

DH had to make a trip back to the house and I asked to him to get the "My Brest Friend" pillow and boy did it make a difference. I could focus on getting the latch right and less on positioning his body. BFing requires more coordination than I thought it would. Without that pillow I probably wouldn't have made it 24 hours.

But things weren't great and I really wanted the lactation consultant to critique me because I was worried we might be causing some damage and didn't want things to get worse.

Turns out the LC was on vacation so she couldn't come until right before discharge Monday. First thing she did was take away my pillow. I had been abusing it and not getting his body right at all. He would keep coming off the left and the right he had no problem getting on, but it was a bit ouchy. We worked on positioning and things were better by the time she left but still a bit ouchy.

The next couple days went ok. I was free of the pillow which was very liberating and doing lots better holding him, but still he'd get a death latch on my right from time to time. And everything looks right about the latch, but it definitely didn't feel right, but after the stimulation period it would ease up and feel ok and I could manage it.

I was feeling pretty darn capable.

And he started cluster feeding about Tuesday evening. He'd feed for 3.5 hours and then sleep for almost that long... which scared us at first because we just didn't expect him to sleep for that long and wondered when we should wake him. Then Wednesday he was cluster feeding for at least 4 hours, nap, cluster for 4 again, nap and then back to normal until the next afternoon. And I was handling it pretty well. I figured he was going through a growth spurt already and about 4 on 4 off would be our thing for awhile.

Then last night, he did it for at least 6 hours! Oh my freakin gosh. Finally around whatever am time it was I pretty much passed out with him on my side. Probably work up a few minutes later and saw he was sleeping and put him down, and thank God, he slept.

So I am tried, but still feeling pretty good, but then, this morning, he got a death latch from hell on my right and I could feel wettness dripping down on me and it wasn't just milk, It was blood! All over me, all over my poor baby's face. It was awful and hurt so bad. I put him on my left and when he got done I went and cried for awhile.

And to add insult to injury, he spit up later. My vampire baby spit up blood.

I left a voicemail for the LC, which has not been returned, which kinda pisses me off. But the internets were helpful. We tried again at the next feeding. I totally changed up my positioning to a much less comfortable for me position but his latch was nearly painless (I figure the pain that I did have was probably from the damage sustained).

We've had a few more feedings since then, pretty painless, no death latches and haven't seen anymore blood. I just hope he doesn't need to cluster feed for 6 hours again tonight because the positioning will probably not be so fun. But otherwise I'm feeling better about it all. After the bleeding today I felt like such a failure, but I'm glad that I was able to work through it so far. I just hope I don't get an infection or anything like that, because that's the last thing I need right now.

The supply side of things has been going well. My milk came in before we left the hospital. He'd regained his birth weight and then some as of Wednesday. The cluster feeding is hard on me, but I think my supply has grown pretty well since we started doing it. His thighs are getting chubby already and the outfit we brought him home in is looking small for him already. I'm on the metformin still, which I had reservations about, but the research shows that very little of it ends up in the milk and he seems to be doing wonderfully with me on it.

Product wise, the My Brest Friend saved me for a time but ultimately didn't work out for us. However, a good swaddle wrap has been pretty indispensable for me these last couple feeding so that I could focus on his body and less on his hands in the way. I've been tending to my nipples with loads of lanolin and also some triple antibiotic cream. And it seems one of my best purchases so far were my wool breast pads. They were really expensive, but worth it so far to me. I tried some of the disposable ones and they were terrible and stuck to me and left red marks and didn't let my girls breathe at all. The wool pads the provide wonderful padding to protect my sensitive nipples and they keep me feeling dry and let me breath which should help prevent infection. I do get some fuzzies on my nipples and have to pick them off before feeding but I think they are pretty harmless if I miss one. I was afraid to make the purchase in case this whole BFing thing didn't work out, but I don't know how I'd have made it this far without them. Oh, and the prefolds helping as excellent spit up rags and to catch milk drips while feeding and I have plenty so I can change them out frequently. Nursing tanks are great and I can wear them under my clothes and just pull up my shirt to feed him while out (so far that has only been the Drs. office, but hopefully we will figure out how to do this modestly). Oh, and a good soft robe or two. Great for covering up at the hospital and home and also, I find myself cold a lot with my hormones still fluctuating.

Anyhow, this is my little man on me. I'm glad the BFing is still working because I really love our time together, even if some of it wasn't so idyllic.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Michael Louis

Michael Louis
Born January 30th, 2010 at 9:12am
8lbs 3.5oz, 21in

I'll write the long birth story later when I'm not so tired, but turns out all the "false labor" I had last week was REAL labor. Saturday morning I went from having my standard inconsistent contractions to what I thought was "real" labor. We got to the hospital and I was fully dilated and beyond ready to push (I'd had to push in the car, it was AWFUL, turns out my "real" labor was actually transition). McSoothy barely had time to get there. My doula showed up about a half hour after he was born. Once the pushing started it wasn't so bad, but I was really scared to push him out. But it went so incredibly well. The pushing was nice and controlled and it, please believe me, didn't actually hurt that much at all to push him out. I didn't tear, no stitches, just a little "road rash" according to McSoothy. We got there about 7:50 and he came out at 9:12. Completely natural. Everyone is fine and he's perfect.

I didn't get enough time to get my antibiotics for the group B strep, so we had to stay 48 hours and we are waiting to be discharged. The lactation consultant is supposed to come by this morning too. We're doing pretty well, but I want to make sure a pro checks me out before I go home.

His hair looks to be a strawberry blond like mine, or maybe a little lighter. He mostly looks like his daddy, but might have my nose. He's been very good tempered and a good little cuddler.