Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The state of things

We just got through a grueling weekend that now looking back, I'm pretty darn sure was a growth spurt. He's hit all of his growth spurts early so far, so my guess is that this was the 6 week one. During these, he literally nurses 24 hours a day, almost non-stop. Neither of us sleep and my boobs suffer greatly. It was so bad Sunday night that I was worried he was going to do some serious damage to my nipples so I gave him 2oz of formula and he inhaled it... so I gave him 2 more and the same thing. Then I nursed him even more immediately after it.

I seriously thought I was losing my mind during this one. Luckily my husband was around to witness it and he couldn't believe it either.

Yesterday and today we are much better.

And last night we decided to weigh him on the Wii, because when he eats that much it messes with us. Is he getting enough? Is this my fault? Can I not feed my baby?

The Wii kept saying he was just over 12lbs. We couldn't believe it so we weighed the cats and they were right on. Then we got out the spring scale and it said 12lbs too. Now his diaper and gown were just under a half pound (identical diaper and and gown weighed separately on the kitchen scale), so he's probably just over 11.5 lbs. To put that in perspective, he weighed 9lbs, 1.5oz two weeks ago on the 15th. He has gained approximately 2.5 lbs in 2 weeks. Holy shit. Yeah, I think he's getting enough milk. I think this makes my husband appreciate my boobs and what I've been doing a lot more.

But this morning it seemed like my milk supply was severely reduced. I was baffled. The 4oz of supplement shouldn't have done anything, my supply should have increased if anything after all of that nursing. I wondered if this could be due to something else....

Perhaps it's related to the fertile CM I saw last night. Yes, I think I may have ovulated. Seriously. (This is first time in my life that I'm not excited about this.)

So I googled and apparently some women do have supply drops from ovulation until ~CD2. So, note to self: Be Prepared ~2 weeks from now.

And I actually did start fenugreek after the whole pumping thing because I think that hurt my supply somewhat (well, the right side seemed to drop, but the left side increased). I don't know if it's doing anything for me or not but now it looks like I need to get some extra calcium in.

So the state of thing is that my baby is gaining weight faster than he did in the womb and I appear to be mid cycle. Crazy.


missing_one said...

yay for baby! I think we are gearing up for the 6 weeker because little G was up last night hungry every 2 hours! I had gotten used to the 5 hour stretches :(

Have you tried oatmeal? It works wonders. I don't think that little bit of formula would have done anything to your supply. Sometimes after a nursathon, it'll be a day delay until the milk catches up and doubles.
I don't know if you 'ovulated' because usually it takes a while for that to come back, especially with all the nursing in the first 6 months. Once baby is on solids more, then things start to return. Although NOT impossible obviously.
Everyone is different.
*hugs* great job with the milk mama!

Amanda said...

I've eaten oatmeal everyday for years.

Amanda said...

And 2 hours is the norm around here (it was a blessing to get 45mins over the weekend)... so I'd probably die of shock if he slept for 5 hours.

Michelle said...

It sounds like he's growing great! You are doing a great job. I can't imagine the no sleep for 24 hrs or more. It definitely sounds exhausting!
Isn't it crazy how the body likes to mess with your mind?? They claim that nursing can keep things at a hault for a while but pretty much all my friends who have breastfed claim that they got their periods back right on track and never got the big break. And even though I didn't bf, I know I ovulated around 4 weeks and my period hit me at my 6 week pp check up. The only time I know for sure I did things on my own and I didn't even WANT it to happen then. Craziness lol!

Sophie said...

Glad to hear the little one is growing strong! He looks so cute in his photos, the dimple one is adorable :D.

missing_one said...

oh geez! seriously? You must be so exhausted!