Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The 3 P's

Not those 3 P's... Pumping, Pink eye, and Pictures.

Pumping... I've been pretty proud of my pumping skillz. I can get my milk out in 5-7 minutes normally. I'm quick like that. And I'm producing enough that I can freeze quite a bit of it every week (so far). But I about went into panic mode on Thursday and Friday last week when I seemed to be way down on production. I can write off some of it to not quite enough fluids, probably a little low on protein, and Michael taking a extra feeding Friday morning, but still, I was kinda freaking out that I was building pump resistance.

Then I learned that my mad skillz are probably as much the culprit as anything. Turns out that you should always pump for 10-15mins even if the milk has stopped coming. So I didn't leave the house all weekend and just nursed. Now this week I'm pumping for at least 15 minutes everytime and I seem to be doing better this week than I did early last week. Hopefully I will still be producing well as well on Friday.

Pink eye... It took 1.5 weeks for Michael to get sick after starting day care. His eye isn't actually pink and you probably can't tell at all from looking at him during the day, but his left eye started getting really gunky in the morning, which is conjunctivitis (but conjunctivitis doesn't work with my post title). So the ped called in drops for us Monday and Michael doesn't really mind them. His eye actually looked great this morning.

I asked his day care if it was ok to still bring him and they don't have a problem with it... which is a bit unsettling to me. So I checked with the ped nurse and she wasn't really worried about it since he's too little to really spread it around.

(And in case anyone was wondering if it is a blocked tear duct, I'm pretty sure it's not. He has been crying real tears from both eyes since the day he was born and still is.)

Pictures... Monday we took him for his 3 month pictures. He was in a really terrible mood and he spent most of the sitting session crying. I felt terrible for even putting him through it when he was clearly tired, but we couldn't reschedule. At least our photographer is patient. I'm sure we got a few good ones, but we didn't get any family photos. Oh well, better luck next time.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cloth diapering, again

Happy Earth Day! I thought I would celebrate it by doing another (super long) cloth diaper post. My previous posts are here and here.

So we are farther along into this cloth diapering thing. Actually, I'm pretty proud to say that he hasn't worn a disposable since he was 2 weeks old... even if we quit for some reason today we've still saved several hundred diapers from the landfill.

Last time I posted I was having a hard time with prefolds since snappis are the devil and pins are really hard to push through... he also was not fond of being changed back then which made me feel bad for taking so much time and making him cry longer because of the time it took to push the pins.

But then it hit me, 'just trifold the damn prefolds stupid'. I was noticing that my covers never got dirty and that I could afford to get a couple messy throughout the day since trifolding (folding the prefold in thirds and laying it in the cover) isn't mess proof at all.

So I found the prefold love again, and it was beautiful. And I have to give a lot of the credit to the Thirsties wraps I was using, because nothing was getting out of those, no matter how large or messy. I was pretty impressed.

But shortly after that, he discovered what wetness was and decided he didn't like it. It was really frustrating to change him, have him wet immediately after that and start crying because he was wet, change him again and have it happen immediately again.

I tried adding a fleece liner so that he wouldn't feel the wetness, but those didn't work, so we started wearing pockets 24-7. This created a bit of a challenge because I only had 12 pockets, so I still had to use a couple of prefolds during the day. And I wasn't 100% satisfied with the pockets I had. And the prefolds are still coming in handy since Michael's a super spitter. We have prefolds littering the house so that we can grab one at a moment's notice.

BumGenius 3.0 - I want to love these more than I do. They are so cute and his butt is so fluffy, but they are kinda messy and we had a messy leak once. Also he was on the middle rise setting in no time and I had to let the rise all the way out at 10 weeks. So he is just barely still fitting into these. They are cute, but way too small to make it much longer.

FuzziBunz One Size- I really think these are some of the cutest diapers out there... I just love the colors. I want to put him in them and show them off all the time, but I have lot of leak problems with them. They are not car seat safe and will not hold breast fed poo in while sitting in a carseat. Also, sometimes when he is sleeping on me at the wrong angle he just leaks right out of them on to MY PANTS (including this morning). I mean, if someone is going to pee my pants it should be me. I'm very careful with our diapers and we don't have repelling and I had a good fit on him and still this has happened a handful of times. And once, he had such a powerful poo that it blew straight out the back (landing on his socks and me). They do work ok as a nighttime diaper stuffed with a extra hemp insert, but often there is wicking onto his clothes in the morning. The rise is higher and they will fit him longer than the BG's, but I have the elastic out almost all the way on the legs already. So I love these diapers because they are cute, but we definitely still have problems.

