Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The 3 P's

Not those 3 P's... Pumping, Pink eye, and Pictures.

Pumping... I've been pretty proud of my pumping skillz. I can get my milk out in 5-7 minutes normally. I'm quick like that. And I'm producing enough that I can freeze quite a bit of it every week (so far). But I about went into panic mode on Thursday and Friday last week when I seemed to be way down on production. I can write off some of it to not quite enough fluids, probably a little low on protein, and Michael taking a extra feeding Friday morning, but still, I was kinda freaking out that I was building pump resistance.

Then I learned that my mad skillz are probably as much the culprit as anything. Turns out that you should always pump for 10-15mins even if the milk has stopped coming. So I didn't leave the house all weekend and just nursed. Now this week I'm pumping for at least 15 minutes everytime and I seem to be doing better this week than I did early last week. Hopefully I will still be producing well as well on Friday.

Pink eye... It took 1.5 weeks for Michael to get sick after starting day care. His eye isn't actually pink and you probably can't tell at all from looking at him during the day, but his left eye started getting really gunky in the morning, which is conjunctivitis (but conjunctivitis doesn't work with my post title). So the ped called in drops for us Monday and Michael doesn't really mind them. His eye actually looked great this morning.

I asked his day care if it was ok to still bring him and they don't have a problem with it... which is a bit unsettling to me. So I checked with the ped nurse and she wasn't really worried about it since he's too little to really spread it around.

(And in case anyone was wondering if it is a blocked tear duct, I'm pretty sure it's not. He has been crying real tears from both eyes since the day he was born and still is.)

Pictures... Monday we took him for his 3 month pictures. He was in a really terrible mood and he spent most of the sitting session crying. I felt terrible for even putting him through it when he was clearly tired, but we couldn't reschedule. At least our photographer is patient. I'm sure we got a few good ones, but we didn't get any family photos. Oh well, better luck next time.


Celia said...

I read that you can also have a lower production if you are ovulating. Not that we ovulate, but it is at least a possibility. It takes me two days to pump four ounces, because I cannot get Peter off me. I would really like to have some in the freezer but I just can't get enough time to call my own. Like right now, I could pump but he is sleeping on me and I hate to take him off when he feels crummy. I am waaaaay impressed with your pumping powers.

Amanda said...

It's a lot easier to pump when you pay someone to watch your kid 8 hours a day. I wish I never had to do it.

Kate said...

Also way jealous of your pumping prowess here! How frequently do you pump and how much do you get?

Amanda said...

3x a day. I get about 10oz at my first pump (~9 am), then 3-6oz at each of the next two (noon and 2). Most days I get just over 20oz.

Amanda said...

And I nurse him right before I drop him off and as soon as I can after pick up.

missing_one said...

Yes, must pump at least 10 min after there is not more milk coming out to keep production up.

Poor guy and the gunky eye. We had a gunky eye too but dr. thought it was just a blocked tear duct (he was younger). Hope he feels better soon!

Pictures of kids/family are hard to get for sure! I haven't worked myself up to that yet, although I was thinking of getting some done for Mother's day to give to the grandparents.

The Lynchs said...

Poor, sweet baby! I hope his eye feels better very soon!

Michelle said...

Awww poor guy! Pink eye sucks. Way to go on the pumping! From what I've heard from others, that's pretty good!
Pictures were always hard with K. I stopped trying to take him as a baby after his 6 month picture disaster and did them myself. It was easier to get his true personality.
Oh and we do not have one single professional family picture yet. And he's going on 6....Kinda makes me sad though...Just never has worked out for us to get in the shot too.