Saturday, March 27, 2010

8 weeks old!

After the first week I looked at my husband and asked him how many years he felt older from the beginning of the week. Now things are definitely more manageable and a pattern is starting to set in and I don't feel quite as old as I did 7 weeks ago.

We have finally gotten away from eating 24/7 and now I can actually get him to take a break from feeding, but he still likes to cluster feed for a few hours a couple times a day. And he's spitting up less! OH HAPPY DAY!

And the sleeping is much better. I'm getting nearly 6 hours a night and I can function somewhat decently on that. And he's gotten much better about sleeping when I put him down. He was decent at this at night, but I can finally put him in his bouncy seat during the day now too. I love holding and cuddling him, but there is a point when I really need to put him down and have him keep sleeping so that I can do things like shower and eat and such.

He's growing like a weed. I'm really proud of my robust and healthy boy, but he's just growing so quickly! At 4 weeks he was wearing 6 month clothes and I washed up the 9 month clothes I have this week because a lot of the 6 month stuff isn't working anymore. I have so many cute things he's never worn.

Something is still new everyday, but I get sad and miss some of the things he doesn't do anymore. He used to make this cute little face where it looked like he was saying "Oh," and I haven't seen it in a while and never got a picture of it. It was my favorite. But he's smiling more and those are wonderful too. And he likes to touch things and feel them while he's nursing now and it's just adorable (like the fabric of my shirt or the underside of my breast).

Anyhow, pictures.

He fell asleep on the changing table. Oh to sleep like a baby. And that shirt, the first and last time he will wear it... I think it's too small already.

Ok, I know, visual TMI, but he's just so sweet. See his little hand and his chubby little wrist? This was worth the bleeding nipples.

And he loves bath time... he just doesn't like after bath time when he's cold and wet and has to get dressed. Neither do I.


Kate said...

Too cute! This one is now taking to chomping on or pulling her head away from my nipple (while sucking) when feeding excitedly. I thought the nipple pain was gone, but not so much.
Can't believe he's in auch big clothes already.

Michelle said...

Wow 8 weeks already!
6 hours of sleep sounds like a treat after what you've been having.
He is a beautiful boy and you are so very blessed.

Michelle said...

He is so so cute! I love the bath pics. Reminds me so much of K when he was little. He was a super chunky baby and went to 6-9 month clothes by that 2 month mark too.
I'm glad he is sleeping better for you. They grow so fast. It doesn't seem fair!

Unknown said...

The bathtub pictures are sooooo cute!!!

Celia said...

I would cheerfully punch my own mother if someone told me it would mean six hours of sleep. I am getting 2-5. Your wee man is precious! I can't believe he is in six month clothes already. Holy cow.

Good Egg Hatched said...

Hey -- what is that tub he's in? It looks so cute and like he can soak at a better angle than the standard tubs (like mine)....

Congrats on crossing the 8-wk mark! We're right behind you this week. Glad we all made it!

Sophie said...

Very cute pics, glad to hear he's growing well and you're able to catch a few more Zzs now :).