Smartipants - I wanted to try these because the are "sleeve diapers" which is basically a pocket that is open in the front and back and you don't have to pull the insert out... it falls out in the wash on its own. I don't like these at all. I can't get a good fit, poo gets out the the legs. I don't like the way the waist cuts into him. The blue color is really more of a periwinkle. They are a little larger than the BG's, but he's still outgrowing them too quickly. They are easy to stuff. And they are pretty cheap. But I won't be buying these again.

BumGenius Organic AIO- I hear so many rave reviews of these things and I had to try them. They are a fail, an expensive fail. They cost ~$25 apiece and the legs aren't as snug as they should be, we had a disastrous poo in them that required washing his bouncy seat cover too. And he can soak them pretty quickly and they aren't stay dry which bother him more quickly. Just pain fail.

But after wondering in the diaper desert, we found *OUR* diapers! They are the Thristies Duo DIAPERS (not to be confused with the wraps). They are a sleeve diaper so the insert falls out on its own. The insert is pretty revolutionary. It's a 2 part insert that snaps together with microfiber ontop and the softest hemp you'll find on the bottom. They are LEAK PROOF for us to date, and we've been using them for about 6 weeks. And they are adjustable rise like BG's, but they come in 2 sizes, one for younger babies (6-18lbs) and one for older babies (18-40lbs). And the Thirsties company is a really great company. They are made in America and they employ work at home moms. They use solar energy in their factory and have designed their products to minimize waste.

The only problem we've had with them is the sizing. The size 1's are supposed to fit until 18lbs/9months. Fat chance. Try 13lbs and 6 weeks. So I wasted some money on the size 1's and only got about 2 weeks worth of use out of those, but the size 2's are huge! We will not be out growing these anytime soon. If it had not have been for these diapers, I probably would have quit cloth diapering. These saved us.

And they work great with daycare. They are so just like putting on a disposable and I can just dump them in the wash when we get home instead of having to pull out nasty inserts. When we get around to solids I will have them use the velcro to wad them up like you would a disposable so that my hands don't have to mingle with free roaming poop in the wetbag and I can take each one out and open and rinse the ones that need it.

And after nearly 3 months how is it going? Great! Since we found our diaper I couldn't be happier come change time. Washing is easy. We just toss it in the washer, we have our cycle setting preset so we just press the "My Cycle" button, add detergent (we use Planet) and push start. We did run into the stinkys a couple of weeks ago. I just took all the inserts and soaked them in some bleachy water and then did some extra washing and everything was wonderfully smell free again. We wash every day as soon as we get home (we have a HE washer, so the water bill hasn't suffered) and sort and stuff the diapers from the day before when the current day's are washing while M plays in his little rocking chair in front of us. We refill the day care bag and load it into the car for the next day and that's it. We are a well oiled diapering machine.

When we go out, I can fit 2 diapers in my diaper bag which is fine for the stuff we do. If I run out, we go home. If we need to be out longer, I just put extras in the car to switch out later. I carry a wetbag with wipes and an empty wetbag for dirty diapers. When we come home, we just put all the dirty stuff in the diaper pail with everything else.

Anyhow, I'm glad we did this and my husband, the one that was against it, is too.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The first (half) week

It really went ok overall. Some good and bad, but I will count it in the win column.

Our sleep routine was tossed out the window right before I had to go back to work because of another growth spurt. Things pretty much went back to normal, but those things are rough and added into the fun of returning to work.

The first drop off wasn't so bad. I cried a little, but was able to quickly dry my tears once I got back into the car and walked into work on time with dry eyes. I was worried I'd be listening to Aqua* all morning but I did just fine. Being at work brings a sense of normalcy back into my life. And I didn't know how much I missed talking to people.

