Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pediatric EKG/Echo

I hadn't disclosed this little piece of information yet, but the little one has had a little bit of a heart murmur.

McSoothy didn't hear it right after he was born but when she came back to give him a more through exam later in the day she did. I didn't worry too much since I knew these are pretty common and was hoping it would go away quickly and McSoothy didn't seem to be too concerned either.

He still had it at discharge but we went back to her office on Wednesday that week and it was gone and I felt really relieved that we wouldn't have to worry about it again.

But then we had to go back to her office again on Thursday (long story) and she could hear it that time.

So it is apparently a really quiet murmur since she's had such a difficult time hearing it and McSoothy claims she's a little too good at hearing them actually.

But because we are so lucky, we had to go back AGAIN on Monday and it was still there. McSoothy went ahead and had her office setup the pediatric EKG and an echo cardiogram for today.

To complicate things slightly, we did get an actual pediatrician, so he's not McSoothy's patient anymore. I would have left him at her clinic, but it's almost a half hour away from our house and I wanted someone closer, but I don't know that we can ever do better than McSoothy as far as the level of care goes.

Anyhow, we had the EKG and echo this morning and the kiddo did not want to cooperate. We were waiting in a jam packed waiting room right next to a busy hallway and the kid started to fuss so I got to have my first real go at nursing in public. I slipped into the bathroom to latch him and cover myself and went back to the waiting room. Shortly after that we got called back. It was a nice older woman and she had me finish nursing him hoping that he would go to sleep after. I knew better, but we gave it a go.

He did not go to sleep. I'm guessing that the whole procedure could have taken 30mins but it took us about 2 hours. We tried everything to keep him calm but it came down me getting into really uncomfortable positions with my boob(s) hanging out over him trying to nurse him while she probed him. I don't think it was too fun for anyone but the tech was really nice about it all and luckily I have deleted the word modesty from my personal dictionary. And thank God my boobs are doing better or today would have been impossible... we were doing some pretty interesting positions.

Now the scan has to go to a specialist at a larger hospital to read. The tech did point out a hole he still has but said that they aren't a big deal if they still have a 'flap' or something like that. Hopefully we don't have any serious problems here but I'm feeling really guilty and blaming myself a bit. Babies of obese moms are more likely to have heart problems and however minor this may end up being I can't help but wonder if I had lost some more weight before getting pregnant would this have happened?


meggo said...

Whew, what an ordeal! It sound little Michael definitely isn't a fan of EKGs. I hope the murmur is easily resolved soon. Thinking of you guys!

Amanda, please don't blame yourself. These things do happen even to babies of slender moms.

missing_one said...

*hugs* I'm hoping for the best for your little one!
Try not to feel too much guilt, as I heard someone say, "A mother's guilt has to last a lifetime, so space it out"
I think it was Kelly Ripa on the Rachel Ray show the other day. LOL , but she's right.
You're doing your best mama!

Sophie said...

Poor little guy. I do hope he feels better soon. EKGs are no fun.

This is totally not your fault AT ALL. I was born with a pretty big hole and the docs wanted me to have surgery...but it closed up. My mom was a stick figure and only weighed about 130 when she was 9 month pregnant with me, and I was born with a murmur!

Flying Monkeys said...

I've never heard that last part about the obese moms. I have friend who is a healthy weight and a son with 4 different defects.

My youngest has a VSD, it was moderate to large size and it's closing on its own. It scares the bajesus out of you but they are often self healing. I hope it's something minor.

Celia said...

You can't wonder about stuff like that babe. What if you were thin and ate junk and drank soda the whole time you were pregnant? You were as healthy as you could be.

Michelle said...

Awww don't blame yourself for this! It can happen to anyone. You took very good care of yourself while TTC and while pregnant. A lot better than a lot of people I know.
I hope everything is ok with the little guy.

Kate said...

I'm sure this is not your fault!
Sounds like they might be talking about a little atrial septal defect. I imagine they'll just keep an eye on it and see it if resolves. Hope you get happy news when the results come back.

amanda said...

Oh my goodness, what a day. I'm so sorry you guys are going through this. Medical tests/procedures on little ones are so rough!

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that this resolves on it's own. And please, please do not blame yourself. I know it's hard to get past the guilt, but it's not your fault.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry the test was so stressful! Please do not feel guilty or blame yourself. You took amazing care of yourself while ttc and pregnant, with wonderful nutrition and carefully researched medication and vitamins and supplements. You are not to blame at all hun.