Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cloth diapering so far

Because you asked...

Honestly, we haven't gotten to "CD" as much as I would have liked for reasons I will not discuss on the blog (because I don't want to attract the crazies).

But we have tried out a lot of our stash and I've learned a few things so far:

1. SNAPPIS ARE THE DEVIL. They are bad news, stay away from them. Maybe they work on older babies, but I will not be trying one on him again for awhile.

2. Only use DRITZ METAL HEAD PINS. Since the snappis were out, I had to pin and it's not that bad and way better than the snappi; HOWEVER, it is almost impossible to push pins through a prefold, so you have to use really good pins. Other pins might look as good, but they are not. And store them in a bar of soap to lube them a little.

3. Unbleached Indian Prefolds (UBIPFs) are softer than GMD bleached PFs, but not as absorbent. I got a couple of these for our newborn photos because I didn't want any colored serging on the edges. They are so soft and he loves them but he soaks right through them, and poo soaks through really quickly too. There were a couple of times when we were worried about him not going to the bathroom for a long time and I'd put one of these on and JACKPOT in less than 10 minutes every time. I think it would be worth it to have more of these on hand. (And they looked really great for the photos... they matched the fabric she had him on perfectly and the little blue dritz pins were just perfect.)

4. In general, I do not have the newborn prefold love. The frequent changings and pinning make them difficult. On the plus side, the GMD prefolds are so absorbent that they almost don't need a cover if you are at home and changing frequently. I would just keep him on some fleece or in a fleece swaddler and no problems.

5. Because the prefolds ended up being a bit more difficult than I anticipated I like the Sposoeasy AIOs much more. They are great for going out for easy changes.

6. He loves his Disansa wool soakers. This kid calms right down as soon as I put that on him. It's pretty cute.

7. After he was about 10 days old he was big enough for Fuzzibunz and BumGenius diapers. So far, I prefer the Fuzzibunz. The BGs have leaked and the poo gets on the flap you have to lift to take the insert out every time and it's kinda a pain. The Fuzzibunz seem to fit better and aren't as messy and no leaks so far. If I buy more pockets anytime soon I might try Smartipants because you don't have to pull the insert out before washing.

8. I do LOVE cloth wipes and even though we haven't been able to CD full time, I have used these exclusively. They are so great at getting everything in one wipe. He doesn't like being changed a ton, but the wipes from the warmer makes things a little more bearable.

9. Beware the disposable diapers. Those damn diapers tried to pull off his umbilical stump, and it's amazing how easily they do it.

10. Action shots!


Celia said...

So cute! I am glad to read this. No one bought the cloth diapers off our registry. So I am happy to hear your opinion before we buy any. I am not getting any prefolds. We are going to get the Fuzzibuns and that is it.

he looks as cute as can be in the soaker pants!

amanda said...

Wow, action shots and everything. I'm impressed!

I've never tried a snappi, but they've always looked scary to me. The Sposoeasy looks like a good fit, and so does the NB Mutt.

I think if we're lucky enough to need diapers again I'm thinking fitteds with a few AIO's might be how I go for the newborn stage.

Thanks for posting this.

Darya said...

Thanks Amanda. He is so ridiculously cute and precious!!!

Michelle said...

So cute!!

meggo said...

He's such a cutie!!!