The first pick up did not go so well. He was upset. I was waiting for the center to bring up his car seat and give me his little activity slip and he was howling. I was off on my game because of it being the first day and all so I thought he might just be cranky and hungry. In fact, I waited for so long I asked them if I could go ahead and feed him there. So I nursed him which calmed him down. I as hungry as he was I figured that he was just hungry (I was a little angry he was so hungry, but I figure he's still adjusting to all the bottle feedings). But he got really fussy after he finished nursing again. Anyhow, they finally had my stuff together and I took my very upset baby home.

And when I got home I discovered why he was upset. He was poopy. REALLY poopy. And it looked like he had been for awhile. And my child does not like being in a poopy diaper at all. I was a little angry at day care, but more angry at myself for not listening to my instincts and having him changed before we left.

So day 2 at pick up, he was fussy again. They were trying to warm a bottle for him, but I was worried that he was poopy again. I took him back and checked, and sure enough, poop. So I changed him, but he was so upset at this point it didn't help (crying like he never crys upset... it was bad). So I tried to feed him the bottle they had just warmed and he didn't want it. And they still didn't have our stuff together to leave (it had been like 20 minutes at this point). So finally I strapped him, still very upset, in his carrier and went about collecting out things by myself as he cried. The manager came over and rocked the seat while talking to another parent. I turned around to see he had spit up all over himself and she was still rocking him, not paying attention. So I said to her, in a very frustrated tone, "HE SPIT UP."

Then I finished checking him out and left.

Then, while I was at home playing with my now happy baby, I got a phone call... from his day care. I had apparently yelled at the manager. I cannot tell you how pissed this phone call made me. The story is even longer than I wrote out here. But excuse me for being just a bit frustrated for being handed an upset, poopy child 2 days in a row. And I did NOT yell at her... I probably should have, but I didn't.

I explained the story, they had screwed up several things, and I explained that I was frustrated, but not angry and I realize that there are still some kinks to be worked out.

The phone call BS pissed me off so bad I barely slept all night.

That night we also decided to go ahead and install his convertible seat. At least I don't have to wait on them to bring up his carrier anymore. I was going to do it in another week or two, but figured that now was as good as ever. (Bonus: he seems to like his convertible better anyhow)

Friday night, he was in a good mood when I picked him up... but he started to get fussy as soon as I took him (made me feel like crap). Then he cried the whole ride home. Guess what I found in his diaper when I got home... POOP!

So from now on, I'm going to make them check his diaper before we leave, fussy or not. (FYI, he is the only breast fed baby there, so maybe they forget how often BF'd babies poop... but it's all the time for him.)

But aside from the poop issue, he seems to be doing fine. He's eating well and has started using his pacifier more. They are getting a decent number of naps out of him per day. They say he's been doing great and had a good attitude during the day. Other than the poop thing, the cloth diapering has been going well.

The only thing that is kinda disappointing is that he is so tired he's been going to bed around 7, so we don't get to spend much time with him in the evenings.

And I'm pumping 3x a day at work. I'm getting a little more than 20oz during the day, and he's eating them. So I'm a bit paranoid about not letting my supply go. As much as he's eating, if I let it slip even a few ounces, he could run out. No pressure, right?

So despite the episode last week with the phone call, things are going well and I know will get better.


*Yes, Aqua. It's my goto CD when I'm sad. I think it's impossible to listen to Aqua and cry. Their song have zero emotional depth, are coated in sugar, and set to a fast beat. I listened to that CD for nearly 2 weeks straight after Muffy died. My coworkers probably think I'm nuts.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back at work

Drop off was teary. Ok now. Work still sucks.

Monday, April 12, 2010


I made it out of the house this weekend by myself. It was only the second time I've been able to do this since he was born. Michael doesn't like leaving the house... he hates the sun, wind, and car rides. He hates his sling and Moby wrap despite my persistent efforts since he was born. He hates his stroller and can be pretty fussy and eats frequently. He is not a portable baby.

So I'm out on Saturday and it's a beautiful day. I went and got my eye lashes tinted for the first time in about a year (you have to lay on your back for 30-45mins which isn't very compatible with pregnancy). I feel so much prettier when they are done. Then I went to the mall to get some jeans that fit since I'm about a size larger than prepregnancy still.

Anyhow, babies and preggos were everywhere! I mean EVERYWHERE. It was crazy. Everywhere I turned, I was almost mowed over by a stroller. And tons of double strollers too. Except for the people that were carrying their tiny newborns. I must have seen half a dozen sleepy little newborns. It was crazy.

