Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The things that excite me these days

I pumped a 5oz bottle out of 1 breast in about 7 mins. And I could have pumped more, but my bottle only holds 5oz. Yes, my new life goal has been achieved. I took a picture but decided not to post it... I realize not everyone gets as excited about this stuff as me.

Actually, I think I have a bit of an over supply issue. The poor kid chokes a lot cause I flood him. And I often spray breast milk all over him and drench us both. There are milk dribbles all over my couch.

I know oversupply isn't necessarily a bad problem to have but I do feel bad when the poor kid is choking on it. So I'm trying to make a concerted effort to pump off more during the day so that my breasts aren't as full.

And on the bright side, I feel like I have enough frozen milk to get him through the first day or two of day care while I'm still figuring out pumping at work. Heck, I could even get out of the house and leave him with DH for awhile and maybe get my hair cut or buy pants that fit or something else I've been neglecting.

Anyhow, after all the problems I had breastfeeding the first couple of weeks, I never would have guess it would be going this well now. I have a lot of anxiety about going back to work, but at least this shouldn't be a problem for us.


Celia said...

That is awesome! And yes, you should absolutely do something for yourself.

Kate said...

Congrats on the oodles of milk. You're not crazy to take a photo - I would too!

Michelle said...

That is something to be excited about! From what I was told by others, that sounds like a very good thing!
How much longer are you on leave?

missing_one said...

Yay for milk! Such freedom of having some saved up!! Date night in your future? Be careful pumping though because it can lead to even more oversupply. Eventually the boobs will figure things out on more of an 'on demand basis" I was suprised this time around with how my breasts never got engorged. I didn't even know when my milk came in in those first days.
I totally understand the pride that comes with pumping lots of milk LOL. I still hold up my bags to Dh so he can say "wow"

Shannon said...

Ditto missing_one, be careful with the pumping! I know it runs counter to what you're thinking, but the more you pump, the more you will produce. Between feeding the baby and pumping, your body basically thinks you're feeding twins and is working to produce enough for both. If you stop pumping, eventually your body should regulate the supply. If you give it a few more weeks and you've still got an oversupply that chokes the LO, I'd see an LC.

Amanda said...

I think I have a pretty good pumping plan. I feed him mostly on one side all morning so that the volume stays down and pump the other side mid afternoon and then we're good for the evening on either side. Then I swtich sides the next day. I definitely don't pump to just to build a massive stash of milk.

Trust me, I have already let my supply fall some the way I have managed it, but luckily not too much.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! I am so envious of your abundant milk! I pumped last night and barely got 2 oz from both breasts. Ugh. How did you get an oversupply? Weren't you taking fenugreek at one point? Did it work that well for you?! I've started fenugreek a couple of times but then got blocked ducts and then thrush so I haven't really been able to take it consistently and in amounts that would really help.
Yay for building up some frozen milk!