Saturday, April 3, 2010

2 month ped appt

My baby may not have been born as huge as we were worried he might be, but he's making up for it now.

At his 2 week checkup his head circumference was in the 50%ile and was again yesterday.

At his 2 week checkup his height was in the 60%ile and was in the 80%ile yesterday.

At his 2 week checkup his weight was in the 60%ile, and yesterday he DESTROYED the weight chart. If 50% is the Earth, he's hanging out on Neptune. He weighs 16.5lbs. He's doubled his birth weight.

The ped was saying that some BFed babies do gain a bunch up front and then go down on the growth chart later and he'll probably start eating less... I hope so, when I say all I do is feed this kid, I mean it. But really, he actually did start eating a lot less around 5/6 weeks, so we shall see. I have a feeling that day care will really change things up since he'll be getting a bottle.

Ugg... and the vaccinations. The ped sat there and told me that a lot of babies don't mind the shots at all. Bull shit. He was definitely an unhappy little man afterwards.

I really wanted to nurse him during the shots but they wouldn't let me because they would have trouble accessing his thighs. This pissed me off because all we needed to do was a little rearranging. I nursed him through his echo, and if I could nurse him through something where access was needed to his chest and throat with a longish probe, then I knew I could do this too.

The nursing thing on top of THEM screwing up the appointment time really put me in a bad mood... I'm still stewing and have seriously thought about taking him back to McSoothy. I'm only staying with them because they are closer and have an on call staff (although McSoothy has told me that I can call her cell anytime, day or night, if I need to).

And on the vaccine topic, I really considered delaying some of the shots. It was really tough, but we decided to go ahead and do them all. He was pretty sleepy all evening (not that the shots are entirely to blame for that) and slept great last night and is back to normal this morning, so he seems to have handled them pretty well so far.

Oh, and the ped didn't see was I was talking about, but I'm worried that he may be teething early. We shall see.


Celia said...

Wowie, 16.5! Well, it's great that he is thriving! I did just shudder for both of us thinking about breastfeeding in July or... August. Dude, imagine how sweaty it will be. Crikey. Our shark baby has been gaining quickly too.

Kate said...

Wow, 16.5lb? That's incredible. Maybe there's hope for my PCOS boobs yet, since that's what the lactation consultant is blaming my lack of milk production on at this point. Glad to hear he's thriving!

Michelle said...

Awww way to grow little man! I think chunky babies are so so cute! It definitely does even out when they get moving though.
Shots suck. I think when we have another, I'm going to delay some. This past year K had a reaction to something and we're not sure what because they did 3. He was down for about a week with whatever it was though. Pretty scary. And strange because he was ok with them as a baby. I'll have to look back to see what he had this year and last because those were the only times of reactions.
Oh and teeth. Totally possible. We had 2 here by 4 months.

The Wife said...

Wow! He's a heavyweight. It must be a relief that you're both doing so well. No more quantity issues for you right? We're traveling a lot in the first 6 months and having a lot of international visitors who also travel a lot on the continent so I'm planning on doing all GV's shots on time. Every time I hear about a problem it's always because of the baby visiting Europe or someone who visited Europe being with the baby so I'm a bit paranoid about that.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! 16.5 pounds! Your milk must be like super fertilizer! Birdie was only a little over 11 lbs at her 2 month appointment. The shots are sad aren't they? I'm glad he did well after them!