And I was jealous that I couldn't bring my beautiful little boy out with me and push him around in the stroller.

But on my last stop I heard a girl on her cell phone saying, "There are babies and pregnant women everywhere! Do you know how hard it is for me to be around all this?!"

I have an idea.

I was definitely a little less jealous of the ladies pushing strollers after that.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One more week

before I go back to work.

I was going to start back this week, but then his daycare has a teacher training day Friday, so I figured that I'd just wait until next week. I'm starting back on Wednesday because a full week of work sounds pretty intimidating to start out.

I haven't ever forced the kid into a schedule but I have tried to encourage him to develop a schedule that we can both be happy with. Like at night, we are really doing pretty well, but it took weeks to get him to this point.

But we aren't anywhere near a day schedule... some days I can't get him to sleep at all (like today) and other days I can barely wake him before 1pm, and there isn't any kind of pattern or trigger to it that I can tell. I'm going to feel really bad for the kid while he's adjusting to the daycare's schedule, but I think he will be happier actually. Cause the days that I can't get him to sleep he really isn't a happy boy, he's just too tired, so if they can get him to a more consistent day time schedule and we can eliminate those bad days it will be good for him.

And I think the bottle feeding will really make a difference. He used to "snacking" all day and cat napping. Having a big filling bottle will help him to take a nap better, I think.

I think I've found him a good daycare. It was tough to find a spot, but the one I've enrolled him in is really, really close to my office and a new facility. The babies (0-24 months) are in a separate building from the older kids. The teachers are young and no one smelled like smoke. I didn't see a TV anywhere in the baby house. The feed the older children organic food and teach baby sign language. And they are willing to do the cloth diapers. I hope everything is as good as it seems.

And a big part of me wishes I could just stay at home with him. Right now, the thought of being apart from him all day is very sad, but I know we need to do it and I know it will get easier. I'm not cut out for this SAHM stuff. I just need more. And I feel ashamed to say this, but I get worn out staying home. My brain doesn't like doing the same thing all the time, I get bored. I need to go to work and get bored there so that I can be a better mom, if that makes any sense. And honestly, my paid job is much easier than being SAHM (I bet all the guys I work with would deny that). And I need to not be mad at my husband for not clinging to my every word as I describe our exciting day at home.

So a week. I hope it doesn't go too fast.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

2 month ped appt

My baby may not have been born as huge as we were worried he might be, but he's making up for it now.

At his 2 week checkup his head circumference was in the 50%ile and was again yesterday.

At his 2 week checkup his height was in the 60%ile and was in the 80%ile yesterday.

At his 2 week checkup his weight was in the 60%ile, and yesterday he DESTROYED the weight chart. If 50% is the Earth, he's hanging out on Neptune. He weighs 16.5lbs. He's doubled his birth weight.

The ped was saying that some BFed babies do gain a bunch up front and then go down on the growth chart later and he'll probably start eating less... I hope so, when I say all I do is feed this kid, I mean it. But really, he actually did start eating a lot less around 5/6 weeks, so we shall see. I have a feeling that day care will really change things up since he'll be getting a bottle.

Ugg... and the vaccinations. The ped sat there and told me that a lot of babies don't mind the shots at all. Bull shit. He was definitely an unhappy little man afterwards.

I really wanted to nurse him during the shots but they wouldn't let me because they would have trouble accessing his thighs. This pissed me off because all we needed to do was a little rearranging. I nursed him through his echo, and if I could nurse him through something where access was needed to his chest and throat with a longish probe, then I knew I could do this too.

The nursing thing on top of THEM screwing up the appointment time really put me in a bad mood... I'm still stewing and have seriously thought about taking him back to McSoothy. I'm only staying with them because they are closer and have an on call staff (although McSoothy has told me that I can call her cell anytime, day or night, if I need to).

And on the vaccine topic, I really considered delaying some of the shots. It was really tough, but we decided to go ahead and do them all. He was pretty sleepy all evening (not that the shots are entirely to blame for that) and slept great last night and is back to normal this morning, so he seems to have handled them pretty well so far.

Oh, and the ped didn't see was I was talking about, but I'm worried that he may be teething early. We shall see.