Monday, April 12, 2010


I made it out of the house this weekend by myself. It was only the second time I've been able to do this since he was born. Michael doesn't like leaving the house... he hates the sun, wind, and car rides. He hates his sling and Moby wrap despite my persistent efforts since he was born. He hates his stroller and can be pretty fussy and eats frequently. He is not a portable baby.

So I'm out on Saturday and it's a beautiful day. I went and got my eye lashes tinted for the first time in about a year (you have to lay on your back for 30-45mins which isn't very compatible with pregnancy). I feel so much prettier when they are done. Then I went to the mall to get some jeans that fit since I'm about a size larger than prepregnancy still.

Anyhow, babies and preggos were everywhere! I mean EVERYWHERE. It was crazy. Everywhere I turned, I was almost mowed over by a stroller. And tons of double strollers too. Except for the people that were carrying their tiny newborns. I must have seen half a dozen sleepy little newborns. It was crazy.

And I was jealous that I couldn't bring my beautiful little boy out with me and push him around in the stroller.

But on my last stop I heard a girl on her cell phone saying, "There are babies and pregnant women everywhere! Do you know how hard it is for me to be around all this?!"

I have an idea.

I was definitely a little less jealous of the ladies pushing strollers after that.


Michelle said...

I have been noticing that too! Babies everywhere. Facebook is overloaded with people announcing they are pregnant, finding out the sex, or having newborns.
Oh and t-ball. From last year to this year, there is at least 3 new babies, and 2 clearly pregnant moms. Someone needs to pass me this water.
I hope your little man lets you get out more soon and enjoys to go along as well.

Kate said...

Hopefully he'll like going out soon. I kind of wonder if K likig te ar seat nd driving and her stroller contributed to our BF issues - we went out a couple times early on and had a longer stretch between feeds than we should have. Guess I'll never know...

Anonymous said...

Good for you for getting out of the house. I finally went and got my hair cut and colored a few weeks ago and it was lovely to be away. Of course, I came back to a screaming baby at my in laws, which made me feel awful for leaving her.

Birdie is getting better about car rides as she gets older, but at first, she was not happy. She also hates the sling and the baby bjorn, which I am so disappointed about.
I look around and see all of these people carting their tiny babies around with no problem and I get jealous too. Birdie is mostly happy but when she is unhappy, she is LOUD. Taking her anywhere is a major production. I hope we are both able to get our babies out more soon.

The Lynchs said...

I know what you mean about all the babies! I swear I can count at least ten people I know that are pregnant right now, and there are SO many more that have had babies this last year! Crazy!!

I hope you get to take Michael out soon!

nikki said...

I'm sorry your baby isn't portable yet. I'm sure all will soon be fine :) I have also a surge of babies and preggo's. I even KNOW so many people that are expecting. I hope my time is soon!! :)